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September 5, 2008 September 5, 2008

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Barnstormers Make Some Cuts: Jason Guarente is reporting that the Lancaster Barnstormers have released pitchers Chris Steinborn and Trevor Marcotte. Both have ERAs over 8, so… yea.

The team also announced that catcher Lance Burkhart (fractured wrist) is done for the season. – Scott Stanchak


1. Anonymous - September 5, 2008

This is part of an e-mail sent out by the Bluefish today:

Bluefish Receive Third Award in 2008
Bridgeport, CT – September 5 – Connecticut Magazine’s “Best of Connecticut” has recognized the Bridgeport Bluefish as Connecticut’s best “Night at the Ballpark” destination. In addition, Connecticut Magazine selected the Ballpark at Harbor Yard to host a “Best of Connecticut” Day. Connecticut Magazine readers selected Connecticut’s best in 42 categories including food and drink, nightlife, style and other attractions.

With Bridgeport only drawing 1146 on Labor Day and drawing 928 the next night and being last in attendance in the league, I guess there is not many people that read Connecticut Magazine.

2. Anonymous - September 6, 2008

It is a shame to see such a low turnout in Bridgeport, with the team making a late playoff push. It was Friday night at Harbor Yard, and the team even put out a Traffic Alert….an email, to warn that there was an event at the Arena next door. Traffic might be dicey. But there was no trouble getting parked and into the ballpark an hour before 1st pitch. Nice night for a game, with Hanna approaching tomorrow, and it’ll likely be a washout on Saturday. At least the Fish fans in attendance got to see the great Darryl Brinkley get another hit. He hit either .399 or .400 last year with Calgary. Stats from several sources don’t match. But to do that at his age—it’s tremendous. Now, with Southern Maryland and Long Island losing tonight, Bridgeport is close. I just hope the last four games of the regular season, AT HOME, vs the Ducks…will mean something.

–Eddie Ramos

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