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September 12, 2008 September 12, 2008

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COMMENT CHANGES: For the next couple of weeks, I want to eliminate the anonymous postings. I think it’s great when people have identities and can have constructive, opinionated conversations about topics related to the Atlantic League. A lot of times negative comments are posted by anonymous users and that is unfair. If you can’t handle the backlash you might get from others and want to hide behind a “anonymous” title than you shouldn’t post at all.

Another main reason is because we can see who posts based on your IP Address, which is linked to your Internet service. Many posts recently are coming from the same people just changing their names. That’s not cool.

We recognize a lot of the people who post here and, again, want people to get to know one another better. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know. You can use either a Google or Blogger account to post. Thanks again to everyone for making this the most visited daily news source covering the Atlantic League. – SS

Ducks Sign One, Lose One: The Long Island Ducks today signed former Baltimore Orioles arm Julio Manon. The righty’s played for the St. Louis Cardinals, Orioles, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Montreal Expos, Cincinnati Reds and Oakland Athletics organizations.

The team also announced the retirement of right-hander Alay Soler. – SS

Larson Sets Somerset Longball Record: (PR) Somerset Patriots third baseman Brandon Larson has set a new team single season record by hitting his 29th home run of the 2008 season.

His home runs have surpassed the mark set in 2005 by Jeff Nettles and Ryan Radmanovich, who tied with 28 during the team’s third championship season. Patriots first baseman Josh Pressley tied the record with his 28th home run last home stand.

Larson achieved the new record by hitting three home runs in the September 10th game against the Long Island Ducks at Citibank Park. The three homers also tied a Somerset Patriots record for most home runs in a game, first reached by Greg Blosser on July 17th of the 2001 season.

The three home run game was Larson’s third multi-homer game of the 2008 season.

He reached ten home runs on June 24th and 20 home runs on July 26th. He currently leads the Atlantic League with his 29 homers.

It is the first time that a Patriots player has led the Atlantic League in home runs this late in the season and have the top two sluggers in the league, with Pressley at 28 homers.

Should Larson hit his 30th home run this season, he will be the first to reach that number in team history.

Pressley is right behind Larson, but has already put his name in the record books, tying the team’s mark for grand slams in a season with three so far this year. That number ties Blosser’s grand slams for the 2001 season.

Addressing The Comments: Recently, there has been a string of anti-Patriots comments that have appeared on this blog and others. As I — as of now, anyway — do not wish to make any changes to the comment format, those comments will stay as is for the time being.

As someone who has been around the Somerset organization for nearly six years now, it’s a little difficult to see the criticism being posted here, especially considering the subject matter.

While I do agree that perhaps there should be some changes made or policies altered regarding the Sunday autograph sessions, if that’s the biggest problem that an organization has, then they aren’t doing so bad.

Ultimately, issues regarding autograph sessions is where all this criticism has come from.

Hopefully, this is the last I have to write about this. The playoffs start in less than two weeks, and the focus here needs to be what’s happening on the field, not off of it. – MA


1. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

The negative Somerset comments are due to a few “fans”. Somerset is a first class team and its sad that a few people are acting like babies. As stated before, please stay home if you hate it so much.

2. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

Carl Everett was 1-19 in his first 5 games since returning from his quad injury on 9/03. On Monday, 9/08, the Ducks wore pink jerseys and used pink bats for their breast cancer awareness night (the jerseys and bats are being auctioned off for charity). Since Monday, Carl Everett has continued to use his pink bat and has gone 7-13 with it including 2 doubles and 2 home runs. The auction is scheduled to end this Saturday night and since most baseball players are superstitious I doubt Everett will give up his bat since he has been so hot with it.

3. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

I could not agree with you more regarding the comments about Somerset. ( Although I don NOT have an issue with the autograph sessions.. decision was made in part, due to one fan who was abusing the system for personal profit). Season ticket holder for the past six years and plan on another six at least. GO PATS!!!

4. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

dont get me wrong i love this site, but i just think it is funny that everybody on here can bash every team, player and organization…you can belittle players, gms and owners, but if anyone has anything bad to say about somerset now you want to cancel christmas and defend them

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 12, 2008

Effective now, the new comment system goes into place.

6. Roadwarriorfan - September 13, 2008

Not sure if this was mentioned but Scott Patterson was claimed on outright waivers by San Diego.

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