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August 13, 2008 August 13, 2008

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Jose Lima


Lima Time!!!: Woke up really early to see him, so if he doesn’t suck today, I’d really appreciate it. But I’m covering Jose Lima’s start for Camden here in Somerset. I’ll a little write-up on it tonight or tomorrow…


Smith: BB
Olivares: H over SS
Larson: 2B to LCF — 2 RBI, Larson out at third
Pressley: BB
Chiaravalloti: 2B CF — RBI
Kotch: 3R-HR RF
Ayala: H INF
Alvarez: K
Housel: K


Smith: 2B RF
Olivares: F-9
Larson: 2B LF LINE – RBI
Pressley: IBB
Chiaravalloti: H LF -RBI

Lima Time = Over

Ashby Approaching Record (TIED?): York’s Chris Ashby is approaching Joe Jiannetti’s Atlantic League record 28-game hitting streak.

Ashby’s streak, now at 27 games, started on July 12th. He’s hitting .464 over that stretch. He’s also hit in 21 straight games at Sovereign Bank Stadium.

According to a post in the comments by…uhhh, I’m assuming someone under the employ of the Revolution, Jiannetti’s streak was at 27, not 28. So Ashby has apparently tied it.

B. Nasty In The L.A. Times: Somerset alum Brandon Knight was featured in this Los Angeles Times article.

Trujillo Update: Just to clarify what’s going on regarding why Newark’s J.J. Trujillo retired, the newly married big leaguer is hoping to become a teacher in Texas, and the school year starts in a few weeks.

I was just trying to point out what my last memory of him would be…but just to clarify what’s actually going on, there you go. – MA

Poll Results: I find this poll kind of interesting because most teams say they are all about family/fun entertainment more than the product on the field. It seems as if most fans want to watch what’s on the field though. The question was: Why do you go to Atlantic League games?

Autographs – 24 (26%)
Entertainment – 15 (16%)
Food – 5 (5%)
Watch Baseball – 59 (65%)
All Of The Above – 11 (12%)
Total Votes: 90


1. York Revs - August 13, 2008

Joe Jiannetti’s hitting streak was actually 27, so Chris Ashby has already tied the record, and can break the record tonight. Jiannetti’s was incorrectly reported as 28 last season. This was confirmed in York last night after checking with Joe Klein, and after double checking the stats database. Ashby has already tied it.

2. York Revs - August 13, 2008

Uhhhh, correct, under the employ of the Revolution. He has, not apparently, but OFFICIALLY tied it already.

3. PatsFan04 - August 13, 2008

I read in the paper this morning that Mike Lockwood is coming back to the Patriots in the next two or three days!

4. Anonymous - August 13, 2008

This is Jim Cerny, the Assistant GM in Newark. Joe Jianetti’s streak was 28 games—the final 25 games in 2006 and his first 3 games in 2007. The records put together by the league itself were incorrect at the beginning of the season, but we double-checked the information ourselves and confirmed Jianett’s streak to be 28 games. Nonetheless, best of luck to Chris tonight and going forward!

5. York Revs - August 13, 2008

If you look at Jiannetti’s day-by-day stats on Howe from 2006, it appears to be 25 games with Atlantic City. But game two of the September 3 doubleheader was counted twice, because he played two different positions (he had two hits as a second baseman, and a double as a third baseman that day). That’s where the discrepancy occurred. When guys play multiple positions in the same game, the game is displayed twice on Howe’s day-by-day log, with a line for each position played, and the stats compiled while playing that position. Given that, unless there was some other circumstance that we’re not aware of, he only hit in 24 straight to end the 2006 season. Here is the link to that page:


6. Anonymous - August 13, 2008

Jim in Newark again…great detectives work by the staff in York! That might have tripped everyone up for more than a year. The league did salute Joe’s streak at 28 games last year; but let’s just hope Chris hits in another ten straight games or so and obliterates any and all AL hitting streak records! Good luck Chris!

7. Anonymous - August 13, 2008

Heres an article that was pulled off of ballpark watch.com doesnt look like yonkers will get that ballpark. Bluefish fans you can rest easy your teams not going to move to yonkers anytime soon. Come on AL cant you find some owners who have their act together.

Viability of Yonkers baseball plan called into question NEW!
Posted Aug. 13, 2008 (feedback) (submit story) (discuss)
A proposed ballpark as part of a larger Yonkers redevelopment plan is not a financially feasible component of the $1.6 billion plan and will never generate enough revenue to pay for construction, according to a report from G. Lamont Blackstone, a financial consultant to the Yonkers City Council. It sounds like the developer, Struever Fidelco Cappelli (yes, the same Struever that shows up in many other ballpark projects), is trying to cram a whole lot of stuff into a relatively small area: for instance, the 6,500-seat ballpark, as envisioned as for an independent Atlantic League team, would be built on top of an 11-story shopping and entertainment parking complex. Some Yonkers city officials have already dismissed that economic analysis, saying a ballpark would add ambiance and flash to the project outweighing any financial shortfalls. That’s all well and good, but with the future of the entire project somewhat in doubt — the sheer scale of the redevelopment and the tightening credit market are working against it — you can expect others in city government to call for the elimination of the ballpark as a way to save money. More from the Journal News.

8. sharkbitten - August 13, 2008

Speaking of Camden, it’s sad to see them struggle with the talent they have on that team. I have to say I miss seeing McGarvey behind the plate due to a season ending injury. He is a great guy and has done a great job for the sharks. We will see what the rest of the season holds for us. Good luck to all the players.

9. Anonymous - August 13, 2008

somewhat off topic…but about the howe database, there’s an inordinate number of errors in almost every box score, that i can just point out from keeping a scorecard at the game…i guess it’s not howe’s fault but surely the atlantic league’s. this goes back to that jeff johnson article when he mentioned the AL needing an accurate record book of some sort, couldn’t agree more.

10. Adam - August 13, 2008

I’m not sure if this has been reported anywhere or not yet, but former York Rev pitcher Shane Loux is back in the majors with the Angels.

11. blackmagic - August 13, 2008

To address Anonymous, all parties are partly at fault with those inaccuracies. Usually the play-by-play and box scores are correct when typed in to the official scorer’s computer and then sent to Howe following the game, but for whatever reason, what comes up on Howe’s site the next day is inaccurate. It could be how the files are read by Howe’s computers. Anything that is wrong from being incorrectly typed into the official scorer’s computer is anyone’s guess, and, if noticed, is attempted to be fixed at some point.

Yet, the Atlantic League and its teams may or may not correct such mistakes, provided they’re even noticed in the first place. These mistakes then linger until noticed by a league or team staff member. That may not even happen immediately, if it does at all. I’m sure there are plenty of situations of players being mistakenly credited or discredited of their stats because of this.

I agree with Anonymous and Jeff Johnson’s article. The league should really have an accurate record book available to the public, if not just within the league, its teams, and media. It’s only been 11 years. Makes you wonder what goes down at the league offices.

12. barnstormer1 - August 13, 2008

As far as the poll I believe the responses come up that way because the people who do read this site are baseball fans….for the most part we are here (and at the games) because we are baseball fans and not just there purely for the entertainment value of the games. Personally I really have no interest in anything other than what goes on, on the field between the lines. Mascots, fireworks etc etc are not what bring me to the games nor to this site.

13. Anonymous - August 14, 2008

and the majority of the people that enjoy the entertainment, mascots, etc. more than the action on the field certainly do not frequent this site.

14. barnstormer1 - August 14, 2008


15. RevsFan - August 14, 2008

I have to agree you barnstomer1. I go solely for the game on the field. I don’t care who is making a special appearance that day and I certainly don’t care about fireworks. The only bonus I like is getting autographs, you can keep the rest.
My only problem is my work schedule makes it impossible to attend during the week so I’m stuck strictly to weekend games. I think I need to find a new job. haha

16. RiverShark Fan - August 14, 2008

I did not know that Randy McGarvey had surgery until now. I& many other Shark Fans wish him a very quick recovery & hope to see him play Baseball again! Losing quality players like Randy & others during the season shows now how much it has hurt this organization!! IT JUST NOT THE SAME!!

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