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August 30, 2008 August 29, 2008

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Von Hayes Can’t Meet Von Hayes: Loved this Jeff Pearlman article on ESPN.com, which profiles the band Von Hayes.

What did I love about it so much? Well…

“With their CD on shelves and hundreds more songs in the can, the men of Von Hayes have one primary mission: To meet the man, Von Hayes.

Strangely, this is proving to be quite difficult. Now the manager of the Lancaster Barnstormers of the independent Atlantic League, Hayes — who is aware of the group’s existence — has made little effort to acknowledge his namesakes. The Barnstormers briefly talked about having Von Hayes (the band) play the national anthem, but the plan was ditched without fanfare. When ESPN.com placed a call to the team, a publicist said the Barnstormers were still “possibly” interested in bringing in the group to perform, and that Hayes would call back within a couple of days. He never did, and further phone calls to the minor league operation went unreturned.” – MA

Barnstormers Make Trade: The Lancaster Barnstormers have traded for infielder Ron Fenwick, who has experience with the Road Warriors (2007). Fenwick comes to the Barnstormers from the Shreveport Sports of the American Association. He’s a career indy-ball player and can play a variety of positions. – Scott Stanchak


1. Anonymous - August 30, 2008

Who did the Barnstormers trade to get Fenwick?

2. Scott Stanchak - August 30, 2008

Need you ask? Just kidding. Player to be named.

3. Anonymous - August 31, 2008

The Barnstormers could make a second team out of all the Players to be named later. Umm, after the 16-4 loss that might be an idea. Bring in the B squad.

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