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September 17, 2008 September 17, 2008

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Ex-Patriot Puffer Arrested: Bet this one goes over well. In any event, The Dallas Morning News is reporting that current Texas Rangers minor leaguer and former Somerset Patriots P Brandon Puffer has been arrested for “Burglary of a Habitation with the intent to commit a felony (sexual assault).”

According to the report, this is a first degree felony and is punishable with up to 99 years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.

Puffer appeared in 15 games for the Patriots in 2000, and made it back to the majors in 2002 with the Houston Astros. He also won a World Series ring with the Red Sox in 2004 when he was called up for a day but did not actually play. – MA



1. Newark - September 17, 2008

Interesting that team let him pitch on Sunday and Monday in championship after this incident.
There may be more to this story…
I would hold judgement until all sides of story come out.

Shame on him if he did something bad. He should be punished.
Shame on her and police if this was a blown out of proportion
groupie type situation.

I’ll wait for ALL THE FACTS…

2. jake - September 18, 2008

Newark you have exactly the right take on this–lets get all of the information first. How many times have we seen this type of incident before only to see it take a complete turn in another direction overnight. There is a pitcher in this league right now who went through similar and was later cleared but the damage had been done.

Innocent til proven guilty.

3. jake - September 18, 2008

Spent the last three nights at Somerset and a few people were talking about this issue. Apparently there was some mention of the arrest on a national sports radio show.
Three straight nights of really small crowds at Somerset–can’t believe this with the team heading into postseason play.PLACE HAS BEEN EMPTY–though I feel certain the published reports will have them lining the parking lots three deep. Weather was fine really–maybe a bit fall like but not ridiculous. Lot of discussion recently on the blogs as to why.

Is it the economy and a fear factor–yes.
Is it gas prices-yes
Is it a diluted talent pool and the lack of the big names of the past-yes.
Is it bad food, dirty bathrooms,no vendors, or people in your seat who leave trash everywhere before you even get there-yes.
Is this just plain sad–Definitely

What is this? Last days of the greatest game and no one really is watching. Sad. Went to Trenton for playoffs twice and they needed a shoehorn to get them in.

4. blackmagic - September 18, 2008

They needed a shoehorn in Trenton? Now I wasn’t there, but the pictures I saw and the figures in their box scores would suggest otherwise. They had fewer people in the stands for Game 4 than they did for Game 3! And the Thunder had weekend games too.

Jake has some good points, but here’s another likely reason for attendance being lower: School Nights.

Affiliated teams’ seasons last up to Labor Day while independent teams sometimes finish afterwards. It is tougher to draw people on weekday nights in September, especially with school. Some families will be out but obviously you’re not going to get everyone you may have in June or July. I’ve seen other teams experience the same thing. It’s not to say that the teams don’t try — there are just plenty of other factors in play. It’s a little easier to get families out in May and June at the end of the school year as opposed to the beginning. The Patriots did have good crowds that last weekend, though.

I’m also sure the Patriots will have good crowds for the playoffs. They’ve usually done well in the past. It ought to be a really good series too.

5. Scott Stanchak - September 18, 2008

Jake, those comments about Somerset had nothing to do with Puffer so I’m kind of at a loss for the random rant.

Also, Trenton’s attendance was not super during the playoffs. With school in session, every team across the country is seeing the same issue.

6. Paul - September 18, 2008

I really don’t have any comment on Brandon Puffer’s situation. There just aren’t enough facts available.

Let’s talk about some baseball instead.

York and Long Island could clinch tonight. Camden and Somerset are trying to gear up for the playoffs.

There’s a 4-way race between Josh Pressley, Brandon Larson, Jesse Hoorelbeke and Carl Everett for the home run crown.

We’re down to the final days of the baseball season, so let’s enjoy them!

7. jake - September 19, 2008

First, I was not aware that oiur comments were limited to one subject. And I certainly do not believe my comments regarding Somerset were a rant. I am a Patriots fan but I think it is a valid concern when the stands are empty particularly when they have the Zooperstars. As for Trenton, I was there two nights and it was a near or full house both nights. So I really don’t knbow what statistics or pix are being looked at. My name is at the top of the page so I should be able to offer an opinion.

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