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August 7, 2008 August 7, 2008

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Pressley Situation Getting Ridiculous: So this whole Josh Pressley accidentally hitting a kid with a bat story is apparently getting some legs, which is absolutely ludicrous. Pressley apparently got yelled at by some fans because they appear to think he meant to do it.

To be real clear about what happened, he was at the plate, was swinging at a pitch, and the bat flew out of his hands, deflected off of an adult and hit a kid in the face.

Anyone thinking that happened on purpose needs to have their head checked.

The Actual York Write-Up: Was going to save this until tomorrow, but I have some time to do it today.

Really enjoyed my trip to York. It’s pretty close to Lancaster, so I’d imagine there would be some fans who go to both stadiums pretty frequently. Seems like there would be a pretty perfect scenario for a day-night doubleheader at both stadiums. Would be a good PR move by the league, no question.

The ballpark is pretty similar to Lancaster, really. I mean, I guess I don’t have a problem with them sticking with what they think works, but I would have liked to seen some variation between the two ballparks. The only reason I’m kind of “against” the big wall in left is because of how gimmicky it is. And what makes it worse now is the raised lettering on it…apparently, there’s never been a ball hit off of those letters, but who knows where it will carom when it does eventually happen.

Was good to finally meet Jim Seip, and both Paul Braverman and especially John Gibson were incredibly helpful in setting this all up. The press box atmosphere was particularly impressive… a lot more low-key and quiet than other places I’ve been in. I think people might be amazed at how any work gets done in some locales considering the environments the writers are in.

Like here, for example. Before the game. Bit loud in here. Makes work fun. Fun.

Always interesting to have a cannon going off at a ballpark as well. Wasn’t entirely expecting that. Freaked me out a bit.

But all in all, it was a good trip. I was just a little disappointed I didn’t get to see a no-hitter, the stars seemed to align to allow it to happen. After all, the last time I went to a ballpark for the first time and the home team was wearing special jerseys, I got one…right here in Lancaster in 2006, thrown by Lincoln Mikkelsen.

Bizarro Lancaster: Made the short trip down to York yesterday. It would appear to be a reverse version of Lancaster with a bigger, more ridiculous wall.

A view of York’s completed stadium…

Wall of great ridiculousness…

A view from the picnic area…

The view from the manual scoreboard operator’s window

The problem with said ridiculous wall is that the Turkey Hill letters are raised and in play. If a ball hits those letters and goes who knows where, tough luck.

Game Photos From Last Night:

Chris Ashby

Ramon Castro

Shea Hillenbrand. Doubting he was playing in front of carosels in the show…

Jason Olson

Aaron Rakers

Keith Reed

I’ll throw more of a serious write-up about this trip up tomorrow. I actually — despite my unquenchable thirst for sarcasm — had a really great time in York. Just don’t have time to do it right now. I’m sure a lot of people reading this have seen a game or two (or more) in York…what do you guys think of the experience there?

Nothing Could Be Feiner: The Camden Riversharks have signed C Korey Feiner. Like most catchers signed in this league, his career numbers are not all that good. He came into this season with a .201 career average, 3 home runs and 61 RBI after four seasons in the Twins system.

Polanco To Southern Maryland: The Blue Crabs have agreed to terms with INF Enohel Polanco. Polanco has previously played in the Atlantic League with Nashua and Atlantic City.

$1,000: Jim Seip writes that during last night’s jersey auction in York, a fan paid $1,000 for Matt Dryer’s game-worn jersey…despite the fact that he didn’t play in the game. It all goes to a good cause, so that’s great…but that’s a healthy chunk of change. – MA



1. RevsFan - August 7, 2008

The Revolution is my hometown team so obviously I have been to Sovereign Bank Stadium many times. I always enjoy it there and I think it's a top notch ballpark. I know I may be biased in saying it's my favorite but I have been to Southern Maryland and Lancaster's ballparks too so I do have something to compare it too. Out of those 3 I would rank the stadiums #1 York, #2 Lancaster & #3 So. Maryland. As for hospitality at an away game the Blue Crabs fans can't be beat.

2. Corey - August 7, 2008

I live in York 19 years old and I have found the stadium to be amazing. It is wierd, everytime I go to a game and only have to travel 10 15 minutes.

The players are great and there are plenty of dedicated loyal fans that show up and get everyone into the game when a typical atlantic league game drags

Downtown is the best mascot I will leave it at that haha just kidding

Great food and I am glad to have a team in my home town finally

3. Newark - August 7, 2008

Everything is great at York except
for one VERY dangerous thing.
Outfield CONCRETE walls are not padded! I thought this was part of rushing the stadium done last year.
However, nothing has been done even this second season. I am shocked this is allowed as area behind home is padded etc..
Many players have had minor scrapes but a bad event is sure to happen. I know players are warned but in heat of action….. OUCH.
Padding the concrete outfield walls is not overly costly…. do the right thing Revs management!!!

4. Greazy Tony - August 7, 2008

I really enjoy York’s ballpark, except of course for the sections that face in toward the plate just beyond first and third. I don’t know who designs minor league parks these days, but they should learn that seeing the corner outfielders is just as important as seeing the batter.

Other than that, it is an amazing park to see a game in. I am always waiting for a play off the left field wall, or even better, a homer over it. Having a wall that tall and that close to the plate makes for a different viewing experience then you get at most minor league parks, and anything unique in such a cookie cutter industry is good.

As for the padding on the outfield wall, people need to stop and think about it before they complain. It seems to me that there is a park on the North Side of Chicago that has non padded walls, and that it has worked out pretty well for the MAJOR LEAGUE players there for nearly a century.

5. Anonymous - August 7, 2008

I’ve made my first trip to “The Vault” this week… very impressed. It’s a top-three stadium in the Atlantic League, easily.

That “ridiculous” wall had to be built out of necessity though. Rather than raze the houses across Arch Street, they needed to build a fence to make up for the short 300 foot distance down the left field line. The “E” in the Turkey Hill sign also lights up if there is an error.

6. barnstormer1 - August 7, 2008

there’s nothing wrong with the game experience at York….and this is coming from a Barnstormer fan! In fact I go there alot when the Barnstormers are out of town. Personally I enjoy the seats down the lines. I more so love looking right at home plate and turning my head to see the corners than i do at other places such as Harrisburg where the seats are not facing properly. The “Arch Nemisis” at York is incredible .

7. Anonymous - August 7, 2008

I like the York ballpark. It’s a tad smaller than Lancaster’s but otherwise is pretty much the same. The only real critique I have of York is that you have to pay to park and then walk a couple blocks and across the thin walkway of a bridge. Otherwise, it’s a top shelf stadium for this league.

8. Anonymous - August 7, 2008

So the AL allows tobacco?

9. barnstormerfan4life - August 7, 2008

The day night doubleheader thing would be great for York and Lancaster. Similar to the Mets – Yankees, it could be a huge media event…special commemorative tickets, jersey auction, etc.

10. Newark - August 7, 2008

Comparision to Wrigley Field noted.
MOST ballparks – I’m sure there are some exceptions- pad the in play concrete portions of the stadium.
This is done out of COMMON SENSE and SAFETY! York properly pads the area behind home plate. It would be prudent to do the same for the outfield.

This is NOT a complaint. However, as a regular customer/fan, I do not enjoy seeing PREVENTABLE injuries. Mike can attest to a Rev being shaken up again last night.
This happens all too often. A serious injury is just waiting to happen.

I love the Atlantic League and York is a great Ballpark. Note- no other complaints from me. I even like the “ridiculous WOOD wall”!
Modern stadium design does include padding concrete portions of the Stadium.

11. Anonymous - August 8, 2008

maybe the story has legs because it was written about. a fan getting hit with something propelled from the field isn’t all that newsworthy. It happens every night in many, many stadiums.

12. Mike - August 8, 2008

Yeah, but the kid’s been on TV on the news, and people are calling the team hotel, etc. Summary: ridiculous.

13. Anonymous - August 8, 2008

Hate to say it, but smells like some someone trying to light a fire for purposes of extracting money from the team and ballpark by filing a lawsuit. Hope not. We’ll see.

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