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September 26, 2008 September 26, 2008

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Patriots In Five: That’s my prediction for this series. Why? Well…

Courier News beat writer Ryan Dunleavy’s got the pitching matchups for the series, and they look like this…

Game 1: Patriots at Riversharks, 7:05 p.m. Friday
RHP Jim Magrane vs. RHP Tony Peguero

Game 2: Patriots at Riversharks, 5:05 p.m. Saturday
LHP Brian Adams vs. RHP Ryan Dittfurth

Game 3: Riversharks at Patriots, 5:05 p.m. Sunday
LHP Kevin Walker vs. LHP Joel Kirsten

Game 4: Riversharks at Patriots, 7:05 p.m. Monday (if necessary)
RHP Jake Dittler vs. RHP Kip Bouknight

Game 5 Riversharks at Patriots, 7:05 p.m. Tuesday (if necessary)

Name me one game where Somerset has a clear advantage. Magrane came up huge at the end of the first half, but has been inconsistent throughout the season. Adams is the 2007 Atlantic League Pitcher of the Year, but has pretty much been throwing for two years straight and hasn’t pitched since September 15th. Kirsten’s been aces since coming to the Patriots, but is opposed by a guy who shut down a very potent Ducks offense. Perhaps only Game 4 is where Somerset has somewhat of an advantage, as Bouknight has been surprisingly good since joining the Patriots.

Camden’s bullpen is shaky, but not terrible. Look for Felix Rodriguez to get thrown into some pretty big spots in this series.

Somerset’s going to try to piece together some innings out of their bullpen as well, but they don’t have a true, shutdown pitcher coming out of the pen. Chris Buglovsky has been good, and Brian Reith will likely see some time in the 9th, but he’s prone to the home run.

Dunleavy also has projected lineups for the series, and they are as follows…


1. Sean Smith, CF
2. Teuris Olivares, 2B
3. Josh Pressley, 1B
4. Brandon Larson, 3B
5. Jason Belcher, C
6. Matt Hagen, LF
7. Ryan Radmanovich, DH
8. Anthony Granato, SS
9. Elliott Ayala, RF


1. David Espinosa, SS
2. Shaun Boyd, 2B
3. Nic Jackson, CF
4. Ron Davenport, DH
5. L.J. Biernbaum, RF
6. Tyler Von Schell, 1B
7. Sheldon Fulse, LF
8. Mike Thompson, 3B
9. Josh Arhart, C

It’s very hard to overlook the game-changing power that Somerset has in the middle of their lineup. Most people haven’t even heard of half of the Riversharks starting nine.

But as Brandon Larson told Dunleavy, the Riversharks are a scrappy team…which is a stark contrast to how they played for a large part of the second half, where they were a scrappy team…minus the “s.” But they deserve to be here, and Nic Jackson looks to continue his heroics, as his two solo home runs in Game 2 against Long Island played a large part in giving Camden the series win. – MA

AL Awards Announced: Here’s the rundown that the Courier News’ Ryan Dunleavy had on his blog…

Player of the Year: Josh Pressley, Somerset

Pitcher of the Year: Joe Gannon, Southern Maryland

Manager of the Year: Butch Hobson, Southern Maryland

General Manager of the Year: Patrick McVerry, Somerset and Mike Pfaff, Long Island (tie)

Ballpark of the Year: Sovereign Bank Stadium, York


C: Jason Belcher, Somerset

1B: Josh Pressley, Somerset

2B: Henry Mateo, Bridgeport

3B: Patrick Osborn, Southern Maryland

SS: Ramon Castro, Newark

UTILITY: Ray Navarrete Long Island

OF: Jason Aspito, York

OF: Michael Woods, Lancaster

OF: Nic Jackson, Camden

OF: Jose Herrera, Newark and Keith Reed, Newark

DH: Carl Everett, Long Island

RHS: Joe Gannon, Southern Maryland

LHS: Randy Leek, Long Island

Closer: Alec Zumwalt, Camden


C: Sandy Aracena, York

1B: Chris Ashby, York

2B: Chris Maples, Southern Maryland

3B: Brandon Larson, Somerset

SS: Alex Prieto, Bridgeport

UTILITY: Lloyd Turner, Lancaster

OF: Kennard Jones, York

OF: Branden Florence, Bridgeport

OF: Ron Davenport, Camden

OF: L.J. Biernbaum, Camden

DH: Matt LeCroy, Lancaster

RHS: Aaron Rakers, York

LHS: Brian Adams, Somerset

Closer: Ryan Cullen, Lancaster


1. fishyfan - September 26, 2008

Mike.. thanks for this overview.. I agree that the Sharks are scrappy and hope they pull it out.. I really enjoyed watching them play when they came to Bridgeport this year.. and really like watching closer Alec Zumwalt..

by the way, my husband and I took in a Somerset/Bridgeport game last month in Somerset and had a wonderful time .. we sat near visitor dugout and met some great Somerset fans.. didn’t hear anything that I wouldn’t want a kid to hear.. it is always interesting to go to other stadiums and meet the fans

2. Jeff - September 26, 2008

Mike, you mention in your preview that Camden’s bullpen is shaky?
Rodriquez has a 1.09 ERA and 4 saves, and Zumwalt has a 2.89 ERA and 24 saves. In this league, I will take that any day.

3. jake - September 26, 2008

fishyfan I appreciate your comments regarding somerset. As a regular its good to see comments on both sides. Not in anyway downplaying the comments of anyone else since we have observed both types of behavior at Commerce Bank. See how positive an exchange of thoughts can be. Food for though Mike.

Your analysis gentleman is good and I agree the series will be decided in five. The middle of the PATS lineup is potent but can be stopped. Larson, Pressley and Radmanovich cannot hit sliders, curves or changeups. Larson looks really goofey on them, while the other two can at least fight them off. If you can get Larson or Pressley arguing calls or talking to themselves–you are ahead of the game. Any opposing pitcher that throws a fastball to these gentleman must be considered suicidel and gotten help.
Olivares is another key. Every September he seems to have some sort of Reggie Jackson fixation. From the spring through August he is good for errors, silly throws, and called 3rd strikes. But come the playoffs he is a catalyst. The Bears found a way to stop him last year and the PATS lost. If he is on–the opposition is in trouble. Keep him off base with high heat busted inside.
Good pitching has frustrated the PATS all season. This is my fear. If the Sharks continue to pitch well and play fundamentally sound–something the PATS lack–they will win. Lets play BALL!!


4. Ryan Dunleavy - September 26, 2008

Atlantic League Awards Announced


5. jake - September 27, 2008

Game One to the Patriots 11 to 9. Offensive explosion early. Some coasting in the middle, Bullpen continues to stink–and as always Sparky Lyle manages by Rumor. Timely late inning homer by Larson. Still asking myself why any pitcher in the league throws a fastball to Larson, Presley or Hagen. Not because they are that good–but because they cannot hit breaking balls, sliders or changeups. Larson looked real bad early. Starting pitcher had Hagen with breaking stuff then fed a ft mediocre fastball for 3 run blast in 1st.
Patriots were helped in part by umpires with some bad calls and one very obvious non-call for runner interference by Elliot Ayala.
Patriots earned the victory though. Camden has a great deal of pride and class. May still go five.
Small crowd because of bad weather. Shame–good ballgame. Patriots staff on hand–obnoxious and disrespectful as always.

6. jidyfan - September 27, 2008

Small crowd also because the Phillies were playing in their stadium across the Ben Franklin bridge.

7. 3xchamps - September 27, 2008

Great win last night for Somerset!!!!
It wouldn’t be a normal morning unless I did not read the usual bashing of the patriots, by the same person/people over and over!!!! pretty funny actually–it goes on and on and on……..

8. jake - September 27, 2008

Good point about the Phillies we forgot they were in town. Still think the weather may have been the key issue.

I am not sure where the previous writer sees Patriots bashing. It was a good win and I support and will continue to support the team. It was the staff that again behaved like idiots as they did around the same time last season in the same park. Last year it was an incident with a bat boy and some Rivershark fans. It was profanity and disorderly conduct.

Last night it was disrespectful conduct and some sporatic use of language. Grow up. The Patriots players are the three time champs–maybe soon to be 4 time champs. Not these boobs. The rest of it is just nonsense. It’s hilarious how everytime someone on this page expresses a comment that criticizes or offers a recommendation about the Patriots that they are either the same person, a disgruntled fan or team bashing. I for one appreciate the exchange of views–clearly those making statements like yours, do not.

9. jake - September 27, 2008

Does anyone know if Nic Jackson is still with the Riversharks. He was the centerfielder the entire season and from what I read had two homers in the deciding game against the DUCKS. No mention of him last night at all and he was not in the lineup. He had been lisdted on this page in the probable lineups. Mike/Scott any help here.

10. notagreggfan - September 27, 2008

Hey Jake, How is bill the plumber? Last yr it was the Batboy & the Camden fans that were unprofessional & rude. Please get facts straight next time….

11. jake - September 27, 2008

Well I can’t say I understand the plumber reference but I am certain of my facts as I was sitting behind the Patriots dugout with my wife, brother and nephew. It was the group of Patriots staffers and some Patriots fans that hurled curses and heated language at the batboy, a young man, and at Rivershark fans sitting in the front row of the section immediately next to the Patriot dugout. So poor was their behavior that stadium staff had to respond before the incident escalated. A number of Rivershark fans asked to be moved. In fact we moved as well. We are devout PATS fans and we were embarrassed by the conduct of those involved. Last night as I sat with my brother and his son in section 115 I recognized many of the same people in the section next to the visitors dugout and in the skyboxes above. Please don’t tell me that I don’t have the facts straight–we were there and we do in fact have the facts straight. So too does the management of the Riversharks and I feel certain the league as well. Being a Patriots fan does not mean that my family has to support bad behavior on the part of people who drink too much, use vulgar language and behave like thugs. Its not part of the game its a distraction. Show some respect for others. Like I said Grow Up!

12. Ryan Dunleavy - September 27, 2008

Jackson hurt his shoulder making a diving catch in extra innings in Game 2 vs. the Ducks. The exact injury is unclear and he is being called day-to-day but I’ve heard rumors it’s much worse than being let on.

13. notagreggfan - September 28, 2008

Well well well I was at Camden tonight and talk about rude and vulgar statements. 1st lets go back to the start of the game we (the Pats fans) and the front office personal did a "roll call" after that i didn't hear from our staff members but only when they chimed in with the fan club chants of "lets Go Patriots" mean while in section 116 115 we had Rivershark fans yelling statements and comment not allowed on TV or blogs, they also stood rows from our fans and Sean smith family tossing trash at us hitting a few fans in the 115 section. when the usher was told he was slow to respond but did move the boys throwing trash but the women went on with there filthy mouths and rude behavior.
I also want to commend out front off staff for not stooping to low level behavorLike the riversharks. To put the Pats logo on the scoreboard with a red circle/line thru it is just poor taste, Bravo Pats staff for being true, fair, sportsmen & a class act in our books
The umps were paid off IM thinking or understood that if this series only went 3 games that's when there pay ended cause there was 5, count em 5 blown calls on the field tonight all going the way of the river sharks. way to go blue you squeezed out one more pay check from the ALPB.
Now we only have 3 games left in the year no more Newark home games no more at camden so we wont be seeing bill the Plumber at the games or any of his other alto egos
Men Of Somerset we have 3 games which we have to win two we have home cooking your own beds and the greatest fan base in the ALPB LETS GO PATS!!!!

14. HowBoutThemPats95 - September 28, 2008

see i agree with notagregfan 100% the game last night should of been the pats . . . but those blind umps made the worst call i have ever seen in the history of baseball . . . go jake . . . or bill the plumer . . . or who ever u are (like any one really cares) u need 2 under stand that before you say any thing about the team you need learn whats right and whats wrong (meaning u !!)

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