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October 26, 2008 – More on Newark Ceasing Operations October 26, 2008

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I’m adding this on top to keep the news Mike added below and not in a separate post. I’m working on a story about the Bears, their history and demise. I’ll be reaching out to many people, but if you played for the team, worked for the team or think you have something to contribute to this story, please reach out: scott @ atlanticleaguebaseball.com – Scott Stanchak

What We’ve Learned So Far: This week will play a large role in the future of the Newark Bears, and many key decisions have yet to be made. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Bears will not be a member of the Atlantic League in 2009.

I’ve heard from several sources that preliminary schedules that include the Road Warriors are being drawn up, a schedule that would most likely reduce the Atlantic League season from 140 to 126 games.

It would seem that Bears owner Marc Berson still holds all the cards here. The Bears could possibly join the Can-Am League for the 2009 season, or could take a year off to reorganize and re-join the Atlantic League in 2010.

I’m told that a move to the Can-Am League would save the team a significant amount of money.

There are several college teams that use Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium for games, so some form of baseball will be played there next year no matter what.

The location of the 2009 Atlantic League All-Star Game remains up in there as well. I’ve heard a few scenarios that have been discussed, and am told that some sort of announcement will be made once plans for the Bears are finalized, possibly as soon as late this week.

Stay tuned to AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com for all the latest news regarding this developing situation. For the original post about this, in which Scott and myself have subsequently been given credit for breaking this news by numerous online outlets as well Newark’s own Star-Ledger, click here.

Donation Information: To those of you who have already donated to the site already, Scott and I send our endless thanks and appreciation. I can’t speak for Scott, but I think our reporting over the past few days shows our dedication to continuing to be your #1 source for Atlantic League news. This is a lot of hard work, and entails spending a lot of money out of pocket for travel, servers and other various costs. We’d certainly appreciate any donation you could make, regardless of how big or small, and would encourage you to follow the PayPal link on the right-hand side of the page. – Mike Ashmore



1. fireres56 - October 26, 2008

good morning men. Question as we go forward if we get the awful road warriors back into the leauge, why would the season be reduced to 126 game from 140? this would mean 14 less games 7 less home games for each team making there gate lower? or am I doing the math wrong? You both are doing a great job reporting on this and one blogger her thanks you I will be hitting the paypal button on the right side and thanking both there as well keep reporting the news thanks Roy in Bridgewater non employee of any ball club ( yes Jake that was for you)

2. Sharks52 - October 26, 2008

There won’t be any reduction in home games as the Road Warriors don’t play any and those games will be added to the other teams to come up with the same amount of home dates.

3. jake - October 26, 2008

Mike & Scott I was speaking with a long time Bears season ticket holder last night who said they believe the Bears lease at the stadium in Newark actually expired after this season ended. Is that true, I was under the impression that the lease was to expire after next years and that was why so many people thought they had a years to turn it around and why the All Star game had been awarded in 2009.

Also how does a CanAm league placement save them money. Is it the shorter season and less overhead costs or what?. And guys seriously do you think that moving to the CanAm league will save the franchise. I thought the attendance in CanAm is pretty low and there is little sponsorship participation. I also read that even after school let out that Newark was still not drawing fans. What do you think is the chance that they go to the CanAm and that they can succeed in that league. I'd really like to hear your insight.

Jake Bell

Oh Fireres56 or ROY or whoever you are good morning. It's good to know on this Sunday morning that one of the chief preachers in the church of the car salesman is up and at it.

4. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

Scott and Mike it might interest you to know that the Bears story is now on the radio as well. Heard it on my way to work and you got credit. Just a short bit but Newark Mayor Booker charged that the Bears ownership (didn’t mention Marc Berson by name) was using the situation to try to get a better deal out of the city and county. That seems like a stretch but if it is true good for him. —Joe

5. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

Actually the story has been on a couple of news reports on the radio and the Mayor and County Executive are now trying to put something of a positive spin on it. The County Executive last night said that the departure of the Bears from the stadium might actually be a positive step because it would give the City and County greater use of the facility for college and high school games and other special events. Are these clowns serious. How do you try to find good in the loss of one more part of Newark. Do you think the folks over at the Prudential Center are happy about this. I don’t think so.
–Grace Lewis

6. fireres56 - October 26, 2008

sharks52, thank you for clearing that up for me. Jake I am who I say I am. I will be allowed in the commerce bank ball park next season. I will be seated in sec 209 K 1 with my "real" family in seats 2 & 3 I work for No one who sells cars. I know you and your son have a beef with him sorry your not allowed in our stadium. I feel for you jake if there is no baseball in newark ( I am rooting there will be) you will have to travel to camden to bash the patriots. go sit by the 1st base dugout and smerk when someone strikes out but remember the Patriots, there hard working front office and yes there car salesmen had the last laugh enjoy the off season

7. Ashmore - October 26, 2008

Teams would actually gain two home games under a 126 game schedule.

Each team plays the others 18 times a piece, and under a “normal” situation there would be a 63/63 split between home an road games.

But with the Road Warriors having no home, the opposing club would receive the nine games that the RW’s would, in theory, have hosted.

So they get 72 home games.

Under the 140 game schedule, which consists of all eight teams having homes, there’s an even 70/70 split.

8. jake - October 26, 2008

Well fireres56 that’s about the 10th time you have indicated you know me. I have rarely in my years going into commerce sat in your section with either my brother or my children. If you know me I would be surprised since I certainly do not know you. Secondly, my son is 9 years old and neither he or my 8 year old has any beefs with anyone you idiot except their parents when they make him go to bed. And my only beef with management in somerset is that they are smug and insensitive and interested only in the customers’ buck and not their satisfaction. But given the sadness of this weekend for Bears fans and the more important issues in discussion I don’t have to go into again the lousey food, the lack of crowd control, the dirty bathrooms or any of the other issues that fans complain about that get no address. And since so many have offered the same opinion on this site for so long it must have some basis in fact. And I can go into any stadium I like with my head held up high. And if you aren’t an employee of the patriots you must be one of his car washers. Call 3xchamp and some of the other misfits and tell them you earned another free bobblehead.

Have a nice day.

Jake Bell

And by the way to quote Scott and Mike lets keep are eye on the ball. There are important discussions ongoing.

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 26, 2008

If you guys hear or see the story reported with us getting credit, could you please post a link or tell us what station? Thanks so much.

10. angela - October 26, 2008

Jake our family does know yours and I don’t know why you engage these bozos. There is nothing more arrogant in this league or in any other than those characters from Somerset. Just look at their stated opinions of us the fans and the players. This is the reason that my family and my brotherinlaw Pete and his family won’t go there anymore. I’ll state it flat out, if its baseball you are interested in, if you love the game and want to go and enjoy a game then Somerset is the last place you would ever want to go.

Mike I did hear it on Jersey 101.5 in a newsbreak last night. And Pete said he heard it this morning but it may have been 105. We’ll do some reseach. Good job boys.

angela bentrice

11. 3xchamps - October 26, 2008

Sad to see the Newark Bears news. Hopefully things will get ironed out soon.
I wonder who is going to take the All Star game now. last year, Somerset put together a great show as usual.

Fireres56–you are correct with your post. Lets leav it at that.

12. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 26, 2008

Thanks… there’s a lot of questions going on. Tomorrow I’m going to sift through every one of them about the Bears and this season and try and get you answers.

Also, thanks to those few who did donate.- Scott

13. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

Jake—like the post you now wrote under angela! Dont see what posts you’re talking of of “all these fans not liking somerset”.
Fireres56 is right on the money. If you dont like Somerset, move on.
Doesnt your home state have any teams for you to root for?

14. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

As a Bears fan this is the worst weekend I have ever experienced in all the years my husband and my sister went to the Den to enjoy baseball. I remember traveling up to Bridgeport to see our new team before they even got to Newark and how proud we were when that stadium, our stadium finally opened. We sure had alot of great times. And by the way you folks from somerset who keep using this site to attack people for their opinions why don’t you disappear. Jake you write alot but we appreciate your words.


15. angela - October 26, 2008

Jake this is what I am referring to. Now we have heard from 3xchamps again who thinks so poorly of us and the players. We have heard from anonymous which is what Patriots staff are when you need assistance. Anonymous I have been posting on this site longer than you or any of the other silly people who keep up this nonsense. I signed my name because I had to use a different email address since my longtime password was not working. But you don’t care about that your just arrogant and foolish. Jake you and your family join ours and Pete and his in Trenton next summer anytime you want thats where former fedup Patriots fans go when they get smart anyway.

Mike sorry to digress but Pete says that he heard it on the newsbreak on the jazz station which I think is the college station. We’ll figure it our for you.

Angela Bentrice

16. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

You guys got credit in the Star Ledger today for breaking the story.

17. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

As a player with parts of four season in the atlantic league I played for both the Patriots and the Bears. Newark was a great place to play and while the crowds were mostly small the diehard fans supported us whether we won or stunk the joint up. They were the best kind of fans and I feel really bad that they have lost that team. I also played in Somerset and the fans were enjoyable there as well. Organizationally though it was a different story. Like so many other players who have played or are still in the league you have high expectations going into Somerset but get a real reality check when you get there. Thats why so many of us don’t go back and move on to Long Island and York or one of the other clubs. Chads article was really on the mark as were a couple of the other statements from players. I hope this league gets its act together soon. Thanks again Bears fans you made my time in the Den some of the best days in my baseball life.

18. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

Wow this is really sad, but not a complete shock. Hopefully something will be worked out here. Maybe the Newark Chamber of Commerce can step up. This is a real crisis for the AtL. It does make one question whether Indy ball in urban locations is viable. The urban teams, Nashua, Bridgeport, Newark and Camden in this league have always struggled (although Camden did pretty well this year.) The AtL may have to change its business model and focus on smaller more isolated markets.

Go Bears!


19. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

For those who think that Minor League Baseball can’t survive in an urban market with two Major League teams close by. You are wrong because both the Brooklyn Cylcones and the Staten Island team are drawing well and those teams are in New York City. It shows with the right marketing you can do it.

20. fireres56 - October 26, 2008

The courier news reported it in Saturdays paper, but Ryan dunleavy took the credits for writing the Article he didn’t say where he got his info from, Maybe he should be asked?? was it from here?

21. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

I think the last blogger is right. I always believed that the Bears need a much stronger marketing plan and aggressive programs in the schools and the communities to fill the seats. At the same time those of us who have been there know that they didn’t get any assistance from the City, the County or the Chamber of Commerce which never even showed up to games when they were mentioned. Marketing also takes money and the cooperation of those in power. The Bears had no allies in City government or county government which makes no sense. And they also had some people within the league working aggressively against them. The cyclones and yankees are both owned by the parent clubs and they never really lose money because they are funded. I agree though that if the City, and the league and the ownership of the Bears had worked together to market this bright spot in Newark they would have been far better off.


22. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

A number of my league mates including Chad have taken the time to post here and I am glad that the players’ perspective is finally getting noticed. Can’t say I appreciate the nasty comments from some about our issues but I suspect those weren’t fans anyway. Chad real guts dude but I hope you know what you’re doin. The last thing that management or ownership likes in this league is for us to have an opinion or a voice. It’s one of the things you are supposed to check at the door along with self respect. The postings have been informative and Chad really made a good presentation of the facts as did some of the other guys. I really just wonder where the Atlantic League is going. When I first played in this league the level of ball was first rate. Scouts were out there and the MLB guys took notice. The last couple of years or so its a different league entirely. And my agent tells me that the MLB guys and the execs even in other Indy leagues and Mexico have downgraded their view of the AL. One blogger nailed it, its like the emphasis is on merry go rounds and bumper boats and between inning stunts and not on the baseball. The salaries and the compensation and the stuff that goes with it is certainly a big part of it but there is a lot more. Its credibility as a baseball league. Its how you treat people. We are professional athletes. Its the product you put on the field. With the troubles in Bridgeport and the fold of Newark and problems I hear in Camden where is this league going. If all these owners came out of the meetings with was that Newark is going to fold or that the league is going to play part time or one year in Richmond then there will be a lot more of these sad days ahead for the wonderful fans in this league who have supported us. I mean how can you even think about expansion when you can’t sustain what you have. You can’t afford to pay us or compensate us fairly, we have to take cold showers, you can’t feed us properly or house us in places that aren’t filthy but you want to add another team in a market that doesn’t want you. Commonsense tells me that you don’t put an addition on the house if its falling down. Good luck Bears fans.

23. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

The Brooklyn Cyclones and SI Yankees are affiliated teams….And they have a short season of roughly 2 months- not a nearly 5 month season…Brooklyn has good attendance because it’s next to Coney Island….Staten Islands stadium is located right next to the ferry dock, so both are in areas that tourists might visit. I don’t know of many who visit Newark as a tourist. Those teams are affiliates of the 2 major league teams in NYC. There is a large difference between that status and being an indy league team.

24. ts814 - October 26, 2008

re: questions about Can-Am League attendance, this is taken from the Atlantic City Surf’s web site:

“The Surf drew 124,430 fans to their 45 home games this season, for an average of 2,765 per game. Not only did the club break its average attendance record (previously 2,718, set in 1999), but the figure also represents a 24 percent increase from the 2007 season, when Atlantic City averaged 2,103. It is also a 20.5 percent increase from home games during the same time period in 2006 (May 26 through September 1), when the club played in the longer-season Atlantic League.
Overall, the Surf finished third in attendance in the Can-Am League, behind Quebec (3,203 per game) and Brockton (3,018).”

25. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

Hopefully the Bears won’t join the Cam-Am league. Its like watching bad college baseball games when watching a game between two teams.

ALPB hopefully will pull together and right this ship. Who wants to see the road warriors play again!

26. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

One of my close friends signed with a team from the ALPB in Jersey. He loved the season and a half he pitched for them. I asked him to read these posts of these horrible conditions described 9cause that the one thing we never really asked him)–and he said that is BS. He thought it is clearly someone, once again making up stuff. He said he plays pro baseball–and the conditions mentioned were that of a jail. He said he hopes to signed again, cause its the best shot for him to get back into the MLB scene (where he played in the bigs for three years).
The other funny issue was this guy on here–saying “oh the league makes soooo much money”—wow, lloks likes that true, huh.?!?! Wow, Newark and , Brideport and who is next on the chopping block due to no funds?.


27. Dottiebird - October 26, 2008

It is a shame that Newark has decided to fold. I have been attending Patriots games for quite a number of years and have always enjoyed the rivalry between the Bears and the Patriots.

As for people being treated unfairly at games, it does happen no matter what ballpark you are in. It just maybe more pronounced in some stadiums than others. I feel bad when it does happen. Because the derogotory actions of a few people reflect on everyone else the ballpark, no matter which one, gets a bad name.

As for Fire56 I know who he is. He is a good decent person who is not an employee of the ballpark and does not “wash cars.” He does know who I am and although we did not have the opportunity to chat with each other this year due me having unexpected surgery and missing the first two months of the season and sitting in the handicapped section when I could finally attend games I will always have the utmost respect for he and his family.

28. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

I know who fireres56 is as well. he is a loyal Patriots fan, who makes going to the ballpark fun. he and his family are fine examples of what type of wonderful fans are found in the ballparks throughout the league. he is a pleasure to sit near and talk to as well.
I wish I could say the same for the person on here who puts down the Patriots non-stop because that person couldn’t handle themselves properly this season.

29. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

You know I haven’t read one comment from a player that said conditions are horrible or sounded like they were. I thought their comments were insightful and honest. They spoke of the pay scale and the issues like housing and food and making a living but seem to express more concern about the level of play that results from those issues and similar. Every day there seems to be a new batch of these staff employees from one team trying to confuse people with BS. If its not 3xchamps or fireres56 its another anonymous post and its garbage. Let people express their opinions and stop trying to blame everything on some phantom fan or whiney players as you described them a few days back. As a Bears season ticket holder for six years we know all too well about the gestapo like thugs from somerset. Not the fans and not the ballplayers. You know who you are. So whats your point to play a blame game or to to discredit these credible men who took it upon themselves to share their experiences here. Save your energy for next season so you can abuse a new crop of visiting fans, men, women and children.


30. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

This website is total bullshit im a batboy for the bears and i know for Fact that the Sharks
will play in 09

31. Anonymous - October 26, 2008


32. fireres56 - October 26, 2008

I will say this when you attend a Patriots game your welcome to come by sec 209 Row K and say hello I'll be there weather your a Bears fan a shark duck fish you will never hear bad comment from the section i sit in I WONT HAVE it. when you come to OUR ball park you wont hear fans Yelling "who cares" and playing "taps" when the visiting team is anounced or gets out like you hear in Newark. Do i hate it NO i enjoy it cause it shows me there are fans that are loyal to there local team. I have said it more than once I enjoy traveling to newark and I will do anything I can to see the Newark bears in The ALPB playing in 09. I enjoy traveling to Camden as well The batboy and I get along real well So dont go calling us gestapo like thugs Its easy to hate when your team is on the bottom looking up but remember were here to rally for one of our own A ALPB team lets stop pointing fingers at each other and let see what we a MASS of ALPB fan to see what we can do to help the bears play in 09 in newark in the ALPB once that happen then we can go back to my teams your team and again your all welcome to visit my sec for some chat and a good time in commerce bank ball park – Roy

PS TY Mike & Scott for allowing me to post my opions here

33. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

you are right about the people in Somerset who ruined so much for the fans. Those same fans who ruined autograph Sundays for us fans. And the same fans who ruined countless games with yelling rude remarks all season long. You are right–you know who you are! Thank you for posting that! Very good point.
Staff there has always be cheerful, and helpful. I really enjoyed Famous Daves BBQ all season long—you’re right about the great food, great atmosphere in Somerset. How can you go wrong!

Go points in the previous post! Appreciate it!

34. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

Batboy I hope we do play in 2009 and that we get to see you at games and on Sundays. But unfortunately I do not believe this site is wrong and watch your mouth you are a nice boy. We are all praying that something happens to save our team so the brickyard bruins can live on. And Mr. fireres56 you are full of garbage. We have never been treated respectfully in somerset and it was not just some of the fans who harassed us. Some were also very nice. And I cannot write here what we were called when we went to games there. As the player/coach said yesterday Bears players don’t meet the somerset model and neither do we fans. And I never said the food was great or anything else. Go sell a car or ruin another team like you did ours. And Jose (who cares) and the horn player are loyal fans who never bothered or mistreated anyone.


35. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

I may be old–but Im not that old–what does selling a car have to do anything? I tuned into read about the bears and see something about a car? Huh?? Is someone doing a raffle for a car.? if so where can I get a ticket.?

Marianne L.

36. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

I agree Marianne L.

Until there is more news regarding the Newark Bears… I think a few people on here should stop posting unless it is about the issue at hand.

Let’s focus on a solution… which, by the way, does not start with an AL team playing a few game at The Diamond in Richmond. Having the AL parade into Richmond for a few games will be a disaster. Trust me on this point. I don’t identify myself as Southernalfan for nothing. Richmond wants nothing to do with indy ball.

37. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

Mike and Scott——

Some of these posts are just crap man. I really don’t appreciate being called a liar or being made out to be greedy or someone who complains about everything. And I don’t appreciate seeing guys I played with or against this season like Chad Erhnsberger being called liars. I played with Chad in a couple of places outside the AL and against him this year and he is a good guy. And it took balls frankly for him to put that statement on here. But I also know that Chad probably has moved on and may not plan on returning to the AL. But some of us are still working off of injuries and trying to get playing time so we can get signed in affiliated or major leagues. Love to put my name in bold letters at the top but I think you gents are smart enough to know what that will do. I have been reading this page and the comments pretty much all summer and we really appreciate the kind words from fans and that so many are truly concerned with our salaries. But I also cannot believe some of the hateful bull being written here. We are not has-beens or complainers and we are certainly not greedy. You really shouldn’t judge a man until you can walk in his shoes. The salaries are low really too low which is why so many guys have not come back. But its not that simple. As Chad and a couple of the other players have said its the expenses and the housing and the food. Its being treated like your property like the seats in the ballpark. Its being lied to about expenses or not getting meals you paid for or being made to work in filthy clubhouses or live in dirty hotel rooms. Its about not receiving proper medical care when your injured or being spoken to like your not a human being or an adult. Its about being used. I have played here and lived this. I know none of you with the mean spirited bs comments have. But I will tell you what I know. I know the fans in this league are great and they have supported us. They have fed us and driven us to the airport or to go shopping. They have even put up our wives and kids when we couldn’t afford additional housing. They have made us family. So what I know is these comments are not coming from fans they are coming from management and the same ——-‘s who talk to us like we are garbage. Try playing for two weeks straight without a day off only to be told the night before your only day off and the only opportunity to be with your wife and kids that you have to work some event and you have to go or else. Try being told you have to go to a sponsor event and you will be compensated and then after the fact they tell you they will make it up to you and they never do. You want to talk about bs come deal with some of this crap while you try to pour your heart into the game so maybe you reach your goal and you can make your family and friends and the fans proud. I would never attack any man or woman that works hard and maybe just wants to be paid or treated fairly. Why am I called a liar or other names for that.

38. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

Southernalfan real good point about Richmond. I have lived here for 8 years and I cannot for a minute believe that non-affilated ball will work here. The very guy who heads the stadium authority Mike Perry has been on the news for months saying that for the City of Richmond to accept indy ball would be “an enormous defeat”. The Mayor has said the same thing and everytime they interview baseball fans they all say the samething they want another major league affiliate. This has been a major league town for too long. By the way went to blue crabs games this summer at Regency a real good time. Nice stadium and hearty fans. Good Luck. Sorry for those fans in Newark we know all to well what they are feeling right now.

Ed Funk
Braves Fan

39. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

I agree with the above post. I think we’re all losing sight of the issue at hand, that a founding member of the league is about to be no more. Go to another site if you want to argue with one another. I think the whole situation is very sad and it bothers me that this was the best idea to come out of the league meetings in Florida- let’s fold Newark. I don’t understand how the idea of playing games in Richmond is still a speaking point considering the condition of the league. Why go somewhere where they don’t want to see indy baseball (which means no backing from the city, an all too familiar problem it seems?) It’s very depressing in the times we’re living in to see the rug get pulled out from under Newark’s front office staff. No one is getting rich working in any of the front offices in the league (nor are the players), although some teams’ staff do get paid better than others. It’s a horrible thought that these dedicated staff members had a job one day, then it was gone, but so are the times to say the least. Unfortunately, this may be the way the gears start to shift, not just in this league, but in minor league sports in general. I wish nothing but the best for the Bears front office and coaching staff and hope to see the situation amended shortly with a positive result.

40. Anonymous - October 26, 2008

To the players who wrote on the site including the last one don’t pay any attention to that nonsense. I really don’t think they believe what they are writing. Every single time there is a discussion on here about a controversial subject, which bye the way is anyone that owners don’t want we get a ton of comments from people who suddenly take the other side. They blame it on fans, players and they create this stuff. Its not the fans you got it right. The fans are behind you and we appreciate all of the time and energy and how decent you are to all of us. I hope the league can find a way to pay you better and to stabilize this league. Cause right now it ain’t looking so good.

Carmela, Camden

41. Rich Reitman - October 26, 2008

As I continue to read all of the comments, not only regarding the Bears issue but all of the previous comments regarding the quality of play, ownership, treatment of players, etc., I offer a challenge. Let’s start using our real names rather than hiding behind anonymity.

If you have an opinion, you should be confident enough to sign you name to it.

42. Fireres56 - October 27, 2008

Rich I for one agree. that is why I not only sign my name but let known where my season tickets are so to the rest I say Follow rich’s post real names real people posting
Roy Pats fan season tix holder sec 209 K 1 2 3

43. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

I find the last two posts somewhat curious. If some people are uncomfortable attaching their name then what business is it of you or I. We want to include our names that’s our business. Others may not want to. Are we concerned with the silly personal snipes we can all do without or with those players and coaches who have posted over the last 24 hours. Personally I would like to hear from more of the players under whatever circumstances they feel comfortable with. So I view the challenge differently. This is a public comments page that is part of a web site under the names Scott Stanchak and Mike Ashmore. They have invited comments and allowed posts to be anonymous so clearly they are setting the rules. If either of you or I don’t like their rules we can go somewhere else.
Long live the Bears

Devon Johns

44. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

I work with this league and have been around it since the beginning and have something to say. I’m amazed at the whole lotta ugly coming from a whole bunch of stupid on this blog. Stop posting what you don’t know about to get attention or just to rile people up. Mr Berson has been asking the league for a little bit of help since July and it has fallen on Deaf ears. He wasn’t looking for money, he was looking for knowledge. He’s a real estate guy who loves baseball and knows nothing about running a team and or marketing. Every time he tries to present Ideas to the other owners he gets shot down. He didn’t close the Bears because of money. He’s just fed up being part of a league that treats him like a red-headed step child. He quit after a blowout arguement in Florida with Steven Kalafer.

I’ve visited every park in this league and found great fans in all of them. Somerset and Long Island were the only places where I expierienced negative fans but we all remember our first beer don’t we! Hell, Long Island Fans made John Rocker quit playing baseball, and he played for them!!

This league has been against Newark for some time and I would think they are happy that Newark is gone. Even when Kalafer bought the Bears, debuted his Cliffhawk mascot there, and gave the Media guys Cliffhawk hats and made them agree not to wear them in Newark makes you think he only had plans of moving them up North. I mean, why could you wear them anywhere but Newark.

You could see the umpire’s calls never went Newarks way. You could see How when Newark won the last championship Joe Klein was disgusted, rushed everyone to his car and said let’s get out of this ******.

Ask any of the former Bears Players about this when you see them next year.

That’s why they folded. It’s hard to be apart of a league that doesn’t want you there.

Money!! Ha Ha. Berson has plenty. Remember, he did not claim the team bankrupt.

45. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

the whole leaving your name thing, sure put an end to endless non-sense rants that have been clogging this area for weeks. thank you. as we all know the blog will now go silent. thank you (seriously).

46. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

Well I am not sure now many people post from California but here goes. I am and will always be a Bears fan and since the call the other night I have been heartbroken and numb at the thought that my Bears may be no more. Moved out to LA last November when my firm transferred me but I was born and raised in Harrison and I lived at the Den. Some of the best days of my life with my best friends and our loyal crew of Bear fans. How we hugged and cried and laughed the night we won the championship. Will never forget that night or the looks in our players eyes as they looked to us. Just spent the last hour or so reading all of the news since last week and the posts and its just shocking and amazing that it may all be over. Bear fans were the most loyal and committed. We were smaller in number in more recent years but we were a family. Knew every player and all of their families even if we never met them. We took care of the guys and they loved us. The Bears were always the leagues doormat. We didn’t look like every other fan in the league and neither did our players. Saw someone else said that and its true. I remember the day the gates opened and we were so proud to have a home. And now it may be empty. Just makes no sense but a whole lotta sense at the same time. We always heard that some people wanted us gone. Seems like maybe they succeeded. Feel so bad for the staff from top to bottom they are great people. Maybe some of the players that played for Newark can write in and talk about what it was like. Glad to see that people are talking about how these guys live. The money was never good but we worked hard to make our guys feel wanted and appreciated and ownership in Newark tried its best to help them. Can’t imagine the rest of the league did as much as they did. Just hope I wake up and this was a bad dream and the Bears will open another season in 2009. Heart and soul of that league despite what others might think. Love ya boys-always.


47. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

By the way not surprised from where most of the negative comments are coming from about players or our Bears. That crew was always a lotta talk and a lotta hate. Pay no mind. I am glad this site is still here for us and no one owns our opinions despite what they may think. Your in our hearts Vicor, Ramon, John, Wayne, Lipso, jose and all the family. Who cares—we always did and will.


48. Mike - October 27, 2008

Several things, most of which I really don’t need to say…

First off, don’t curse on here. That just goes without saying.

Secondly, the Bears have a grand total of three employees right now. They may play in 2009, they may not. Right now, for all intents and purposes, they’ve ceased operations. It is what it is.

Third, obviously I would prefer people attaching their names to their opinions. If things continue to go down this path of ridiculousness, we will again re-evaluate how comments can be made here.

But we do thank everyone for sharing their opinions, especially the staff members and players, who can provide some real inside info.

49. Mike - October 27, 2008

Oh, and as for the story in the Courier…everyone has their own ways of finding out. Ryan has quotes in his article as well, so in no way should anyone think there was any wrongdoing there by any means. Ryan does a great job, and just because this was the first place to have it, doesn’t mean that other people hadn’t heard rumblings about what was going on as well.

50. jake - October 27, 2008

Good morning gents. Good comments Mike, no place for profanity. You did have the story first though. Great job.

Spent yesterday with my wife’s family in Brick Township a ways from Newark and yet the demise of the franchise has cast a much larger circle of impact than you would think. As we prepared to watch our beloved Phillies and the conversation inevitably turned to everything baseball my father in law and brother in law expressed shock that the Bears were gone. It seems as if anyone who has been touched by the Atlantic League or spent anytime at a league game was at least aware of the Bears. For many it appears that the Bears were their first game in the league. There may have only been a few in the seats at the games but it appears to us anyway that the team’s demise is met with shock by many many people.

Mike/Scott I wonder if there is a chance of getting Rick Cerone the original owner and founder to comment on the subject. He is the person who brought baseball back to Newark, his own hometown, and while he wasn’t involved any longer I think it might be interesting to hear his take. Just a thought.

And finally, guys you know history shows us that whenever people begin to express opinions against the tide or those without a voice are suddenly given one, that there is a sudden surge in those who would seek to silence them again and to dismiss their thoughts and opinions as being without merit. Once again we thank you for the ability to express our opinions and thoughts and to seek information and I think we have to appreciate the comments of the ballplayers like Chad and the others who have posted here.

Jake Bell

51. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

If it weren’t for the ability to post anonymously, then we would not have been able to get comments from most of the players that have contributed so far. Most of those players do not want to lose the possibility of being able to play again in this league. The same goes for some of the comments that, I’m sure, came from the office staff of some of the other teams. Mike/Scott, I think you should leave that option open for at least the next week or two. Granted, there is no way to check the validity of those anonymous posts by the players, but you can usually see by the content that they are indeed players or coaches. Whether what they say is completely true, that’s another story.

52. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

What's still amazing is that there is no story about the Bears on the Atlantic League web site or even on the Bears web site. One of the stories on the Bears web site even states "2008 was a pretty busy season at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium". How ironic.

53. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

i worked at one of the AL parks concession stands for a few seasons, and i guess i could have noticed something was up when before the gates would open we’d have opposing players sometimes come up to us and ask us to sell them food, a lot of times we couldnt b/c we werent set up and ready to sell food yet, or other times we were ready but we didnt know if it was ok for us to sell them the food and made us uncomfortable b/c we didn’t want to get in trouble if something happened to that player we sold food to.. but of course its all hindsight now seeing the situation, but then we were confused ourselves why players would ask us for food when we knew they were catered, but i guess this answers the question of why they would ask us for food before games

54. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

I am so glad last blogger that you put that up because I have been going back and forth all weekend. My sister and I have worked in the food service area in one of the atlantic league ballparks for the last two years and I cannot tell you how many times before or even just after a game players from both teams would come up looking for food. It was kinda sad to be honest but very often we would have to turn them away if the manager was around because we were told not to give them food only sell them food and no discount. By the time we were ready to accept money and make change they couldn’t come up anyway. Some guys didn’t even have enough money to buy it and I don’t think they were lying. It always makes both us fell lousy. A couple of players actually traded signed balls and stuff with the concession manager we had the first year for burgers and fries. I guess we knew something was up with the clubhouse food. Never made sense not to just give them food we threw more out at the end of each night then they could have taken. We were confused though to we didn’t want to get fired or yelled at but it just made us feel really sad.


55. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

I pretty much made up my mind a couple of days ago that I wasn’t going to say anything here. A couple of the guys that have ere teammates or dudes I know to be good guys but what is the point. Does anybody really think any of this is gone make it change. This waa my second year in the league and I was among the leaders in some categories and I wouldn’t spend another minute in this league. We appreciate that the fans care but all of the words are never gonna change how these guys treat us we are just stupid ballplayers to them. Look at whats been said one guy calls us has beens some other guy calls us cry babys. You try driving for five hours on a bus to Connecticut and being told that the meal you paid for is waiting at the clubhouse and when you get there theres nothing. And then you play a game that goes near midnight and by the time you reach the hotel which is a hole you end up eating vending machine junk. Its all been said and nothing anyone says here or says to the owners is ever going to change it. Its why guys leave thinking the place is a joke.

Definitely Former AL Player

56. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

Well then maybe this baseball thing isn’t for everyone. There are thousands of men who will line up to take any open spot on any roster with any team in the AL, with the chance to get signed by affliated clubs.

57. Anonymous - October 27, 2008

See this why so many of us who have played in this league and have been following the page the last few days don’t want to even bother to speak. You open up and talk and say what it was like as I did earlier and then some J-A like the last blogger posts garbage like that. Its the same threat they use in the spring and the same threat they use when you complain that you haven’t received your travel check after 8 weeks and the same threat they use when you complain that you paid for a meal and didn’t get one or that some other promise wasn’t kept. The problem is it isn’t true. The AL could get ten thousand guys to line up tomorrow who want to play and less than a handful of them would be of the level of talent or type of player that the league claims to showcase. The fact is that the talent level has gone down. You can’t draw the guys with major talent with the pay scale and the compensation issues, and others won’t come because the talent level is down. Chad spoke truth. Guys coming out of the AL can’t even get into the leagues in Mexico or the DR the way they once could. This past season the league probably put less players in winter ball then any time I can remember. My agent also has an agreement with two of the Mexico major teams and one in the DR and they told him flat out that they were least interested in players from here. He also works Taiwan and Korea and they flat out say the league doesn’t impress. They view the position players numbers as inflated because of the pitching and they won’t touch the pitching unless the guy throws 95 or better. The two major league scouts that signed me told me that the rep for the AL is just not what it was. And now with teams going out of business or being bailed out what do you think the guys who make the decisions are thinking. Get real people how many seats will sell for the thousands of guys your talking about. the threat don’t work anymore the truth is out. There’s no joy in this. Believe me it would be better if it weren’t true.

58. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

the Bears probably don’t have anything on their site because they laid off anyone that knows how to update it

59. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

I really appreciate all the former players’ comments. Where there is smoke, there is definitely fire.

But I don’t think anyone on here is attacking the honesty exhibited by players. Fans on the site are stating the obvious. If you apply for a job as a janitor, don’t be mad that you are asked to take out the trash.

Very few players come to the AL and get better. There is no coaching, no player development, no “Yankee-Way of doing things.” There is no mantra which the organizations follow. It is ONLY about MONEY.

Broken promises are a shame… but the fact is, every player would bolt this League in a second if an affiliated contract came to fruition. In other words, they wouldn’t show loyalty to their team and keep playing in the AL. The League knows this. The players know this. I am really sorry if so many players hate it in the AL… I guess the AL is like pledgeship. You pay your dues and get beat on for a while… but you take it like a man because the end (affiliated ball) justifies the means.


60. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

Don’t let that posting about the thousands of others lining up to take your positions bother you. Everyone on this site realizes that post was was idiotic and was probably sent in by an Atlantic League staff member.

61. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

letting people post anonymously only lets the “bill the Plumbers” post non-sense with out taking the credit for it it lets the Jakes of this board run wild with many post that shouldnt be here…..

George W. brush

62. William Evans - October 28, 2008

If the Bears are truly no more, then this will be a setback for Newark. I am (still?) a Bears season ticket holder and I will continue to be until there is no more team. The city can try to put a positive spin, saying they’ll save money and rent out the stadium, but I just don’t see that working. The surrounding areas were on the table for redevelopment. I wonder if any of those investors will back out now.I root for the Newark Bears as if they were a major league team. I wasn’t really into baseball until the Bears. I could care less about The Yankees, Mets or Phillies. I love the city of Newark and the Newark Bears, and I hope Bears Baseball is back in 2009

63. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

Trust me I don’t let it bother me cause I knew who I was speaking to. Now southernalfan exactly what is your point are you a fan or some team exec. You seem to have knowledge of the game but you have no idea of what this league presents itself to be. First we are not janitors. Janitors are great people and God Bless them. We are professional athletes. Since you have never played in this league or been sought out to play in this league you couldn’t possibly know what you represent that you do. We are told and our agents are told when they work to sign us that this is a league with a level of play at AAA or better. It is not. This is not a pay your dues league at all. Players play here for one of three reasons, they are playing some final ball, they are rehabbing an injury and need to establish that they can play at the level prior to the injury or they are trying to make it to affiliated ball. But affiliated ball is not at the end of the AL rainbow. Go look at the numbers. The real numbers not the crap being put out by the league. And disrespect and misrepresentation are nor reasonable means to an end. Go ask MLB and Latin American scouts what they think because I have been speaking to them for weeks and their opinions are not good. And finally being disrespected or treated poorly and standing there and taking it does not make you a man it makes you a fool.

64. jake - October 28, 2008

Well George or is it team employee, my name is attached whether you like it or not. Just another excuse. The gentlemen who operate this page set the rules not you. Can anyone blame a player for not wanting to attach their name after what we have learned. Thats what made Chad’s effort so much more surprising. Or an employee or a coach? Just keep posting this silliness it isn’t worth a response. The more important subjects of economics, player compensation and the future of Newark are underway and there are some very good points and discussions being had.

Jake Bell

65. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

“We are professional athletes.”

Therein lies the problem… many of the players in the AL still believe they are pros because their agents are feeding them this line, because, remember, it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY (for the agents). The AL is no longer professional baseball. It is family entertainment, complete with bumber boats and stuff like that. The players are just part of the show. Remember BASA????? I appreciate that the players take it seriously… but realize they do because they want to leave as fast as possible! If you’re a player and you have to play in the AL, otherwise known as baseball purgatory, don’t complain that it is hot. It is what it is. I know it isn’t fair and the conditions are poor…. but if the owners can get away with it and save MONEY, they will. REMEMBER, it is all about the money.


66. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

Anyone think Von Hayes is happy he is in the AL??? Ooops, bad career move.

67. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

While the validity of posts over recent weeks is strong, this view that everything is so skewed against the players is ridiculous.

Should the league consider increasing payroll and, in some markets, conditions? Sure. But the players should not be viewed as complete victims.

Missing our stories of their lack of respect for the markets they go into and the teams they play for. Like the time a player who was given a car drove drunk, crashed into a sign and abandoned the car. The police tracked the plates to a dealership that was partners with the team, which of course led to a great conversation and a cancellation of a valuable sponsorship.

Or the way many (not all) players leave the houses rented for them after their departure, costing teams thousands of dollars in lost security deposits.

Or the harassment of female employees by married players who are away from their wives for the summer that top brass in front offices have to deal with.

Or the milking of injuries long after the season is over to collect workers compensation, essentially committing fraud to collect monies not legitimately due to them.

Or the opportunity to make additional money by giving lessons or clinics through the team and then not showing up.

I could go on and on. And don’t think for a second that while a few teams are very profitable, a few that still remain border on survival and significant increases in wages would put those teams in jeopardy.

No, not every player is guilty of the above but the percentage is higher than you think. And if you believe that the conditions in other independent leagues are better, than you are sadly mistaken. The Atlantic League easily has the highest average payroll (by month and player) than any other independent league. Ask players to honestly answer the question of how the quality of ballparks, travel, etc. in other leagues compare.

Yes, you will see some players eschew opportunities in the Atlantic League to play in other leagues. However, more often than not, the reason is to be closer to home so they can save on expenses. Not an ideal situation for the Atlantic League or its players, but a choice they make.

Like any other business, there are teams that do a much better job taking care of their employees than others and more often than not, it comes down to management that is well run that allows for better treatment.

Yes, players can make more money playing internationally, but they lose all visibility for the opportunity to get back to affiliated ball. Ask yourself, why do so many players return to the Atlantic League after the Mexican League season end? Obviously not for the money, which has already been established. But to be seen and hopefully get a late season contract or an invite to Spring Training.

On the agent front, who do receive a portion of the players’ salaries, their reputations are well-documented and their lack of faith in this level of players certainly leads to recommendations to play in Mexict, etc. so they get their percentage of a higher income. If you think the agents have an interest in the long-term benefits of the players, you are sadly mistaken. Perhaps that is why they are feeding the players this idea they are better off going to other leagues.

And before the rhetoric begins, yes, I used to be an employee of the league but have not been for quite a few years now. I have no vested interest in the outcome of this discussion other than breaking down the delusion of this terrible plight of the players.

It comes back to choice – would the players rather see hundreds of jobs eliminated if there were no independent leagues and eliminate their chance to pursue their dreams?

I think the answer is obvious.

68. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

where did bill the plumber go to? Oh thats Jake now! Love your dozens of post under different names. You’re a ball player now? wow!

Mr. Mike

69. jake - October 28, 2008

Do you ever get tired of being so ludicrous or arrogant. Once again you demean the players and their voice. And my name is always at the bottom. Scott/Mike we look forward to the upcoming bears story.
As to the former league employee who posted thank you for your honesty but I do not see what the poor behavior of a few has to do with the discussion of economics. And at least one of your references to their behavior away from their wives is seedy and almost seems as if to be a veiled threat toward those who would post. Are you dismissing outright what Mr. Erhnsberger or the other players or coaches offered? And yes I too have heard the descriptions of agents but that too seems like a self-serving generalization. I think players come to the Atlantic League from better paying leagues after those seasons are over because they want to play and stay in shape. And they are told by all that advise them that they must keep playing to be seen and to be able to say that they are doing so. At least that’s what our friends who play in the league have offered. Few believe that the league will propel then to affiliated ball, not recently anyway. But yes they always hope. I take Mr. Erhnsberger and the other players at their word I won’t call them dilusional and I quite frankly ignore the idiotic and agenda driven comments like those of Mr. Mike or is it George W. another team employee. Just respect people’s opinions on a public forum. If you don’t like them fine.

Jake Bell

70. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

It might interest everyone to know that the phone number for the Newark Bears at Bears & Eagles stadium is now disconnected. Someone please do something to save our Bears,

A Brickyard Bruin

71. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

That nonsense about players and how they behave away from their wives is atrocious and had no place in any discussion on this site. If it even happens it had no place. It is no different than some staff employee of a team who harasses the female interns that work each summer by openly referring to them as “eye candy” in front of sponsors and other employees. That statement about the players was degrading and disrespectful to them and their families. Just cut it out. We have more important things to talk about.

72. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

Maybe the long awaited Cliff Hawks will move into the area and revive the league. It’d be great to have a team in Bergen. With Newark, its like dragging around dead weight. Time to let go. Let someone else take on the headache and clean up the mess.Lets start with somethng fresh, and exciting.
I , as well as countless others I know will go to a safe area in Bergen as opposed to Newark-any day of the week.

73. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

Geez I can’t imagine who wrote that last blog or what its purpose is. Surprise surprise. Another slam on Newark and the Bears and the fans. Maybe if you had supported Newark and not worked against it the Bears would still be here. And didn’t the owner of the proposed Cliffhawks once own the Bears. Why didn’t he clean up the mess you talk about. Or did he leave it.

74. Anonymous - October 28, 2008

There you have it … verification of the whole plan to get the Bears out and the Hawks in. Like we haven’t seen this coming since 2002when the car salesman came into Newark and planted his seeds of destruction. Good luck with that. Hope it bites (pecks) you all in the ____________.

75. who's dumber than bud? - October 28, 2008

2009 scenarios:

Newark franchise to Richmond (for a year)

Bears to Can Am (replaces Ottawa)

All Star game to York (Not LI on short notice)

It could happen.

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