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August 18, 2008 August 17, 2008

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Duck and Cover?: Apparently, yesterday’s Ducks game featured various disasters. Players not coming out for the Sunday autograph session. Two players on the same team needing to be separated. The team owner and manager needing to talk to the team.

There’s been some talk about this in yesterday’s comments, but if anyone has any further insight, continue posting it here.

If what I’ve heard and read here is to be believed, there’s a large group of Ducks who don’t come out for autograph sessions on a regular basis. If being a fan friendly league is as important as the league makes it out to be, then they should all be released. All of them. This isn’t the big leagues anymore.

If there are players in this league who don’t understand the responsibilities that come with playing in a setting like the Atlantic League, then they shouldn’t be allowed to play at all.

Any fan who came to that game yesterday, where there was apparently no autograph signing at all, should get their money back. None of this “tickets to a future game” crap. They should be able to decide whether they want to spend money there again…I bet if it started costing teams money because players didn’t want to sign autographs, you’d see some pretty drastic moves.

But of course, that will never happen.

Lockwood Returns To Somerset: (PR) The Three-Time Atlantic League Champion Somerset Patriots have announced the return of outfielder Mike Lockwood.

Lockwood finished the 2007 season with a .278 batting average, 90 runs scored, 129 hits, 14 doubles, and a team high 23 home runs and 92 RBI. Lockwood finished fifth in the league in home runs and runs scored in an All-Star season for the Patriots.

Lockwood played for Somerset during the first half of the 2006 season before signing a contract to play in Taiwan. He hit a .336 with 20 runs, 45 hits, seven doubles, six home runs, 15 RBI, and eight stolen bases in 36 games for the Patriots in 2006.

Lockwood spent the 2005 season at the Triple-A level for the Red Sox in Pawtucket of the International League. He had 75 hits, 13 doubles, four triples, ten home runs, and 50 RBI in 97 games played for Pawtucket.

Lockwood has four seasons of Triple-A experience in the Oakland Athletics and Boston Red Sox organizations.

He is a career .277 hitter with 950 hits, 188 doubles, 29 triples, 85 home runs, and 494 RBI in 951 minor league games.

He was playing baseball in Italy this year before joining the Patriots. To make room for Lockwood, the Patriots have placed outfielder Kevin Kotch on the inactive list.

Ashmore Note — Hard to understand why Kotch was placed on the inactive list when there may have been other players more deserving of such a move. Kotch performed well in limited duty for the Patriots, and his versatility could benefit them down the stretch in resting key players.

Seip Looks At AL Talent: York Revolution beat writer Jim Seip has been taking a look at the players signed out of the Atlantic League in 2007 and 2008 over at his blog, and also analyzes whether the league has been improving. Check it out… – MA


1. Anonymous - August 18, 2008

The actions of the Duck players before yesteday’s game was unacceptable. Which ever player, or players, who organized that strike against the fans should be thrown off of the team irregardless of their stature or current batting average. It will be interesting to see what Frank Boulton will do, now that his highly touted “fan friendly” team has turned on the fans and decided to take their frustrations out on them.

2. Anonymous - August 18, 2008

Mike, I agree with you about the Ducks players or any team’s players who don’t want to sign for the fans. If they can’t grasp the concept that this is a fan friendly league than they should not be playing in it and the owners and GM’s should not allow this to happen.

3. Anonymous - August 18, 2008

Based on what I’ve read so far, it seems as though there’s a bit of a misconception about the LI Ducks “strike”…it seems to me that this was an attempt by a group of players to force Ducks management into “making” all the players sign. Good for them for tkaing a stand…while a certain amount of respect needs to be given to any player in the AL who has MLB experience, Mike’s right that they’re all in the same place now. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, the fans are the ones who got hurt.

4. chip saunders - August 18, 2008

I may be wrong,but it seems that the Duck’s with mlb experience can’t be bothered with the autograph sessions and that pisses off the non mlb guy’s.
I personally think autographs are a waste of time,and and could give a crap who signs and doesn’t sign. But,if it’s part of the deal to sign,than they should have found another way to express their anger. Pissing off the fan’s is never a good idea,especially the kid’s who are looking forward to getting some auto’s.

5. Anonymous - August 18, 2008

I don’t agree with the line about fans getting their money back…they don’t charge any extra for Sundays just because there are autographs. It’s the same $9 ticket as it is for Mon-Sat games. Also, I was at the game ysterday, and the coaching staff was out there signing, and after the game there were players giving autographs to fans. And fans running the bases. They don;t charge extra for that either.

6. Anonymous - August 18, 2008

Do you really think the action taken by the DUCKS players was against the fans? Come on !! Any group of 25 players that stick to their guns and refuse ” as one ” to not do something has a lot more to protest than not signing pre-game autographs on a Sunday.

7. Anonymous - August 18, 2008

We’re not saying it was against the fans, what we’re saying if the fans are the ones who got screwed in this. I also doubt it was 25 players united as one since it was probably the players that had to go out every week to sign that were united vs. the ones that won’t do it and the management who allowed this to happen.

8. Anonymous - August 18, 2008

Mike, I agree with you about the Ducks players or any team’s players who don’t want to sign for the fans. I see the situation happen when Somerset comes into town. The players are AWESOME and all are willing to sign autographs, except for one coach “Sparky Lyle”. Sparky totally ignores the fans at our stadium and will not sign autographs. I guess he is toooo good to sign.

9. bobby rayburn - August 18, 2008

I think everybody would be cooler about signing if there weren’t so many degenerates stepping over kids with their dozen items in sleeves and notebooks that will end up on ebay. Maybe if the pre-game sessions had a “you must be this tall to ride this ride” kind of sign to ward off the stalkers, the kids could get something and the players would be happier to do it.

10. Anonymous - August 18, 2008

I agree with the last post. Enough with the negative Sparky comments. The guy is a great coach and was a awesome player! I think I too would get annoyed if the same people asked me over and over and over to sign the same picture of myself hundreds of times, only to end up on Ebay–oh but thats right “it’s for your kid”–right????
Maybe you should stop going to the games then, sounds like you won’t be missed, there are plenty of other teams out there!!!!!!

11. LIMatt - August 18, 2008

I got news for you even the most notable Atlantic League players are not fetching more than a few dollars per autograph if that on the open market.

I am an avid autograph collector but refuse to compete with children. There are right times and wrong times. As someone that goes to Ducks games semi-regularly I can tell you that the more notable Ducks players rarely sign inside the park pregame.

On the other hand it’s up to the player if they don’t want to sign so I really can’t make a big deal about the whole thing.

12. BoosterBabe - August 19, 2008

I’m not an autograph hound but the few I’ve requested, I’ve asked for them to be personalized. That way, the guy knows I’m not gonna sell it on ebay.
If I were these guys, that’s how I would do it. Sign it “To (whoever), Sparky Lyle”. That almost guarantees no resale value.

13. LIDucksfan - August 19, 2008

I was at the Ducks game know exactly what happened!
It started with the autograph session, no players came out in a protest for having to wait till 1am to finish the rain delay game against Maryland! Only the 4 Ducks coaches came out or the session. Frank Bolton was on the field too and was NOT happy!!!
after the autograph session Kevin Haverbusch and Ray Navarrete were the 1st ones to come out of the lockroom and Frank Bolton pulled them aside on the field and got into a yelling battle with Haverbusch as Ray just stood there with his tail between his legs. A few more players came out but stayed in the dugout away from Frank. After the arguement on the field the other players ranout to warm up and when theyid Damian Rolls sai something to Ray for I ASSUME not saying anythng to Frank while Haverbusch was getting yelled at and Ray got right into Damian's fce about it an Haverbusch broke up the pushing fight but words were stilling being said. Ray was walking back to the Dugout and I guess wasn' done with Damian and ran back on the field after him and was broken up again by Haverbusch! After the warm ups the everyone took the field except Ray. He later cameout out on the field after the national anthem and while on the field during the game Ray and Damian were yelling at each other from 2nd base to 3rd base and Randy Leek who wa pitching called time ad turned around and told both of them to shut the f@*& up and then called LaPoint out to the mound to tell him to do something about them.

idk what oter rumors are going around but that was exactly wht happend from a fans point of view!!
I'll answer any other questions about the "fight" if anyone has some!!

14. Anonymous - August 19, 2008

Mike, did you happen to call the Ducks for a comment on what happened? I would love to hear their answer.

15. Anonymous - August 19, 2008

Mike, did you go to Long Island for the Patriots/Ducks game? Did you speak to Boulton on the “strike” by his players?

16. chip saunders - August 19, 2008

Nice recap liducks fan,at the time,I couldn’t figure out what caused the problem,or who was even involved as I sit in section 201. I did notice Naverette hanging back in the dugout during the anthem But I did not notice the jawing going on during the first inning. I though Leek hurt himself when LaPointe came out to the mound.I did notive the one sided conversation in the dugout after the first inning.
Don’t you think it was a shame that this incident overshadowed a great game that Leek pitched.

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