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September 9, 2008 September 9, 2008

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Oh, He Has Marbles: We passed along the news about York placing OF Kaz Tanaka on the inactive list yesterday.

But I thought it was also worth passing along this blog piece by Jeff Johnson, where he talks about the Japanese outfielder’s off-field legacy. – MA



1. Anonymous - September 9, 2008

I have to confess that I don’t understand why leagues split their seasons. Below are the standings for the whole year. What we are missing is a tremendous race in the Liberty Div. Their is also a good chance that the team with the best record will not be in the playoffs and a team below .500 will. Yes, I am a Bears fan, but this current system doesn’t add any more excitement nor does it reward the best overall team. I would rather see the league scrap the split season and go with the division winners plus two wild cards. This year that would mean we would have four or five teams (CR, LI, BP, Som and possibly Yrk) fighting for two spots. That is much more exciting than what we have now with two teams (CR and Som) just playing out the string from July till September.

W L Pct GB
SoMD 64 62 0.508 0.0
CR 64 63 0.504 0.5
LI 64 63 0.504 0.5
BP 62 63 0.496 1.5


W L Pct GB
NB 69 58 0.543 0.0
Som 65 62 0.512 4.0
Yrk 60 65 0.480 8.0
Lan 57 69 0.452 11.5

Total League

W L Pct GB
NB 69 58 0.543 0.0
Som 65 62 0.512 4.0
SoMD 64 62 0.508 4.5
CR 64 63 0.504 5.0
LI 64 63 0.504 5.0
BP 62 63 0.496 6.0
Yrk 60 65 0.480 8.0
Lan 57 69 0.452 11.5

[slow day at work!]

2. Sharks52 - September 9, 2008

I was just wondering if Jose Lima is done for the season. He seemed quite confident he’d be returning to the big leagues in an August 25th interview.

By the way, the Sharks need players, good ones, if they stand any chance in the playoffs. They only have four starting pitchers and that includes Kevin Walker who’s trying to comeback from an injury and Ben Davis who’s trying to convert from catching to pitching. The field players are down to ten with Shawn Boyd out again and maybe the minimum nine if something’s wrong with Biernbaum who hasn’t played in the past 2 games.

3. Newark - September 10, 2008

Bears blow 8-2 lead in 7th to lose again. I’m getting to the point that they don’t DESERVE to make playoffs.

I know they have best overall record in league but that is not how system works.

I do think current system is flawed – not because of Bears – but history seems to show 1st half winners DO coast in 2nd half.

4. Anonymous - September 10, 2008

I agree, under the current system they don’t deserve to make the playoffs. Last night and game 1 of the CR doubleheader were just disasterous. Nothing but gas cans in the bullpen. I cringe everytime Wayne goes to the mound. It does make things interesting.

Putting the Bears aside, I just don’t think the split season system produces the best results for the fans.


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