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September 10, 2008 September 10, 2008

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Fultz Flees Somerset: The Courier News’ Ryan Dunleavy is reporting that Aaron Fultz has left the Somerset Patriots to pitch in Taiwan. He has a great story in today’s paper with all the details. Read Now. – SS

Happier Patriots News: (PR) The Three-Time Atlantic League Champion Somerset Patriots have announced that former catcher Michel Hernandez has been called up to the Major League level by the Tampa Bay Rays.

Hernandez was among the Atlantic League leaders in hitting with a .342 batting average, 11 runs scored, 26 hits, six doubles, three home runs, and 16 RBI in 25 games played for Somerset during the 2007 season before signing with Tampa Bay and reporting to their Triple-A affiliate in Durham.

He had a .266 batting average with 29 runs scored, 67 hits, 14 doubles, two triples, three home runs, and 17 RBI in 76 games for Indianapolis, the Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, this season. He was acquired by the Rays on August 31st.

Hernandez has prior Major League experience with the New York Yankees during the 2003 season, where he played in five games. Hernandez also has six seasons of Triple-A experience with the Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, San Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals, Rays, and Pirates organizations.

He spent the 2006 season at Triple-A for the Cardinals and hit .274 with 24 runs, 78 hits, 10 doubles, a triple, two home runs, and 28 RBI in 90 games played.

Hernandez is the fourth former Patriots player to make the Major Leagues this season, joining pitcher Brandon Knight (New York Mets), catcher Robinson Cancel (New York Mets), and pitcher Mark DiFelice (Milwaukee Brewers). He is the 13th Patriots player to make the Majors after playing in Somerset.

More “Trades”: The GRAND PRAIRIE AIRHOGS have traded infielder David Espinosa to Sharks for that player to be named later. Somerset acquired infielder Anthony Granato from the Surf for a player to be named. Long Island acquired RHP Tony Pierce from the Surf for future considerations. Thanks to JL, as usual, for passing these along. – MA

Espinosa, a first round (23rd overall) pick in 2000, played for the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers organization, reaching Triple-A for three seasons, including last year. He was once traded for pitcher Brian Moehler. He has some speed and has finished among the league leaders for triples in three years .

Granato played single-A ball with the Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies.

Pierce played several seasons with the Atlanta Braves, reaching Double-A once. The last couple years he’s been a closer.



1. Anonymous - September 10, 2008

I agree, under the current system they don’t deserve to make the playoffs. Last night and game 1 of the CR doubleheader were just disasterous. Nothing but gas cans in the bullpen. I cringe everytime Wayne goes to the mound. It does make things interesting.

Putting the Bears aside, I just don’t think the split season system produces the best results for the fans.


2. Newark - September 10, 2008

Lest we forget 8/29 vs Long Island

It is a shame that they couldn’t find ANYONE better in relief than this bunch.

Frontier League? or maybe Kaz from York could PITCH!!!

I live close to York so it looks like I will be at least seeing Playoffs in person. NO BEARS …..
sad for Wayne and Steve.

3. Anonymous - September 10, 2008

Thankfully I was away on vacation without an internet connection on the 29th.


4. Joe Gunn - September 11, 2008

Brandon Larson having a big night for Somerset tonight against the Ducks 4 hits including 3 dingers. But,Kevin Haverbusch it a grand slam for a 6-5 Duck lead.

5. Anonymous - September 11, 2008

Navarrete hits HR for 7-5 Ducks final.

6. BillthePlumber - September 11, 2008

The Patriots are a joke. Tghe only thing worse then their play is the experience of going to their stupid ballpark in Bridgewater. Its a three-ring circus–not a baseball game. As a team they have a lot of talented guys, but they are not a true team.

It’s about time that this arrogant organization was knocked back to earth at all levels.

7. BillthePlumber - September 11, 2008

My wife and i have taken our kids to the Somerset stadium in each of the last 3 years and each time we regretted it afterwards. Food is overpriced and awful, and all they do is make noise and tell you over and over again how wonderful they are and why you are lucky to be there.

Frankly there is nothing enjoyable about it if the baseball is what you want. Our kids love baseball. Not large stuffed creatures and constant noise, It’s an obnoxious environment and we wouldn’t go back for free.

Trenton is a much better bet and the baseball is real.

8. ron swoboda - September 11, 2008

Large stuffed creatures!

You can’t talk about Sparky Lyle like that!

9. Anonymous - September 11, 2008

billtheplumber — while i personally agree that there’s a little too much going on at patriots games (couldn’t agree more about the food cost/quality!), and i also enjoy going to trenton, it is somewhat difficult to argue with their success on the field (three championships, and three other final appearances) and with attendance (don’t know the actual stats, but i’m guessing that only the ducks have done better with attendance over the years).

just trying to give some credit where it’s due…

10. Anonymous - September 11, 2008

Any word on when/if Hidalgo may return to the ducks?

11. Anonymous - September 11, 2008

Hidalgo will not be returning to the Ducks.

12. gardenstateboy - September 11, 2008

I appreciate as much as anyone that the Patriots have won three championships. This is a matter of record and fact.

What is also apparent however is that this organization has been sitiing on its laurels for far too long. And now apparently, the quality of the product on the field is in decline equal to the organizational decline off-field.

No baseball purist can possible find the somerset experience enjoyable. It’s not baseball, its carnivale or circus. It’s never ending noise and a commercial of self praise for this self-annointed “king” of the indy teams. It’s obnoxious.

And yes, the food is horrific and expensive, there is no crowd control, staff are rude and arrogant. And anyone who has attended games in this place in any of the last few years can attest to the fact that what was once a random few empty seats is now empty sections.

I agree with billtheplumber about Trenton. The price is right, the amenities are terrific and you will find the staff very helpful. And more than anything else it’s real baseball.

Former major leaguers as manager notwithstanding, the Patriots offer a sideshow. And all of the history notwithstanding, this glass house is now showing cracks. Lots of them.

Value your money and go to Trenton.

13. Anonymous - September 11, 2008

Somerset is a great place to watch a game. I dont know what these fans are talking about. There is a reason why the attendance is so high all the time. Great team, great staff and wonderful place to be !!!!!

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