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July 14, 2008 July 14, 2008

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Best. Piece. Ever.: No offense to anyone else who’s covering this league, but I’m pretty sure that Jeff Johnson wrote the best thing I’ve read all season when it comes to the Atlantic League.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Despite its billing as the premier pro independent baseball league in the nation, the Atlantic League has its fair share of problems.

For instance, the league has no official record book. Want to know who has the longest on-base streak in league history? Or who is the all-time leader in ejections? Good luck. Because no one can offer a reliable answer.

The league’s transaction page on its Web site also looks like a display of liquored-up old-timers throwing darts at a board filled with the 26 letters in the alphabet. When Lancaster signed Shane Youman in June, the transaction page declared the Barnstormers’ addition of Sean Yeomen. Not exactly your innocent, run-of-the-mill typo.”

And wait until you see his thoughts on the schedule…

The reason I enjoyed it so much? I agreed with absolutely every word of it.

Getting a copy of certain historical statistics from this league is absolutely impossible and makes my job infinitely more difficult than it needs to be.

When the league transactions page is updated with people who don’t actually exist, or has players going to teams they didn’t actually go to, it makes things difficult.

When half the teams in the league can’t be bothered to put out a press release to announce that they’ve actually signed a player, it’s not easy.

When the Newark Bears have a stretch of 16 games on the road, that’s an absolute joke. A joke. No other way to put it. Joke.

I absolutely, positively recommend you check out Jeff’s piece, and would certainly be interested to see what you have to say about it…

Bluefish Release Darula, Pickering: The Bridgeport Bluefish have released OF Bobby Darula and DH Calvin Pickering.

Pickering, who may have been the most out of shape player in the history of the Atlantic League, was actually putting up some pretty solid numbers for the club.

He was hitting .265 with eight home runs and 41 RBI. His bat could still help a team in this league, but he pretty much can’t do anything other than play DH.

As for Darula, he was hitting .227 with a home run and nine RBI in 36 games.

Ehrnsberger Dealt: The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs have dealt INF Chad Ehrnsberger to the Winnipeg Goldeyes. Hopefully I can find out a little more about this…

Torres At Futures Game: Imagine my surprise and excitement in seeing former long-time Atlantic League coach Victor Torres on the field at yesterday’s MLB Futures Game at Yankee Stadium.

Inbetween interviewing ESPN’s Erin Andrews, Yankees GM Brian Cashman, and countless top prospects from around the country, I was able to chat with Torres for a minute as well.

Victor was extremely excited to be there, and he was actually originally scheduled to be a coach for one of the teams. But everything came together too late, and he ended up just coming to watch.

He was telling me about how he got to go to the All-Star Game last year in San Francisco and actually got to throw BP, so he still has that going for him.

I’ve always said that the Atlantic League follows me wherever I go, and even an event at Major League Baseball’s All-Star Weekend was no exception. – MA



1. Anonymous - July 14, 2008

Pick may have been out of shape but he was starting to swing the bat really well. I hope that another team gives him a chance. He’s not through yet, I am sure he is going home to work on getting back in shape. He still has a lot left in him to prove. I wish him all the best.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 14, 2008

I always thought he was a good guy — he was pretty nice to me when I spoke with him — but realistically, he needs to lose 50 pounds, maybe more.

I don’t see that happening in a short amount of time…

3. Anonymous - July 14, 2008

Great piece by Jeff Johnson..Some things in the AL make no sense….My pet peeve is the division setup…It should still be a North-Soouth division setup with Newark, Bridgeport, Long Island and Somerset in the North….There are good rivalries there and they would have rivalries in the South too if they used a strictly geographic setup….I think it’s common sense…now I wait to get flamed by everyone..

4. Anonymous - July 14, 2008

I know it doesnt seem realistic. However this was a big wake up call to him. He knows what he has to do to continue to play and trust me he will take every step necessary to get back on that field. Just thought I would share that one last thought. By the way this is a great website. Very informative. Thank you for putting it together. I am new to the whole of independent baseball and I find the site very helpgful.

5. Anonymous - July 14, 2008

Big Cal, we hardly knew ye.

6. Anonymous - July 14, 2008

I surely hope the Fish have some hot prospects to sign.. Darula was playing well when he got a chance.. Calvin a nice guy whose hitting was getting better, but I can see where the team might want a DH who could possibly play a position if needed..

maybe someone who can play SS without as many errors as Prieto?

here’s hoping..

7. BoosterBabe - July 14, 2008

I think Jeff Johnson didn’t get the memo–
The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball has absolutely nothing to do with baseball. It’s all about Family Entertainment.
So scheduling that Sunday game at night so they get in an extra fireworks night makes all the sense in the world.
The scheduling is a bit ridiculous….this business of ending the first half a week prior to the all star break is stupid. As are the new division names. Liberty….Freedom…who plays in which? Does it matter? Both words me the exact same thing, who can possibly tell them them apart?
If they wanted a 140 game season, and they wanted the AL all star break to align with the MLB all star break, why not just…oooohhh, here’s a novel idea…..START THE SEASON EARLIER! OH WAIT, THE FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE DON’T COME OUT Earlier in teh spring. Ok, screw with the baseball then. It really doesn’t matter.
As far as the stats go: Remember, having historical stats makes it legitimate baseball. And it’s not about the Baseball. It never was.
Remember when Jose Offerman went crazy and tried to kill Matt Beech and nearly killed John Nathans? The official scorer screwed up and entered D. Cesar as the batter who was HBP in the 2nd inning. What the???????????
The biggest pitch of the season and it wasn’t even recorded correctly for the history books.

8. Anonymous - July 14, 2008

The official scorers are pathetic. I wonder if they have ever even seen a baseball game before. It’s not hard to tell the difference between a hit and an error for someone who has been around the game.

9. Kevin Walsh - July 14, 2008

Anyone else notice Gary Carter in the dugout during the Futures game wearing a Fullerton Flyers Hat (he is the manager for them but I thought it was good exposure)…Was Torres wearing a AtL hat?

10. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 14, 2008

I think he was in Giants garb, but I honestly don’t remember. I just remember he was wearing I think navy blue…I was just really happy to see him there.

Always nice to be standing on the field on Yankee Stadium and be recognized…definitely for me with him, and perhaps for him with me as well.

11. Anonymous - July 15, 2008

Would love to read the whole article. That basicly rounds out the atlantic league. The owners dont care and there goal is just to put fans in the seat and bring in the money. I have been says that for years about a record book. Another thing is the HR derby tomorrow what is it the Patriots vs the rest of the league. I notice that things are done that benefit the owners and not the fans and thats why I went back to organized baseball. The Indy leagues are just to rob the fans of there money and just throw anything at them when organized baseball gives you future players that have a chance to reach the majors. Its hard to root for anything about this league when each year they do something stupid like change the north and south to the freedom and liberty division.

12. Anonymous - July 15, 2008

As a former AL player I agree 100% with those saying the league is all about money…for the owners. I wont mention how it took a certain team over 3 weeks to get their hot water heaters for the showers fixed. At least the fans had a good time.

13. Anonymous - July 15, 2008

It’s all true. And I’m a Lancaster fan. The end result is that it’s starting to get pretty tough to give a damn about the AL. All of the above aside, ever since Lancaster made the apparent mistake of winning a championship they’ve been allowed to rot. Von Hayes comes along, brings some real talent with him, they’re all snatched up by affiliated ball, replaced with second rate talent even by AL standards and the season, for all intents and purposes, ends in Lancaster. After the total disaster that was last year, I said several times that they couldn’t possibly let that happen again here or anywhere else. But they have. At the moment, I will gladly tell the AL to kiss my ass if they expect me to pony up for season tickets again. Enough is enough. Sure affiliated baseball costs considerably more but at least it’s BASEBALL.

14. Anonymous - July 15, 2008


When you spoke to Victor Torres did you get a chance to ask him what his son, Jason, is doing this season?


15. Anonymous - July 15, 2008

I might also add that after the past 18 months, I’m pretty convinced that the whole thing is a sham and the “championship”, if not outright fixed, is at least steered in a direction that most benefits the AL. It certainly cheapens 2006.

16. Anonymous - July 15, 2008

I disagree with some of the comments posted above. In regards to the first half not ending at the All Star break, if you want to align it with MLB then they should have started the season a week later (not earlier) and that would have properly split the season. Also, why do they have to align it with MLB? Their All Star game is not at the midpoint of their season (teams have played 94-97 games so far out of 162) so why do they have to match it up with MLB?

In regards to the record keeping, there has to be some place (or some web site) where the records are kept that we, the general public, are not privy to. If you listen to Chris King when he does the Duck games he always has the current ATL records at his fingertips so either he does this on his own or he has access to somewhere that tracks this. However, there is no excuse to incorrectly record a players name.

I agree that the official scoring is sometimes incorrect. However, this is the Atlantic League not MLB. These stats count towards getting players back to the big league and not to their lifetime stats so do a lot of players get credit for a hit when they actually got on base on an error, yes they do. In instances like that the common phrase is “that’s Atlantic League scoring”. It helps the batter with his average and it helps the fielder by not giving him an error. Granted it is unfair to the pitcher but when they are scouted by MLB scouts they know the deal and they are more concerned with velocity, location and control.

As for the owners and their concern to just get people into the stadium so they can make money and that they don’t care about the fans think about this. Do you really think that the Dolans give a crap about you? When was the last time you said that Cablevision was a good company and that they cared for you and that they did not over charge you for the services they provide? When was the last time that the oil companies (who have biggger and bigger profits every quarter) have said “hey we’re making a lot of money, let’s lower our prices on gas”. It doesn’t happen. The owners are here to make money, just like any other business. Should they break down and pay the players more money so that they don’t go to other leagues, yes. Should they take better care of the players that they have in regards to the clubhouse and travel conditions, yes. Should they (and their front office) be more sympathetic to the fans needs, yes. As for the owners fixing the outcome of the playoffs I find that hard to believe. If that was the case why have the Ducks only gotten to the finals once? That in itself deflates that theory since you all believe that Frank Boulton controls the league. Should they have re-aligned and changed the names of the divisions to Liberty and Freedom, no. Do they (most teams) provide an affordable, fun and family atmosphere for the fans, yes. There is always room for improvement but I still think it’s the best place for some affordable family fun.


17. Anonymous - July 15, 2008

Red Foley, who worked as an official scorer for the Yankees and Mets (and for the Ducks after he retired) died yesterday at the age of 79. He was a colorful guy that would show up at Citibank Park with a cigar in his mouth and his plaid pants and white belt and would have some great stories.

18. Nicole - July 23, 2008

Just a little update for those who may be interested. Calvin Pickering signed with Schaumburg Flyers of the Northern League.
In his first game he went 2-5 with a 2run hr.

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