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June 19, 2008 June 19, 2008

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Davis Released By Orioles: C Ben Davis, who played with the Camden Riversharks last season, has been released by the Baltimore Orioles.

The 31-year-old former first rounder struggled to hit all season. He hit .227 in 24 games for Double-A Bowie, and then was called up to Triple-A Norfolk, where he hit just .172.

Not sure what his plans are, but there are few teams in this league he couldn’t help right now.

Morris Inactive: The Blue Crabs have deactivated P Cory Morris. Morris only made one appearance for the club, allowing a walk and a hit in a third of an inning.

No word on what happened — Southern Maryland is somewhat of an informational black hole, and I don’t get their press releases. – Mike Ashmore



1. playballnyy - June 19, 2008

I’m writing here because the Bluefish have no other platform for fans to talk about the team. Their facebook and my space are basically inactive. The “Blog/Forum” at connpost.com has not been updated since 6/11 and no one comments anyway.

So, they got ROCKED by York last night. Here’s the team numbers for the season

Bluefish offense: .288, .433SLG, .365OBP
York: .244, .382SLG, .329OBP

Bluefish pitching: 5.88, .303OPP AVG
York: 4.71, .282 OPP AVG

Guess, there’s truth to “Better pitching beats better hitting”


2. BoosterBabe - June 19, 2008

I don’t think Mary Jane has anything to do with player development. You have to talk to Todd Marlin or Mike Church.
I’ve got a few theories on why none of the bluefish “fan” blogs are active. Anyone wanna try to read my mind?

3. Anonymous - June 19, 2008

The Bluefish don’t care and will be out of the league next year?

4. Anonymous - June 19, 2008

Mike- I’m wondering about the attendance at Southern Maryland…It doesn’t look like they are pulling in a load of fans based on the boxscores…Is the league disappointed with this??? It seemed like the new teams in York and Lancaster drew many more fans when they first joined the league than S. Maryland is pulling in in their first season….Ant insight??

5. Anonymous - June 19, 2008

Typo….I meant any insight…

6. playballnyy - June 19, 2008

How bout you just tell us Boosterbabe. I figure no one is interested in the Bluefish sticking around, they’re just allowing them a slow painful death.

I know MJ doesn’t make those decisions, that was just for dramatic effect cuz I didn’t know the names of the player development/GM people.

Sorry, I can’t read minds.

7. BoosterBabe - June 19, 2008

Fan blogs…..
would require fans.

8. playballnyy - June 19, 2008

Oh, thats not fair, there’s fan’s out there. I’m one of the biggest fans, but I don’t have the money to go to as many games as I would like. The organization isn’t doing much to stir them up or pull them into the stadium either. I think they’re to busy appealing to Buffy and Candy and their 2.5 kids from Westport, and forget about the regular supply of fans they could have locally. I still go pretty often and it kills me to pay 4 dollars for parking. Doesn’t sound like much but it is when you’re going to 2-3 games per homestand. That’s almost the price of a bleacher seat. Those are the things I’m talking about when I say they’re not trying too hard…the quality of concessions (food and service) has significantly deteriorated in the past few years. With the way those chicken strips look now, I’m better off stoppin’ at McDonalds before the game. There’s no local presence at the game like food, or restaurants. Do the local businesses get involved besides the banners in the outfield? There’s so many things they could be doing, its like they’re clueless on how to involve the community besides have BB show up at city schools. That’s not going to cut it. Check out their website, do you think that’s a business that’s interested in improving anything? It’s always been horrible compared to other team sites and still is useless.

Facebook fan site:

9. Robert - June 19, 2008

Being that the Blue Crabs are both new to the league, and new to the area, what do we think the attendance ought to be?

The weekend games are well attended. Weeknight games are so-so.

Personally, I think it will get better as time goes on.

However, what Mike A. says is way too true, and probably part of the problem:

Southern Maryland is somewhat of an informational black hole, and I don’t get their press releases.

BTW They had an active day today, releasing 2 pitchers, and reactivating their starting C.

10. Robert - June 19, 2008

Attendance numbers from the league website:

Long Island 5,934 146,427 26 5,632
Lancaster 114,915 22 5,223
Somerset 109,437 21 5,211
York 3,532 106,755 27 3,954
Camden 2,325 96,622 28 3,451
Southern Maryland 2,418 79,290 25 3,172
Newark 64,105 23 2,787
Bridgeport 55,951 24 2,331

11. Robert - June 19, 2008

Sorry, that’s confusing… let me try again

Team Total Gms Avg
Long Island 146,427 26 5,632
Lancaster 114,915 22 5,223
Somerset 109,437 21 5,211
York 106,755 27 3,954
Camden 96,622 28 3,451
SOMD 79,290 25 3,172
Newark 64,105 23 2,787
Bridgeport 55,951 24 2,331

12. Anonymous - June 19, 2008

I’m only basing my views on the Blue Crab attendance based on what I’ve seen for the other 2 new teams….York and Lancaster…And from what I’ve seen(since I’ve been a fan of the league from day 1)those teams had big crowds consistently…The Blue Crab crowds have looked small to me for a new team…It could be that’s the reason why…they are new..but so were York and Lancaster..I just wanted to know if the league may not be satisfied with the attendance there…It seems that the urban teams in the AL don’t get great attendance, but the suburban teams do..

13. Anonymous - June 19, 2008

I’ve seen those attendance figures and in my mind a new team, with a new stadium should have higher attendance…That’s all I’m saying..York and Lancaster, when they were new, had better attendance than Southern Maryland…I was just trying to see what Mike’s opinion was on this…If you look at those attendance figures, 3 out of the last 4 teams are urban teams based in a city, not a suburb…Never been to Southern Maryland but I bet it’s not the same as Camden, Newark or Bridgeport…

14. Robert - June 19, 2008

No, it’s not. It’s very rural. Actually, the population as a whole in the entire Southern Maryland area is probably under 150k people. But, it is in a city (Waldorf, MD) that is a suburb of DC. So, I think there is hope.

I have attended a bunch of games (check out the blog at http://www.crustheads.com ) and I can tell you that we really enjoy the team, and the games, and the stadium is great! I just wish there was better communication from the team to it’s fans.

15. Anonymous - June 19, 2008

http://www.newarkbears.com – Wayne Krenchicki got his 1,000th victory last night. I thought I would see more on this website about this great milestone.

16. Everett W. - June 19, 2008

Southern Maryland is in a tough spot mediawise.

The Washington, D.C. newspapers generally don’t do game coverage of minor league teams. Washington TV stations generally don’t cover Southern Maryland news of any kind except when tornadoes / severe storms cross the region.

There are newspapers specific to each of the three Southern Maryland counties but they don’t publish on a daily basis.

Several radio stations directly target Southern Maryland listeners but are all owned by one monopoly company.

Not surprisingly to me, there are no Blue Crab game broadcasts on local radio. It’s more surprising though that the Blue Crabs don’t offer game broadcasts by net stream either.

The rapidly growing population should bode well for the Southern Maryland team eventually but media access will always be a struggle.

17. Anonymous - June 19, 2008

Well, tell this to a team like the Newark Bears who are stuck in a major media market….and still manage to get lost..I just think a new team would have more of a spark and more support since it is new…But who knows…

18. BoosterBabe - June 20, 2008

Define “FAN”?

A fan is someone who follows the team. Goes to the games, reads about the games in the newspaper. Cares about the player comings and goings. Pays attention to who’s on the DL, when they are coming back…etc. Looks to see who’s warming up in the bullpen in the 5th inning when the starter is getting pounded. Knows who’s on the opposing team…or at least, who they are playing. A “FAN” posts on the blogs. Listens to the game webcasts. Knows where we are in the standings. Etc.

Next time you’re there at Harbor Yard, I challenge you to find 10 people sitting in your section
who can name the starting pitcher (or any other player) for either team.

There used to be FANS there. Now, there’s just people who go. I miss the old days when I went to a baseball game and there were some zany antics between innings. Now it seems like there’s something resembling baseball between the zany antics. People tolerate the ballgame until it’s dark enough to run the fireworks.

I know, I know, this is the reality of minor league baseball. But guys, it’s BASEBALL. Let’s not forget that.

Ok, Im done. My big mouth is gonna get me in trouble again. It’s all your fault, Playballnyy…you egged me on!

19. Anonymous - June 20, 2008

I think the fact that the Bowie Baysox are right up the road & the Nationals & Orioles are nearby doesn’t help either. Most people would probably prefer to see an affiliated or MLB team.
The area is up & coming but it’s still very rural at the moment. Mapquest can’t even find the street that the Blue Crabs stadium is on..cause it’s a new road.

20. Anonymous - June 20, 2008

It is baseball, it’s not a charity and the players get paid. A fan pays for a ticket which pays the player. Anything past that is icing.

21. playballnyy - June 20, 2008

Well, the only way to follow the Bluefish to that extent is if you’re “in” with the team. Their media relations sucks. I have to go to AT LEAST 3 different websites everyday to figure out what happened the night before…and I’m lucky if I find any info on transactions. and those three websites usually don’t include the bluefish site or the connpost.com cuz their coverage sucks, lots of times the coverage isn’t there at all at Conn post. I find that appalling. I don’t think its all on the fans, the organization has to create that excitement and interest. I agree with you…but its becuase they don’t bother to appeal to us, just the richies from westport and such that just let their kids run around all night being obnoxious.

alright, that’s it. Boosterbabe, I think we’re both in agreement and just really frustrated…I’ll still be there on the next homestand. 🙂

22. BoosterBabe - June 20, 2008

You’re right, Playball…there is no marketing effort made to attract baseball fans. Any marketing that is done is towards the “Family entertainment” crowd. Which is all well and good but the baseball fans are the ones who are gonna go regularly. The Family Entertainment people might only go once or twice a season. They need both to be successful (Look at the successful franchises in the league, like LI and Somerset. They get both).

As for the kids running around unsupervised: I hate it too. We pay good money to sit behind the dugout and we are constantly bombarded by kids moving down from the cheaper seats, running wild, begging for balls between innings, disturbing us with their up and down/in and out of their seat behavior. They talk to each other through the game…beg for a ball at the end of the inning and pay more attention to the ice cream eating contest than to the game. And when you ask them to “Sit down, please” while the game is happening, they give you a dirty look, like you’re wrong for wanting to SEE the game from the seat you paid $14 for and they just “took” because it was empty. Not my fault no one bought tickets for the seats 3 rows in front of me, but I have to suffer for it by putting up with these undisciplined kids who don’t know enough to stay in their seat and NOT sit on the ramp by the dugout during a game. And where are the parents???? So again, when you ask them to take a seat (because the ushers “can’t do anything about it”) you’re the grumpy old fart who needs to lighten up. At which point I usually say something along the lines of “Fine, just don’t let your blood splatter on me when you get hit in the head with a foul ball!”

Ok, Playball. Next time you’re there, introduce yourself. We seem to be of like minds…i wonder if we already know one another?

23. Robert - June 20, 2008

playballnyy – The SOMD Blue Crabs stadium isn’t on a new road, but the road itself has gone under construction recently to accommodate the stadium. The road is Piney Church Road.

Check out the google map

24. Mike D. - June 21, 2008


It can’t be NEARLY as bad as 2 seasons ago and even into the beginning of last season when I was going to Newark games as a Sharks fan and my 1 person made about 10% of the crowd.

The only time I’ve been to Bridgeport was a Friday night in late summer (last season – 2007), and it seemed pretty full and vibrant to be honest. If Buffy and Candy only have 2.5 kids, they’re certainly spreading the word around Westport.

25. Anonymous - June 21, 2008

Robert, thanks for that info. I’ve been trying to get directions to that stadium for awhile. The Blue Crabs website lists the address as 11765 St. Linus Drive and I have yet to find a map site that recognizes that address.

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