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September 27, 2008 September 27, 2008

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Patriots Take 1-0 Series Lead: The Somerset Patriots defeated the Camden Riversharks, 11-9, in last night’s Game One of the Atlantic League Championship.

Somerset got on the scoreboard quickly, adding three in the top of the first on outfielder Matt Hagen’s three-run home run.

The Patriots added three more in the second inning on RBIs by outfielder Elliot Ayala, first baseman Josh Pressley and third baseman Brandon Larson. Somerset, who loaded the bases that inning, were all over Riversharks starting pitcher Tony Peguero, who left after just 1.1 innings pitched.

The third inning was much like the previous two, with the Patriots adding another three to the scoreboard on a solo home run from catcher Jason Belcher and RBIs by second baseman Teuris Olivares and Sean Smith, who scored outfielder Mike Lockwood for his second run of the game.

Camden did their best to fight their way back into the game, plating two runs in the bottom of the fourth. Third baseman Mike Thompson drilled a two-run double down the line to score outfielders L.J. Biernbaum and Sheldon Fuse.

They added five more in the bottom of the fifth to cut the Patriots’ lead, 10-7. Biernbaum hit an RBI single, followed by designed hitter Ron Davenport’s. First baseman Tyler Von Schell then hit a three-run bomb.

Camden would add only two more runs to the scoreboard on RBIs by Von Schell and Thompson. Somerset added insurance runs in the eight on a solo shot by Larson.

Patriots’ reliever Jon Hunton picked up the win, while Peguero suffered the loss. Closer Brian Reith picked up the save, his third of the postseason. – Scott Stanchak



1. jidyfan - September 27, 2008

Scott/Mike – I heard that the players do not receive any extra money for advancing to or winning in the playoffs. They receive their normal pay and if they win the Championship, they get a ring and that’s it. Is this true?

2. 3xchamps - September 27, 2008

what is the rule regarding a possible rainout during a championship series–would two 7 innings be played?

3. jidyfan - September 27, 2008

They probably would push everything back one day and not lose the gate on a doubleheader with 2, 7 inning games. They also might play a day/night doubleheader so they can get both gates. Nothing would surprise me with this league anymore. Wednesday night in Camden they announced in the 8th inning that if there was going to be a game 3 between Camden and Long Island that it would start at 1pm on Thursday vs. the normal starting time of 7:05 pm. So anyone not at the game or those who didn’t go to their website the next day would have shown up for a 7:05 game and it would have been completed already.

Camden also offered everyone at Wednesday nights game a free ticket to Thursday’s game 3 if it was going to be played. On the way out of the park, they were handing out buy one ticket get one free coupons for the finals to everyone.

4. SharkGirl - September 27, 2008

Nic Jackson was hurt in Wed. nights game. Don’t know if he’ll return, I’m waiting to hear.

5. jake - September 27, 2008

sharkgirl thank you for the info on Nic Jackson. That is bad news and even though we are rooting for the PATS I am sorry to hear that. Nic is an exciting player to watch. I hope he has an opportunity to play again before the series is over.
jidyfan I agree with your assessment of the rainout issue. It is confusing and truthfully no solution they arrive at would be a surprise. You would tend to think they would not play doubleheaders in post-season because of the strain on players or the lose of revenue. But I asked a Camden staffer yesterday and we were told that there is another factor having to do with housing. Many of the players live in housing on a monthly basis. The league and the teams want this post-season over with by the 30th so that additional rent and other costs are incurred. We were basically told that they would play through anything rather than have to push forward. Not going tonight but it really wasn’t too bad last night.
To address an earlier question regarding post-season pay, last season my brother Frank did autobody work for one of the Patriots players and we actually had he and his family over to the house for a barbeque. He told us basically what you described that they receive regular pay just as they do during the season based upon whatever monthly rate they are receiving. Those numbers by the way are just shocking. This player was one of the star regulars, has a wife and family, and was making about 2000 per month from which he was obligated for several hundred in housing plus a daily fee for laundry and a post-game meal. He did tell us that the winning team received a ring and perhaps a dinner. He also said that he was going to leave before the playoffs began to take a job overseas but that he stayed because he thought the post-season might attract scouts. We spoke to him once over the winter and I am pretty sure he hung it up.
Its a tough life.

6. Sharks52 - September 27, 2008

I was in the back but they announced Nic Jackson as the pinchhitter for David Espinosa. Tim Johnson came in to play shortstop after that. I don’t know whether the annoucement or box score is wrong. Someone might be able to check but I think Jackson can pinchhit

7. jidyfan - September 28, 2008

The paid attendance for Saturday night’s game was listed at 1802. Even with the Phillies in town, that number is terrible. Can someone who was there give us an estimate of what the actual attendance was. They didn’t list the attendance for Friday’s game in the box scores. Which night was worse, Friday or Saturday? Let’s see what kind of crowd Somerset draws.

8. jake - September 28, 2008

Very depressed this morning for having missed Saturday night’s game. Kids had school event so need I say more. Looking forward to Somerset tonight. Friday night attendance was very very low. We asked a Rivershark staffer who said it was the weather-which seems reasonable as well as the Phillies being home vying for the East crown.
Got a bunch of emails overnight from PATS fans at last night’s game who said it was a real pitching duel.

9. jake - September 28, 2008


Have an idea for a post post-season story on the Atlantic League. Obviously this is not a now story while the playoffs are on-going.
Yesterday there was some discussion here about player salaries in the playoffs. I think everyone knows that players salaries are very modest in the Atlantic League. My wife and brother and I have had relationships with a few players over the years, we have even had a couple of their families stay with us for a weekend during a particular season.

I would like to see a story that described the financial picture of this league. Clearly while this is an independent league there is a great deal of money being spent and a great deal of money being made. Outfield walls are flush with corporate signage. Programs are filled with advertisements, games are sponsored, there are concessionaires, tickets are being sold, and there is merchandise.

Obviously there are also costs involved. There are employees and overhead and such. There are new scoreboards and the like. During games we see sections of popular movies on the screen. Since all of those are trademarked there must be significant licensing fees being paid. A major business wouldn’t just use them or download them off of some internet site so that must be a major expense.

My point is I think alot of people would like to know what the owners are making in profit versus what the players are making. And are the local municipalities getting a cut. What are the tax benefits.

Obviously there is an entertainment benefit to the people who lives in these cities as well.

Not a story for this week but something I think a number of us would like to read. We know from direct knowledge that most of these ballplayers are making huge sdacrifices to try to continue to play this game. On the other side it would appear that ownership is seeing some very real profit. So tell us about it.

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