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July 8, 2008 July 8, 2008

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Castillo Gets The Call: P Alberto Castillo, formerly a pitcher in the Atlantic League with the Bears, Riversharks and Road Warriors, has been called up to the Major Leagues by the Baltimore Orioles.

He had not pitched in affiliated ball since 1998, and spent four full seasons in the AL.

Gracesqui Released: You could make a case that it was Franklin Gracesqui’s poor performance in the second game of Saturday’s doubleheader that truly cost the Bears the first half.

Consider the fact that he had three poor starts before that, and it’s pretty obvious what happened next.

The former Major Leaguer was released yesterday after posting an 0-4 record and 14.09 ERA. – Mike Ashmore

Hidalgo Signs: I know this has been talked about on here, but I figured it was just worth mentioning that the Long Island Ducks officially signed Richard Hidalgo today. – SS

Poll Results: What team do you think will win the first half in the Freedom Division?

Lancaster – 3 (3%)
Newark – 40 (44%)
Somerset – 43 (47%)
York – 4 (4%)
Total Votes: 90


1. Brian - July 8, 2008

Keep having FUN!!!
The Sharks will get to show us what they got in playoffs.
Is it me, or is pitching off even more this year?
A LOW to mid-level 80’s fastball will not get Atlantic League hitters out. Slow, cagey,junk throwers are the norm.
I guess if you can throw decently,
affiliated ball wants you.
Pitching has been bad Single A level at best – more pop in almost all Carolina League arms.
Field players can almost all compete at AA-AAA level. Age, issues keep them here.
Any team that has two decent starters wins next half!
Any guesses?????????????

2. Anonymous - July 8, 2008

For all the talk about a lack of publicity surrounding the Blue Crabs….today, July 8th, there’s a front-page sports section piece on Butch Hobson. Plus a center of the paper photo….

Must be the best pub the team’s gotten during the season from a major market outlet.

— Eddie Ramos

3. Anonymous - July 8, 2008

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed OF Jimmy Hurst (Veteran) to a 2008 contract.

4. Sharks52 - July 8, 2008


I wasn’t accusing you of being a homer. I realize Somerset-Newark was a big series to be reported on. I was just pointing out that the Sharks were tied for the best record in the Atlantic League while losing seven players including their three best position players and top two starters. Your comment on the Sharks was one sentence that they would probably clinch the top spot soon. I know how difficult it is to get information on the status of some ball teams in this league and since I go to so many games I was just trying to point out something I was pretty impressed with that could easily have stayed under the radar. We all appreciate the great job you and Stan do. I was just pointing out what a great job Ferguson has done under very trying circumstances to bring this team forward when it would have been very easy for them to fold up. I mean, no offense to the batting skills of Alec Zumwalt, but he wouldn’t be your first choice for a designated hitter. Because I wanted to give credit to Ferguson for this on your site doesn’t mean that I think you’re a homer or won’t report on anything but the Pats and Ducks.

5. Anonymous - July 8, 2008

Who the heck is Stan?

6. SharkGirl - July 8, 2008

“Stan” is Scott Stanchak

Go Sharks!

7. Sharks52 - July 8, 2008

Yeah, I’m always shortening it when I’ve got other things on my mind. I meant to say Scott Stanchak but missed the correction on the readback.

8. Dave - July 8, 2008

How did Jason Belcher make the allstar team? He wasn’t even on the ballot.

9. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

New half, clean record, same old lame Ducks. Their starting pitching continued their same first half pace and again gave up 5 runs in the first 3 innings. They keep on bringing in position players but their pitchers keep putting them in a hole in the first few innings. As long as they keep on breaking attendance records, it doesn’t matter to them that they are losing.

10. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

I should start a website for the Ducks lol!
Dondaldo is on the team but doesn’t cause he’s hurt and now he really won’t play cause EDGARDO ALFONZO IS BACK!!!! Even tho he sucked last year I’m still excited to see him back! Jay Gibbons switched his number back to his MLB number of 31 so Fonzy could have number 13!!!!!!

11. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

keep signing has beens!!! There are wanna be’s out there whom want to play and want to win, with talent! Tell these GM’s to sign some guys who want to be there and have something to prove! There are a bunch out there!!!

12. Brian - July 9, 2008

Castillo makes debut for O’s.
Great numbers in Norfolk.
Looked a little shakey in Toronto tonight. However, CONGRATS on long journey to the Show.

Ducks aren’t only team with bad pitching- see previous post.

13. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

Belcher was on the ballot. Hard to forget that name.

14. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

The Ducks Jay Gibbons MLB number was 31 but when he came to the Ducks that number was taken so he took # 13. When Osborne bombed out again this year and finally decided to retire (he should have done that 2 years ago), Gibbons was able to get his #31 back and Fonzie was able to get his #13 for his return.

15. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

The Ducks Donaldo Mendez is not hurt, he just lost his starting job at SS to Dennis Donovan (who has become a LaPoint favorite). With Edgardo Alfonzo returning to the Ducks after being cut from the Mexican League, don’t be surprised if Mendez is given his walking papers. Either him or Pete Maestrales.

16. Dave - July 9, 2008

The ballot is still available on this page and Belcher is not on it! Check it out.

17. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

Due to some of the players opting not to go to the All Star game, Belcher could have been a write in vote or manager/GM selection. This is from the All Star press release from the AL:

The All-Stars were selected based on a combination of weighted Atlantic League ballots from league officials, team general managers, team field managers, and the media, as well as on-line voting by fans from June 1st through July 3rd.

18. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

Don’t blame the GM’s for the signing of “has beens”, blame the Team Manager. They do most of the finding of players and signing of the “has beens” while the GM’s run the stadium operations and have nothing to do with player recruitment except for issuing the obligatory statements like “we are excited to have him join our team” and “he is a great addition to our team”. The GM’s are merely puppets for the owners and care nothing about the fans except for how much $$$ they can get from them to improve their bottom line.

19. jevans - July 9, 2008

While it’s accurate that GM’s have no say regarding personnel in affiliated organizations, you couldn’t be more off-base with regards to their role in independent ball. The GM’s have as much, if not more, say than the Team Managers. Basic process is as follows: Player Procurement Director “finds” available talent (usually with some directive from Manager and GM regarding team needs); preliminary discussions with either the player or agent (or both) to ascertain interest; Director than makes recommendation to GM, who consults with Manager, and then makes offer to player. Granted, the level of involvement from Owner on down varies, but you need to give more credit (and, if need be, blame) to GMs.

20. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

That is true providing you have a Player Procurement Director which, to my knowledge, only a few teams in the Atlantic League have. The team manager goes out and looks for talent and then, maybe, the GM gets involved with the agent of the player.

21. Anonymous - July 9, 2008

Maybe *some* GMs are soulless, money grubbing puppets. I’ve been pretty impressed by Kevin Cummings in Lancaster. Talk to him for two minutes and it’s obvious he’s a fan. He listens to fans complaints and kudos and he has gone a long way in making sure Lancaster fans have a good time at the ballpark in spite of the actual level of play there.

Maybe Belcher isn’t on the list now but I’m almost positive he was when I cast my vote.

22. kurt loder - July 9, 2008

I think I saw the Soulless Money Grubbing Puppets open for Anthrax at the Paladium once.

23. Anonymous - July 10, 2008

Donaldo Mendez IS hurt
He had an MRI taken yesterday
He should have the results tomorrow

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