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September 25, 2008 September 25, 2008

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Patriots vs. Camden, Part Deux: Back in the days when the Atlantic League didn’t have divisions inspired by Lee Greenwood’s Greatest Hits, the Camden Riversharks and Somerset Patriots faced off in the Divisional Round of the playoffs just last year.

Somerset won rather convincingly, but the series quickly turned into a beanball war towards the end, with inappropriate gestures being made and players eventually losing jobs as a result.

For the ten Patriots on the team who were on last year’s postseason roster, they seem to have all put it behind them. Well, at least Josh Pressley certainly has.

“The motivating factor is winning a championship,” he said, when asked if the events of last year added any fuel to the fire.

Perhaps that’s a result of most of the Riversharks players on that 2007 team not returning to the 2008 squad.

But this year’s team, despite pulling off a stunning upset of the Ducks in the first round, appears to be far less talented than last year’s Camden club. But Somerset isn’t taking them lightly.

“Camden’s got a good team,” Pressley said.

“If you look at the lineup they’re putting out there now, it’s not the lineup they had most of the second half. They’ve got a couple of key additions, and from what I heard, both of those games were pretty close. In a three game series, anything can happen.”

Patriots manager Sparky Lyle didn’t seem surprised that it would be the Riversharks his team will be facing.

“I’m not surprised at all, I’m really not,” he said.

“I think people stopped thinking about Camden. They lost a lot of guys, and they had guys hurt…but they started winning the last two, three weeks of the season. It doesn’t surprise me at all.” – MA



1. jake - September 25, 2008

Obviously I am going with the Patriots but Camden scares me. What have they got to lose. They just stopped the Long Island juaggernaut dead in its tracks. They got good pitching and apprently some timely hitting. They seem to have alot of the intangibles on this team that we always talk about in baseball-heart, team unity, a no quit philosophy. Scare the heck at of me. They do not seem to fear anyone.

2. KenD - September 26, 2008

Short series and high probability of a rainout tonight and maybe tomorrow that will allow both teams to reset their rotations could lead to an interesting series. As a Bears fan I’m rooting for the ‘Sharks, but have to put my money on Pats in four.

3. jake - September 26, 2008

I do think we are probably looking at at least one rainout and perhaps two and that does raise interesting scenarios. Walker would be ready to start the first game for Camden coming off what appears to have been a brilliant start in Long Island. Does the extra days give Camden an opportunity to lure back Lima for even a couple of days. On the other side it provides the PATS with the opportunity to have Kirsten ready to go in the opener, followed by Bouknight. Both teams will have the opportunity to let the wounded heal.
On paper the PATS should walk away with this. But we have seen that formula before throughout baseball and sports. The intangibles here are many. If this were the Sharks of the first half would they be favored–I think perhaps they would be. They have been counted out–reported to be swept by LI in two on these very pages–yet they swept LI. I keep saying it but Camden has a great deal of heart. As a PATS fan I have a huge sense of uneasiness in my gut about this matchup.

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