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July 30, 2008 July 30, 2008

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Atlantic League Going South?: Check out this article about the league possibly expanding to Richmond, Virginia — maybe as early as next season. What do you think? – SS



1. Dave - July 30, 2008

They know not what they say, but I doubt if the AL would want to put a club in a second class park.

2. Anonymous - July 30, 2008

Nope…The southern expansion should stop…

3. Anonymous - July 30, 2008

i agree. SOMD should be the border.

4. Adam - July 30, 2008

I’m for just about anything that puts new teams in the league. We see the same teams so often that I can probably fill out lineup cards for most…

5. Bob Caudil - July 30, 2008

Then it can be called the Mid Atlantic League.

6. Anonymous - July 31, 2008

I think Southern Maryland is far enough south for the Atlantic League. Does anyone know what the status of an AL team going to Yonkers is?

7. Anonymous - July 31, 2008

they should continue going north and south as possible the more teams the better.

8. RevsFan - July 31, 2008

I think a team in Virginia would be nice. I’d be willing to travel there to see some games.

9. Kevin Walsh - July 31, 2008

Richmond is a perfect location, big city, big stadium, and alot of DEVOTED baseball fans. They want a new stadium, and ultimately the city will get a new AAA team but its definitely a launch point. It’s only 90 mins from Waldorf, and 3 Hours from the PA teams.

10. Anonymous - July 31, 2008

theres no way its 3 hours to PA teams. 4 hours without DC traffic is more like it. i’d rather keep the roots of the league in place with bridgeport and the 7 other teams we have now. plus york lancaster somerset and long island all have higher attendance marks this year than richmond and their slowly decreasing fan base.

11. Anonymous - July 31, 2008

Would it be a new team or would Bridgeport or Newark relocate?

12. Scott Stanchak - July 31, 2008

Newark isn’t going anywhere. As for Bridgeport, you never know.

13. Anonymous - July 31, 2008

I agree with you on Newark, although their attendance levels worry me. I’m not sure who thought 5:05 Wednesday start times was a good idea.

KenD (should have ID’ed myself before)

14. Anonymous - July 31, 2008

Damian Jackson goes from Ducks to Camden Riversharks.

15. Anonymous - July 31, 2008

Re: Newark

The 5:05PM start perplexes me too.
If you work 9-5pm (does anybody anymore?) & commute from other parts of NJ, it doesn't make sense timewise to go to the game. This week is a good example. The series against York had 7:05pm, 5:05pm & 11:05AM start times. I only was able to make Tuesdays game due to work (which I did attend & had a good time as I always do in the Den).

Also, I agree the Bears aren't going anywhere. Losing the Bears would be a big blow to Newark & their revitalization projects.

I am confident their attendence will increase (not necessarily to Somerset & LI levels)because the people that do attend these games enjoy themselves and the word is spreading.


16. Kevin Walsh - July 31, 2008

No creating an argument but it’s taken me 2 hours 50 minutes to get to York (my roommate is from there). On Average 3 hours 30 minutes. Eitherway, its a market that should be explored.

17. Everett W. - August 1, 2008

Followup to an earlier item…

Opening Day Partners has now expressed public interest in bringing Atlantic League (or affiliated) baseball to Richmond in a potential new ballpark.
Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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