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October 5, 2008 October 5, 2008

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Win This Championship Team-Signed Baseball:

For the sixth consecutive season, the Somerset Patriots have been kind enough to provide Scott and myself with a few team-signed baseballs to give away. We’ll give one away through this website, and I’ll have another to give away exclusively through my paper.

These baseballs have been signed by 17 members of the team, including manager Sparky Lyle and league MVP Josh Pressley.

For your chance to win, all you have to do is send me an e-mail at mashmore98 AT gmail.com with “SOMERSET PATRIOTS SIGNED BASEBALL GIVEAWAY” in the subject. You should leave your name and favorite Atlantic League player in the body of the e-mail as well.

The contest will run through November 15th, 2008 and will be mentioned numerous times on here so that everyone has a fair chance to enter and win.

To be clear, only one baseball will be given away through this blog, and another will be given away through my newspaper at a later date.

Coming Soon On ALB: I’ve got lengthy one-on-one interviews with playoff hero Travis Anderson, All-Star reliever Casey Cahill and two of only a handful of men with all four Somerset Patriots championship rings; manager Sparky Lyle and GM Patrick McVerry.

Future Plans: For me personally, this was an interesting season. I covered two baseball teams this year, and both won championships. I feel very blessed to say that I’ve been fortunate enough to cover five championship teams over my six-year career, and that’s not counting Newark last year, either.

Assuming my role with the Democrat stays as is, I will return for a seventh season of Atlantic League coverage in 2009. What I’m not sure of as of yet is what will become of my specific role writing here.

Covering two teams is hard enough, but trying to cover an entire league alongside all of that proved impossible, and I think the coverage here suffered a bit as a result. Scott and I will have to discuss plans for next season — but there may be a situation where I solely focus on the Patriots and he tackles league-wide stories or something like that.

Some people may find that to be a little crazy, but keep in mind…I’m a Patriots beat writer for my paper. This job is something I do on the side and is sans a paycheck. But also keep in mind, I can’t see a scenario in which I didn’t have an interest in writing about league-wide stories myself. I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve talked to more or less all of the big name players to have played in this league for the past six seasons, and I’m sure I’ll want to interview the next big names that come through in 2009. – Mike Ashmore



1. snynault - October 5, 2008

congratulations on another great year of reporting and thanks!

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