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October 21, 2008 October 21, 2008

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Herr Signs With Sox: No, not the defending — and soon to be dethroned — World Champion Boston Red Sox, but the Chicago White Sox.

Jordan Herr, son of former Lancaster Barnstormers manager Tom Herr, agreed to a minor league deal with the organization recently. Herr hit just .202 with 16 RBI and four home runs for the Barnstormers last season.

A.L. To Play In Richmond In 2009: Let’s get this fact out of the way: The Atlantic League is about “99-percent sure” that they are not going to have a full-time team playing in Richmond this upcoming season, a source tells me. They may, however, play a few games there.

In an article posted on the Richmond Times-Dispatch web site, league vice president Peter Kirk — the first I’ve heard of this title — said this scenario remains a possibility. Richmond, apparently, is holding out hope for an affiliated club to play in The Diamond stadium and that’s the primary reason why they won’t commit to the A.L. – SS



1. jake - October 21, 2008

Scott good piece on the Richmond issue. Several weeks back as this subject came into play i noted here that my brother Frank and I have a number of cousins living in Virginia in and around Richmond. Most are baseball fans and one or two in fact have attended gsmes with us in the past in somerset or Trenton or Newark. Since the day the Braves announced that they were no longer going to be in Richmond the media in the area, sports radio, the newspapers and local television have carried statements from city officials that they do not want an independent league team. Just two weeks ago I commented that the mayor was on the news stating categorically that they want only affiliated ball.

Well is thats the case then don’t go. The issue of salaries and economics notwithstanding the Atlantic League is a wonderful baseball league and if they don;’t want it why invest.

First of all we do not need to dilute the talent pool in this league any further by bringing back the Road Warriors or adding an additional team. The talent pool–particularly in pitching–has been in decline in each of the last three years. To add an additional two teams will only bring it down further.

Additionally we don’t believe that the league should expand into Richmond or anywhere else until it addresses economic issues such as strengthening Bridgeport and Newark, and building a better salary/compensation program for the players.

Frank Boulton, who founded this league is a smart enough businessman and baseball man then to expand where the city fathers and fans will not support you.

I believe huis recent purchase of the Bluefish will signal good things for that franchise and as I stated previously in the past, Newark is working aggressively to correct the mistakes of past ownership. Under the leadership of Mr. Berson, and John Brandt, the best in the business, they will surely do so.

Lets get our own house in order, and address the issue of a more fair and equitable compensation package before we go to Richmond or Westchester or Bergen or anywhere else.

2. jake - October 21, 2008

To return to the issue of league economics, I would like to address the comments earlier this morning under yesterday’s date from the blogger, Newark. Newark thank you for your kind words you are always an articulate person. While the facts you present with regard to minor league ball are accurate I must disagree with regard to your argument as they relate to the Atlantic League.

First, it is important to note that since the day the Atlantic League began it has claimed to be a league whose talent pool is equal to or greater than triple A ball. I didn’t say it, they have repeatedly. Therefore the argument about AA level salaries may not apply.

It is true “Newark” that some AA minor leagues pay certain players in the 2000 to 3000 dollar range, however the total compensation packages, including housing, transportation, meals and reasonable expenses are greater and more in line with a professional organization handling professional athletes.

In the Atlantic League players making $1700 to $2200 per month must deduct housing costs of several hundred per month, certain other fees, in addition to the normal deduction of taxes which obviously we all must pay.

I offer you the example of players playing for any of the four teams operated by the Opening Day Partners Ownership group. A player who lives in California or west of Chicago who travels to one of those cities receives a check for $325 coming, and $325 to get back. Before they even start these players are at a loss.

Newark I swear to you no one is suggesting that players in this league should be making $8000 per month. To do so without knowing all of the economics would be foolish. But address can be made to the overall compensation package by increasing salary to a livable level, and by improving issues such as meals, travel expense, and housing compensation.

This is a wonderful baseball league, considered by many on the national level to be one of the most successful in the country. We have seen a decline in talent pool and in the marquee players. These issues of economics play a key role in that decline and I for one do not wish to see the level of play fall.

And for those players that play here we seek only that they be treated fairly and with respect. My wife and I and my brother Frank and his wife maintain friendships with many players who have come and gone. We speak with them often and I can tell you that they are not greedy or expecting or looking for a windfall. They just want to be treated fairly and be able to survive.

Would any of us expect less.

3. jake - October 21, 2008

With regard to the comments offered this morning by 3xchamps it really just becomes more and more ridiculous trying to find even the smallest of valid arguments in these type postings.

3xchamps you are so very transparent in your agenda, you make it very clear what organization you are affiliated with, and you lay out clearly for all to read your disrespect for the fans as well as the players. You are clearly a loyal subject in the kingdom of the car salesman.

Neither I nor anyone else here brought up the issue of Ebay and autograophed items. Nor was the discussion of economics and fail compensation for players ever solely about one organization. It is not bashing or destructive. It is an adult discussion or debate which clearly is beyond your level of comprehension or iontelligence. The autographed items to which I referred are those signed by players at the behest of the teams, that are then sold in gift shops. Players receive no percentage of those sales or from the sale of t-shirts or jerseys which bear their name.

Just stop trying to cloud a legitimate discussion on a public forum with your crap.

I have never come across a business or organization so steeped in arrogance. And since my brother and I, and our families, have been going for years we can speak to this. It always seems to be someone else’s problem or fault.

If you want to talk about salaries or some issue in the stadiums your a disgruntled fan and your opinions should be dismissed. The food stinks, its someone else’s fault. The bathrooms are filthy, its someone else’s fault. Our children can’t see the game because there is no crowd control, its someone else’s fault. Arrogance. I have never seen a business that seems to live by the philosophy of Don’t Ask, Just get Out.

Well a couple of weeks back my brother and I and our families watched as our beloved Travis Anderson launched the championship winning homer. It was one of the greatest games we have ever seen but it will be absolutely the last in that stadium. Your disregard for us as fans, and for the players by your own words made our decision easy.

4. Fausto Gabon - October 21, 2008

Dude needs a sedative and his own blog.

5. Newark - October 21, 2008

Jake- I LOVE your enthusiasm and feel your sincere appreciation of the ballplayers in the Atlantic League.

My intent is to help educate on how LITTLE $$$$ ALL MINOR league ballplayers make. This sometimes shocks people. The monthly salary is so………low. Again, this info is very readily available on web. Unfortunately, affiliated teams also deduct housing , clubhouse and other misc. expenses.
Many a parent of a minor leaguer is actually subsidizing a “career”.
Really more a chance at a dream.

Yes, the career AAA player making a small living does exist. However,
that type of player is too going away. Hence, players going overseas, Mexico etc.. MOST players who start playing professionally NEVER see a salary of $3000 a month.

Back to Atlantic League- one must remember that teams pay own salaries. Affiliated ballplayers are in general paid for by their Major League club.
Please look up on web-
Rule 56 Standard Player Development
Again, I am not taking sides but trying to help clarify what REALLY happens in baseball. A , AA, or AAA teams have a BIG economic advantge over the Atlantic League teams. Rule 56 clearly and concisely shows this.

PLAYERS in ALL minor leagues go through much to chase their dreams.
It is nice to know that some fans do care.

6. jake - October 21, 2008

First and foremost Newark you are such a class act and a welcome addition to any discussion.

Everything you say is true factually. Even some the players that we remain friends with tell us that these are the same salaries they made ibn the lower levels of ball.

My disagreement with your premise is only in that the Atlantic League claims to this day that it is a professional league with a talent level at or greater than AAA. Given that and the revenues being generated, and please believe me there are revenues being generated, that these men be given a little more consideration.

Newark you are terrific–see you at a ball game sometime. God Bless.


7. BaseballFan - October 22, 2008

I have been reading all these posts, and wanted to write in.

First, it would be nice if players made more money. Who in life doesn’t want a big salary. However, this is minor league ball. So will players ever make more, only time will tell.

Also, I really found what 3xchamps wrote about the autograph issue to peak my interest. Upon reading the post, I spoke to numerous fans and YES, in fact certain items will not be signed by players. One close friend told me that halfway through this season, something happened , prompting players to not sign certain things. And YES, ebay was mentioned into the conversation, as to where their card/pics/balls were ending up?!!!! all this talk of explotation of ball players–lets start there.

Also, for someone on here to mention the words arrogance/rude/disrespectful about staff at a local ballpark is disgusting. Lets stick to factual things–not put down hard working people.

Oh yeah—by far the best post on here is by Fausto Gabon who said…
“Dude needs a sedative and his own blog.” Sir you correct, very correct.

8. jake - October 22, 2008

Well baseballfan you are correct that time will tell. And hopefully ownership will come to realize the true value of these players and develop a more equitable and fair compensation program.

The comments by 3xchamps–an employee of one the self-proclaimed elite organizations in the league were intended only to cloud the discussion and move focus away from the discussion of salary and economics–something that those in the positions of power most certainly do not want to take place. As for your belief that the comments about staff behavior, why would you consider it disgusting to comment or discuss any issue or conduct which directly affects people’s ability to enjoy an event or game that they paid to attend. It’s a shame that you do not express the same level of indignation for the comments of 3xchamps and others that so clearly offered obscene levels of disrespect for fans, their families, and the very players who built this league’s reputation, credibility and success.

As for the issue of autographs and ebay this is a fabrication created by 3xchamps and others to mask the discussion, There was never a point during this season that any players in this league stopped signing autographs or any specific items. That is an absolute lie. The players have always been tremendously gracious and generous of their time with fans, which is why so many are tired of seeing them exploited. If you go to ebay right now you will see that there is not much listed for the Atlantic League or its specific teams and ironically one particular seller “frankieavalon”– who has been selling jerseys, bats and balls claims to be a current or former employee of the league.

This story was concocted by senior staff of one organization in an attempt to cover up the poor behavior of its famous manager after he was distastefully rude to fans during autograph Sundays. My children, niece and nephews were there. The ebay nonsense is a load of garbage perpetrated to cover up the very behavior you so easily dismiss. You sir are the person who needs to get the facts straight.

Our discussion of autographed items was limited solely to the issue of teams which require players to sign baseballs, bats or pictures and then sell them in their team gift shops without any percentage or compensation being provided to the players in question. Our discussion pertained to those teams that sell t-shirts, jerseys or other items with players names and numbers on them from which no compensation is shared with the players. Those are the facts baseballfan.

Yes let’s stick to the facts. Atlantic League players are underpaid and certainly not compensated in accordance with the revenue being realized and the success of the businesses that employ them. They need to be treated with a far greater degree of respect and appreciation for their efforts.

Scott and Mike thank you as always for this public forum and again we look forward to the discussion to come. And as you instructed Scott, those of us who are interested in the subject of economics are getting our questions ready.

Jake Bell

9. Fausto Gabon - October 22, 2008

Now it all makes sense:


Check the web site, he looks like Ashmore!

10. BaseballFan - October 22, 2008

The autograph issue was due to a few fans who would bother the players/coaches by having dozens of items signed on auotgraph sundays. Whether it was promo shots/stacks of cards/jerseys etc, the poor players/coaches were signing tons of stuff. Visiting teams weren’t exempt either–just had to look at the visitng player tunnel. Poor guys couldn’t even make it in from batting practice without being bothered to sign the same stuff (that they probably signed the night before). stuff I heard ended up on ebay, and finally only team related things would be autographed. Not MLB items. Those are the facts sir. It wasn’t made up by a employee–we were told by many fans why things changed and thats why. Those are the facts.hopefully those fans won’t be back and ruin it for the thousands of us who want autographs and wont sell them!

And 3xcahmps–your pieces are well written, and appreciated. you’re right–The patriots are a top class team/orginazation. It does in fact seem sour grapes come into many posts on here. The staff /food as well as fans have never been anything but great to us, all season long! I did see that 3 millions fans went to the park—as they say all those people can’t be wrong!

11. 3xchamps - October 23, 2008

One question—what do you propose as a “decent wage” for AL Ball Players? So I guess you also feel the bullpen catcher, on up deserve raises?

Also, in regard to player agent-what percent do they get from signing a player?

12. Jeff - October 23, 2008

Hey BaseballFan – Take a break from the ‘selling the stuff on Ebay’ chant. That’s untrue. If it was the case, go out there now and look and see what’s there. The players just didn’t want to sign on Sundays. That’s the whole argument. Oh, the poor players signing …. Give it a break! All the players have to do is say they will just sign a couple things per fan, and that ends that. I have been there and have seen how that works. Poor Guys

13. jake - October 23, 2008

Jeff, thank you for your comments. I cannot say that I agree with everything you have offered in the past but your reasoning and presentation is fair. Neither baseballfan or 3xchamps has any real concern with autograph issues. It is merely another attempt by two employees of that organization to take nasty shots at fans who disagree with policies or conditions.

The fact of the matter is that there was only one incident of the scale they describe this entire past season involving players. It involved the Long Island Ducks players on one specific Sunday when the players boycotted the autograph session because of a grievance with management. The players had played into the early hours of the morning to finish a game and felt the session that Sunday should have been cancelled. It was written about on this site and in the local papers as well.

To the players’ credit they came out over the next several days and actually approached fans and apologized, most stating regret that they had used the session as their vehicle to make a point. To Mr. Boulton’s credit he jumped immediately on ths issue as well. It was solely an example of poor communications and it worked out.

There has never been a widespread or large scale problem with players and autographs in this league and in fact it’s the exact opposite. They have given of themselves over and over again and yes even to some who show up with multiple or unorthodox items. We have never seen them refuse to sign any type of item and they are always gracious and so very generous with their time.

This entire issue of ebay and that garbage was introduced by 3xchamps and is a transparent attempt to move the discussions away from the economics debate that so many who comment here have requested for months and that Scott has promised would take place. The ebay story is a lie. There was never an issue with players or anyone else.

It was an attempt to move attention away from the rude and discourteous behavior of the Patriot’s manager this past summer at Sunday autograph Sundays in August. My wife and brother and sister in law and all of our children were there when it occurred. The ebay story was distasteful and merely an attempt on their part to offer a justification for his conduct and that of the staff that tried to defend it. I can tell you with firsthand knowledge that many families and fans stayed away from future autograph sessions specifically because of that conduct.

If some fans are selling items on ebay then I suppose that is their right. Seems like a waste of time, and certainly there doesn’t seem to be much there. As a matter of fact some of the Atlantic League teams have used ebay to sell or auction items, such as the Lancaster Barnstormers who conducted a jersey auction last year. Where is the issue. The answer is there isn’t one its just nonsense.

Really Jeff this is just a sleezey attempt on their part to muddy the waters of an important discussion, and I understand you may disagree, and to lay this at the feet of the fans and ther players.

Jake Bell

14. jake - October 23, 2008

3xchamps there you go again. You serve your master in the kingdom of the car salesman well. But this discussion of economics and players’ salaries is a serious one. It is one that many of us for months have asked Scott and Mike to have because we feel it is important. If you don’t like the discussion or your colleagues or master don’t then tough. This is after all a public forum.

First the issue of agent salaries. Really you are so very transparent and adolescent in your silliness. Since I am not an agent–actually I own commercial arts and graphic firms in Patterson and Jersey City–I have no idea what percentage or fee agents collect. But that wasn’t your point anyway. The issue of agent fees is no more relevant to this issue than how much they pay for toothpaste or a container of milk. Just another sleezy chip shot at the players and your less than clever attempt to move the discussion off economics.

With regard to the players’ salaries you are hardly the individual who should be in this discussion since you chose to hide behind some bs name. You do so that you can take shots at fans, and our families and even at the players. This is an important discussion and we look under the direction of Scott and Mike to hear from Mr. Boulton, and Mr. Klein and the other owners and executives.

This discussion should provide us with information about the concessions these teams have in their local markets. Since many of these ballparks are government owned and public land we should be able to lean this information. What are the total and gross revenues for say 2007 and 2008 for these teams. What profit if any was realized by each of the owners or ownership groups. How much was spent on stadium upgrades such as scoreboards, luxury suite furniture, offices, and how much revenue is being generated by ticket sales versus corporate sponsorships, merchandise and food and beverage concessions.

And again with regard to the players. No one is asking for windfalls. Given the hours that these players put in at the current scale many are making less than even a minimum wage. The discussion should look at the entire compensation package. Improve issues such as travel expense, improve the issues of meals and the costs of housing.

If teams are going to seek to have players sign items that will be sold in team gift shops, to use their popularity to sell t-shirts or other merchandise bearing their names or images, or use them to solicit or entertain sponsors then provide some level of compensation from this. Try being creative rather than disrespectful.

I have never heard a single player in this league ever say he wanted to make millions or even build his future on the money he makes in the Atlantic League. Just pay a livable wage.

And by all means please keep characters like 3xchamps who so blatantly disrespect these men by their very words out of the process. The fact that we are talking about ballplayers, men who play a game is irrelevant. This is still a business. Compensation should and must be fair, proportionate to the means and their value at this level. No one is looking to get rich. Just live.

So 3xchamops why don’t you and your cronies who so clearly dislike these men, dislike the fans and families who support you just knock it off. Show some respect ofr others. And keep in mind that your comments here are being read by the very players you disparage and the fans who pay to fill your seats.

Jake Bell

Oh by the way Fausto–I wish I had the talent to write childrens books or had the abilities of Mr. Ashmore, I have neither. I am simply Jacob Laurence Bell, Jake to his friends, son of Joseph and Janice Bell, originally of West Orange, brother to Frank, a husband and a father who loves baseball and cares that people–all people are treated well.

15. JohnR - October 24, 2008

I have been reading these posts for weeks now, and I have to say the pay issue doesn’t interest me or anyone I know. Its kind of like when I took my job, I knew what I was walking into,salary, etc. However, I also knew I would have room to advance. With that being said the players are the same way-they know that for now its a low salary, with the chance of a MLB scout in the stands. A chance to advance onto more money, and a better life. As they say–you have to start somewhere.

And I think a cord was struck about the autograph issue. I heard that it was rude fans who caused problems at signings prompting players to say no. Good for the players!

16. jake - October 24, 2008

JohnL if you don’t find the discussion of league economics or player salaries interesting that’s fine and you are of course entitled to your opinion here or anywhere else. But your argument is completely without merit. I am sure your employer would be delighted to know that he can exploit you today as long as you have some perception–valid or otherwise–that things can get better later.

Tell me John what is your philosophy “abuse me now, reward me later”. Unfortunately these players have to live in the present. They have to pay their bills, their travel expenses, cloth their children, buy food, and pay for housing today.

No one wants or is asking for a windfall. They want a wage that is consistent with their professionalism, their time, and commensurate with a living wage. This is why we are asking for an open discussion of the economics in the league so that we can all understand what the market in this league can afford and what is reasonable. It is not reasonable that at the end of the day players are making an hourly wage below minimum and some are. It is not reasonable that they are exploited so that others may realize wealth or that they are disrespected.

As to your statement about autographs either you didn’t read the comments or didn’t care too. THERE WAS NEVER ANY ISSUE WITH PLAYERS SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS IN THE ATLANTIC LEAGUE. PERIOD.

Was that clear John. It was a deliberate fabrication by the masked employees of one team in this leaguie leaving comments here and spreading crap about ebay in order to cover up the poor behavior of its rude grumpy manager who behaved badly during autograph Sundays in August.

John with all respect, if you weren’t there then don’t make assumptions. My wife and brother and all of our kids and some guests were and it was atrocious and upsetting to our children and many that were there. And it wasn’t caused by one person or an issue with ebay or anything else. It was bad behavior and they tried to cover it with a lie.

I will say it again. The players in the Atlantic League have never been anything but gracious and generous with their time to fans. And to say otherwise is bull.

It is beyond belief to me that it is fashionable to attack, disparage and demean these young men and athletes who have done nothing to bring this on. John I will for the moment give you the benefit of the doubt that you may have read some of the comments of the masked employees who have chosen to use this site to attack these men in an effort to devalue them or their desire for a more equitable compensation package.

These characters just fear the discussion and that should just send such a loud message to all that are reading these posts. Why are they afraid. What is it that they don’t want us to know.

John you are absolutely correct from the stand point that the players see the Atlantic League both as an opportunity for some to go elsewhere and for others it provides an opportunity for a few more days on the diamond. But what is a low salry. When does it become exploitation. And if you think that the men who own and run this league operate it just so that these men can go to the majors or play ball then I believe on one night next week you will be sitting outside waiting for the arrival of the GREAT PUMPKIN.

This is a business. These owners are smart, creative businessmen who had the resources and insight to create a baseball league that: caters to the love of this great game; provides entertainment for families And baseball purists in communities that can support it; gives fans access to players that they don’t get at the major league level; and at the end of the day provides a lucrative revenue stream for ownership.

As a public forum anyone may express their opinions here whether we agree with them or not. But we must be suspicious of those who would seek not to have the discussion at all and who treat information and knowledge as an asset. Again–what are they afraid of.

The discussion will continue……

Jake Bell

17. JohnR - October 24, 2008

I doubt the league or any team is “afraid” of any issue raised on here. I DO think the league excutives read this on occasion, and get a laugh out of non-senese.

as for the autograph thing-all you had to do is stand on line waiting to go onto the field for autographs, and you would hear the complaints from a few fans as to not signing MLB stuff. Hey its you the fans who ruined a nice thing. Sorry , not made up.

18. jake - October 24, 2008

Okay so another sleezy chip shot at the players and the fans. John now I won’t give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t read the comments clearly. Clearly you are another of these idiots with an agenda here to disparage the players and the fans thru BS and inuendo.

The autograph thing you describe never happened–you are full of crap. Plain and simply you are part perpetrating the lie. The only person who refused to sign MLB materials was the nasty grumpy manager after he rudely addressed our wives and children. That’s the fact and I suspect you already knew it anyway.

And if the executives and owners are so eager to disclose the economics and to discuss the revenues they are generating through concessions on public lands then where are they.

“You the fans” John. Not a stretch to figure out where your employed. What you characters to fail to realize is that those of us who read this page and join the other chat rooms talk to one another regularly. We also talk to the players. And we are all reading these disparaging comments about the players and the fans and our families and we are taking note. And you just may see the end results in the spring.

And you can spin your PR nonsense about 3 million fans and sellouts every nite and we all know you are full of it. If you think so little of us why should we come. That’s a question I can assure you is in discussion.

Jake Bell

19. jake - October 24, 2008

By the way johnr please don’t for the moment think that it went unnoticed among any of us that you are 3xchamps and that clicking on johnr for a profile identifies 3xchamps. If you are so committed to your position then don’t play games and leave out the sleezy chip shots at the players and the fans. We already know what you and your colleagues in that organization think of us.

Jake Bell
Cranford, New Jersey

20. Tom from Long Island - October 24, 2008

Just to clarify one point of yours. There has been a problem with players signing autographs in this league and the problem is not resolved. The strike by the Ducks players this season was partially due to the fact that they had to stay around until 1 AM to complete a game. They did not want the Sunday autograph canceled because they were tired (because the game that they had to stay until 1 AM was on Friday night not Saturday night), they did it because they were pissed off that they had to stay until 1 AM after they had already been playing in a steady rain for 3 innings prior to the rain delay.

Another reason for the strike was the fact that all the players are told they must come out for the Sunday
autograph sessions and if they do not, then they are fined. It seems that most of the players that had MLB
experience decided that they were too good to come out and sign and a fine meant nothing to them. The other players that had come out for every Sunday session got pissed off that they had to come out when the others did not. Granted, there were some fans who would come with many cards for the one player to sign, but all that player had to do was say that he would only sign one or two items. The players never came out and apologized to all the fans for what they did and the problem still continued. The next Sunday session after the strike was the last Sunday regular season home game and it was also “fan appreciation day”. On that Sunday, the same players that did not come out for all the previous Sunday’s, did not come out for the final Sunday either.

The players that did not come out for the Sunday autograph sessions while they were with the Ducks were:
Carl Everett, P.J. Rose (Everett and Rose have never come out for Sunday sessions in all the seasons they have been with the Ducks), Edgardo Alfonzo, Jay Gibbons, Richard Hidalgo, Nook Logan, Alex Sanchez, Vic Darensbourg, Clint Nageotte, Donovan Osborne and Todd Williams. I probably missed a few other names and, as you can see, the problem was pretty widespread. Some of the these players would sign before or during the game (Everett, Alfonzo, Logan), but only a few autographs and then they would run to the locker room or to the dugout. This has been an ongoing thing every year with the Ducks. There has always been at least 3 or more players who will not ever come out on Sunday for the sessions.

21. jake - October 24, 2008

Tom we did hear from some friends last night that there was a bit more to it with the DUCKS situation. I can only tell you what was told to me by some of the players, one or two fans, and one team rep. I saw the team in Camden and several of the players actually apologized for the instance.

Either way it was inappropriate to treat their fans that way. My point is that it isn’t a league wide problem. The characters trying to create one are doing it to discredit the players and the fans seeking to improve their lives.

Thanks Tom and good luck.

22. Mike - October 24, 2008

I found a dead horse the other day, I’ll bring it on here so everyone can beat it.

I also have a point, and can provide a hammer so it can be driven into the ground.

Makes me smile to think that if things had been handled differently in certain situations, none of this would be on here.

In any event, I’ll have a player’s perspective on here regarding the issue shortly, and we’ll have a team executive do the same as well.

23. Scott Stanchak - October 24, 2008

Thanks Mike. It's true… the same points are being made over and over again. This is going nowhere.

As I've said: We are going to have a Q&A with a team executive in the near future. Mike, as he mentioned, will have a player's perspective. Send me any questions to scott at atlanticleaguebaseball.com. We'll get everyone's questions answered by those who know the answers.

I, for one, posted the new news the other day with hopes of moving on, but that didn't work. Let's just try and remember, this is about basseball, a game we all love.

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