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September 11, 2008 September 11, 2008

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Blue Crabs Get Former Big Leaguer: The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs have acquired RHP Pat Mahomes from the Sioux City Canaries of the American Association. Mahomes, best known for his days with the Minnesota Twins, also played for the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Expos, Florida Marlins, Los Angeles Dodgers, Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays organizations.

He has a 42-39 career big-league record with a 5.47 ERA and 452 strikeouts in 709 innings pitched.

Mahomes has A.L. experience, having pitched for the Long Island Ducks in 2006.

Former A.L. Team Deals To Current A.L. Teams: The Atlantic City Surf shipped INF Joe Burke to the Somerset Patriots, while the Nashua Pride sent INF Ryan Duplissie to the Blue Crabs. Both teams gave up PTBNL.

Burke, 23, played Single-A ball with the New York Yankees organization for two seasons. Duplissie, 23, has played the last three seasons in Nashua. – Scott Stanchak



1. BaseballMom1 - September 11, 2008

The trades for the blue crabs and patriots are all well and good but in the case of the Patriots I thinks its all a little too late. What this team needed all year is pitching. They barely won the first half when they should have walked away with it, and since then they have gone steadily down hill. Seriously, we don’t expect very much from them come playoff time. There isn’t alot to be excited about with this team.

My husband and I and our three boys have attended games for years, and this year the boys do not fret to miss a game. The overall exerience at Somerset leaves a great deal to be desired.

2. BaseballMom1 - September 11, 2008

My husband and I just had an opportunity to read the commentary from yesterdays blog and noticed a number of blogs that discussed the patriots and whats going on at that ballpark.

Frankly we are not in the least surprised. Our family has held a ticket package for four years and we only recently made the decision that we would not return next year.

The overall atmosphere at Somerset has just changed so drastically even over just the last three months that it is no longer enjoyable. The baseball is fine, but as the blogger Bill notes yesterday, the noise level created by the stadium announcer and the canned music is terrible. Every other word out of the field announcer’s mouth is some self-serving praise about the organization.

The fact that the stadium food is so very bad makes it impossible to incorporate a meal into the experience which makes it more hectic. The issue of nobody controlling the kids running about is one which many of us have complained about.

But what is certain about Somerset is that complaints fall on deaf ears. And when they don’t fall on deaf ears, the response is from rude and nasty personnel who dismiss what you have to say.

In a competitive baseball market you would think that someone would have undertaken steps to improve the overall quality.

It’s why we are leaving.

3. BigTeamMom - September 11, 2008

baseball mom you took the words right out of our mouth. We have been talking about it in our house for the last two seasons. we are shocked at how bad things have gotten in somerset. the kids don’t even want to go anymore.

what a shame

4. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

well it sure seems like a few of the same group of people complaining. first you guys complain about the guys not wanting to autograph 500 of your items. Now this , about how bad the atmosphere has got.
Well maybe you can explain then about the record crowds the stadium has on a regular basis. It sure seems odd that record crowds flock to the ballpark, I gues thousands miss the negaive things you see huh?. but funny the same 2 or 3 people are upet and bash the ballpark.
Please do us all a favor. Go root for Newark or Trenton. Its a great time and please go somewhere else then.

5. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

I’m a mom of 2 darling boys and we absolutely love the Patriots. We are big fans. We took them out to Bark in the Park last week and had a great time. I hope to make it to some of the playoff games. It’s hard to keep a 4 y/o and a 2 y/o entertained for 3 hours but they always have the best time at the Patriot games. We look forward to going again real soon.

6. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

I have a 5 yr old son who loves the games and we always have a great time. Matter of fact we’re thinking about getting a season package next year. We really enjoy our time there. My neighbors are also probably going to get season tickets…..its great for the entire family ! Go Patriots!

7. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

I disagree with Baseballmom regarding the Patriot staff. The Patriot staff was very attentive to me. I complained about someone from the suite level throwing popcorn down in our section. The ticket office was very accomodating and moved my seats, and even offered me tickets to come back.

With the escalating Yankees salaries, I can’t afford to take my family to a major league game. I am so happy that the Patriots are a place I can go to be entertained inexpensively. Where else can you get free autographs, kids running bases, giveaways, fireworks….you can’t beat it.

8. Familyof4 - September 12, 2008

bigteammom we are with you and I cannot believe you let that nonsence put forth by “anonymous” go unchecked. Clearly this is a Patriots employee spinning the same trash they have been spinning for years.

First of all I didn’t see anything in bigteammom’s statements about autographs. I know from reading the Atlantic League News that there has been a problem with this but that is the least of anyone’s concern.

The problem at Somerset is exactly what comes accross in that blog–arrogance. To the blogger who said that staff were nice to them,, good for you–you hit the lottery.

Because most of them are nasty and rude. Our family has had season seats behind the dugout for years and we are discontinuing them like so many of our friends. Over the last three years the quality has gone down tremendously and all of the nonsence as put forth by anonymous can’t change that.

In each of the last three years so many of our friends have given up and left. And what record crowds. The numbers of empty seats this year and last are enormous. Who are you kidding?

You refer to the same three or four people and seem to dismiss w3hatever complaints they may have had.

My husband I complainted too many times about the horid food, about no crowd control, and unruly fans and we have joined with so many others that are feed up with the lack of response. The non-stop noise and promotions and the self promotion are ridiculous.

Anonymous demonstrates the same disrespect for ticketholders that made our decision so easy. I we can tell you from discussions with our friends and other parents that this is not just three or four people.

Go to Trenton or somewhere else we will. And clearly from the statements of just those who have written–we are not alone.

9. familyoffaith - September 12, 2008

My wife and I only became half season ticket holders for the Patriots this season. Oursix year-old loves baseball and we thought it would be an enjoyable way to spend time with him.

As we read a number of the entries on this site tonight we realized many of those offering criticism shared many of our same issues.

We did not make complaint however, we simply choose not to renew our ticket plan or to return to the Patriots next year.

We have seen firsthand many of the difficulties which have been previosuly described. But they were truthfully only contributing factors in our decision.

We are a spiritual family and we believe strongly in showing respect for others and in treating others as you yourself would be treated.

Earlier this summer my wife and son and I stood at the back of the libe of a group of about 20 or so ticket holders waiting to enter the stadium through the big green gates in the parking lot adjacent to the stadium.

We really didn’t know anyone on line though we had seen some of them from time to time waiting or at concession lines. At the front of the line someone asked a team employee, a gentleman in a Patriots polo shirt, why the gates were opening late. The man was not rude or loud and asked the question in what appeared to be a decent manner.

The employee, a large man responded to his inquiry by shouting something back at him and then with folded arms he stood in front of the gate and made statements intended to threaten or ridicule those waiting. His statements, which would eventually become laced with profanity, were unkind and disrespectful and very hurtful to anyone within earshot.

I said to my wife at that very moment that this would not be something we did again next year. I was so troubled that an employee wearing an employee shirt would be so calious and unfeeling as to behave that way to a group of people who were waiting to attend a ballgame and in doing so–support the team.

My wife and I prayed for that man during our services that week. And we hold no ill will or malice toward him.

But we will not come ack to Somerset next year. So clearly there must be a problem that is not so easily dismissed.

God Bless All of You

10. familyoffaith - September 12, 2008

A final thought–arrogance is the devil’s tool. In humility and understanding we find peace and can achieve great things. For those who appear so upset with the issues at this ballpark–the author anonymous offers the best solution. Go elsewhere.

The Lord has never compelled us to go where we are not wanted or where we are subject to ridicule or hurt.

Again, God Bless All

11. Anonymous - September 12, 2008

Wow…These Patriots comments are ridiculous. I have been a season ticket holder for the past five or six years. I have NEVER had any issues with the staff.. they have always been attentive and friendly. The music and entertainment is the same you will see at any Minor League game. So get off the announcers and music issue. As with anything, there will always be things that could be done better..the food may not be the greatest or the cheapest but I don’t go for the dining experience. The players, for the most part, are a great group of guys and are very approachable and accomodating. The quality of play is very good as well..the second half obviously has not been good!!But every year they put a very competitive team out on the field. Look at some of the players that have passed thru recently, Knight, Prinz,Hernandez,Minnix, VanHekken,DeFelice,Larson,Pressley,Rad, Michael Ryan,Jeff Nettles, etc Yes, I have been to Trenton, Lehigh Valley, Brooklyn, all the other Atlantic League stadiums… I still would take Somerset. Its a personal preference. The attendance is number two in the league behind L. Island, that is a fact..look it up. Anyone could have a bad experience anywhere,a restaurant,ballpark, movie.. and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thats fine, when its true. Where I have a problem is with certain disgruntled season ticket holders who for some reason ( I will not discuss it hear, but I know the situation and who the person is..he sits near me behind home plate) have personal issues with the Patriots and management and feel the need to use this forum as a personal bi#@$ session. Do not for one second believe that the previous comments have been made by several different people…they are all the same person. He has issues because he no longer can bring hundreds of items to be signed every day and then sell them. I will give some credit though…the religious family was a good one. I am not a member of Patriots management either. Just someone who is fed up with your complaining and whining…go somewhere else.. until you wear out your welcome there as well. To everyone else, come to a game yourself…then decide.

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