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July 10, 2008 July 9, 2008

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Brownlie = Lincecum?: Former Newark Bears and current Eastern League All-Star P Bobby Brownlie earned a somewhat dubious mention in a recent Sports Illustrated article by Tom Verducci.

Here’s part of it what was said…

The previous winter (pitching coach Rick) Peterson had met Brownlie at a banquet and told him, “Hey, I hear you’re great. Congratulations, I hear you’re going to be a [first round] pick.” But when he watched Brownlie on the tape (A’s GM Billy) Beane had given him, Peterson says, “I’m literally sick to my stomach. I’m going, ‘This is so sad.’ “

To find out more about how Brownlie’s delivery may have led to his arm problems, check the link out. And thanks to the person who sent that link along…

Cabrera Canned: (PR) The Lancaster Barnstormers have released pitcher Jose Cabrera, club vice president of Baseball Operations Keith Lupton announced today.

The move follows an altercation during the Barnstormers July 1 game against the Somerset Patriots. The Atlantic League fined Cabrera and suspended him indefinitely following the game.

“We won’t tolerate those kinds of actions from one of our players,” Lupton said. “Jose’s actions were not representative of the Barnstormers organization.”

Alfonzo’s Back: (PR) Long Island Ducks team officials today announced the signing of former Major League All-Star Edgardo Alfonzo. The longtime New York Mets fan favorite returns after spending the first months of the 2008 season with Quintana Roo (AAA) of the Mexican League, where he hit .280 with 12 doubles and 17 RBI in 55 games. In 2007 with the Ducks, Alfonzo hit .266 with five home runs and 56 RBI in 105 games.

“We’re glad to have Fonzie back for the second half of the season,” says Ducks general manager Michael Pfaff. “His leadership and talent will be a welcome addition to our ballclub.”

The 34-year-old Alfonzo spent 12 seasons in the big leagues, playing eight of those years with the Mets. Known for his stellar defense and timely hitting, Fonzie became a favorite of the Shea Stadium faithful. His grand slam in the ninth inning of Game One of the 1999 National League Division Series, his second homer of the game, helped propel the Mets to victory, and eventually to their first postseason series win since 1986. In 2000, an All-Star campaign highlighted by a .324 batting average, 24 homers, 40 doubles and 95 RBI, helped lead the Mets to their fourth National League pennant.

In 1,506 Major League contests, Alfonzo hit .284 with 282 doubles, 146 home runs and 744 RBI. He collected 1,532 hits, and struck out only 617 times in nearly 5,400 at-bats. He is a career .295 minor league hitter, with more than 300 RBI in 551 games.

– Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

who did the Ducks cut to put Alfonzo on the roster

2. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

Would you say Long Island is pulling out all the stops trying to win this thing. Holy All-Star team? But pitching is the premium in this league this year. How much is someone going to pay for Mikkelsen’s services this time around when he comes back from Italy. I would say a lot! And I would say it will be Long Island.

3. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

“names” don’t always mean wins. Haven’t the ducks showed that already?

4. Robert - July 10, 2008

Speaking of pitching… SOMD seems to have some pretty decent pitching.

5. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

Southern Maryland does look like the team to beat in the Liberty second half. They have done a number on the Patriots and look to be at a good point right now.

6. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

Patriots and Riversharks have the we won the first half let down going on right now. Call it the hangover. SOMD does look good but I will take all that talent in LI to win this half. Again it doesn’t mean they are definitely going to win but that line-up looks very tough in the no-pitching league this year.

7. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

The Ducks MLB line up last night consisted of Gibbons, Logan, Hidalgo, Everett, Alfonzo and Rolls. Even with those big names and the hot hitting Ray Navarrete (who should be in the majors), their starting pitching still gave up their customary 4 runs in the first 3 innings to put them in a hole. Hopefully they will be able to get some quality starters when the Mexican and Italian leagues complete their seasons at the end of July.

8. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

another embarrassement for the Bridgeport Bluefish. The Water Bottle Nazi should have thought about the negativity this would bring maybe they might have relaxed the policy just this once.
Mothers outraged, campers restricted from food and drink on field trip By News Channel 8’s Crystal Haynes Posted July 09, 2008
11:05 PM

Bridgeport (WTNH) _ For a group of East Haven campers, a trip to Harbor Yard didn’t turn out so well. They had packed their lunches, as campers do, but they couldn’t bring it into the park to eat. It came as quite a surprise for campers and organizers alike.

News Channel 8 talked to two mothers hot under the collar because they say their children spent a hot day at the ballpark with nothing to drink.

It’s Summertime. And, the decision to bring 250 East Haven Park and Recreation campers to a Bluefish ball game was easy. But getting through the game was not, especially when, “I packed my 3 kids their lunches,” Barbara Anderson, of East Haven, said. “And, when they got to the game, the weren’t allowd to bring them in or their water. So, they had to sit in the hot sun for two hours with nothing to drink.”

When Anderson and Holly Lubenau’s bouncing brood brought their lunches with drinks into today’s game against the Lancasters, they were told by Bluefish staff company policy prohibits it. “I was disgusted. I was appalled. One of my sons has asthma,” Anderson said. “He had to sit in the hot sun for two hours with nothing to drink.”

“Most of the kids didn’t bring money with them because parents like myself assumed that we gave them their water, their drinks, their lunch, they were all set for the day,” Lubenau, of East Haven, said.

In a statement to News Channel 8, the Bluefish organization says, “It is the policy of the Bridgeport Bluefish to not allow outside food or beverage in the Ballpark at Harbor Yard…In the particular instance of East Haven Parks and Rec Department, we allowed them the opportunity to exit the ballpark and eat lunch in a shaded area, which is typically not allowed.”

Plus, East Haven’s Park and Rec program coordinator says a communication breakdown between the Bluefish and camp organizers did contribute to the problem.

Whoever’s to blame, moms say the policy could be more flexible. “I think in the future, definitely if camps go there — make an exception,” Lubenau said. “They’re children. It’s 90 degrees. It’s miserable out. I mean why can’t they have water?”

The Bluefish do have a policy that allows outside water if the temperature reaches 90 degrees or higher. But they say the high temperature at the ballpark was 84 degrees this afternoon.

Bluefish also says the policy is standard throughout the industry and it’s stated on ticketbacks and reiterated by sales reps. They say they’ll do whatever they can to improve communication in the future.

9. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

Bluefish shouldn;t take a big hit for this. the camp counselors organizaing the trip should know the rules of the building they enter. many baseball teams have the same rule about outside food and drink.

10. Sharks52 - July 10, 2008

Sharks have signed SS Tim Johnson who played three years for Houston in the Rookie Leagues before being released last December. Not very impressive statistics but he is only 21 years old, really young for the Atlantic League.

11. Kevin Walsh - July 10, 2008

This was on ESPN today…

Around the horn
• Radar gun stunner of the week: Thirteen months ago, Phillies left-hander R.J. Swindle was pitching in the Atlantic League. Monday, he made his big league debut and might have set some kind of record — for slowest radar gun reading by a non-knuckleballer. He threw five pitches clocked slower than 60 miles per hour, topping (or is that bottoming?) out at 54 on a strikeout of Carlos Delgado. Asked if he’d ever seen a non-knuckleball register below the speed limit before, one scout replied: “Not until now. My kid threw 39 the other day, so at least he’s 15 miles an hour faster than him.”

12. paulsrandomstuff - July 10, 2008

I think the Bluefish could have relaxed the rule on outside water, but I don’t understand why the parents and camp counselors thought it would be ok for the kids to bring bag lunches to the game. I can’t think of any ballparks that allow outside food.

13. BoosterBabe - July 11, 2008

The adults who organized the trip should have known better. I’m willing to bet they were told about no outside food and drink. I have a friend from the group sales office (last year) who I was discussing this with: she told me they mentioned several times when booking groups, particularly camps.

HOWEVER, someone at the Bluefish should have used some common sense. How much money will they lose in ticket sales over this? And we all know, if they are not there, they are not buying concessions. At a time when they are already struggling to bring MORE people into the park. How much money would they have lost by letting these few kids in with their stupid lunches? The kids didn’t bring any money to buy food and drinks anyway, so frankly, they wouldn’t have lost a dime. But what they WILL lose as a result of this major PR faux pas is immeasurable.

The camp people didn’t use their brains, true. But neither did the ‘Fish.

14. Sharks52 - July 11, 2008

I know the Sharks let people bring in bottled water. This is a common sense rule as children and older people can be seriously affected health-wise if they’re not properly hydrated during the day. Nobody is going to get sick if they don’t eat for 2-3 hours and if they have that type of physical problem the Sharks make special considerations for them. For the camp to think everybody could bring in bag lunches is ridiculous. As Booster Babe pointed out, both sides could have used better judgement.

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