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June 15, 2008 – Joe Valentine Talks June 15, 2008

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Revs Add Two: Jeff Johnson reports that the York Revolution have added OF Kennard Jones and P Heath Totten.

Jones was a third round choice by the Padres in 2002 with above average speed and below average power.

Totten is a veteran righty who will likely slide into York’s rotation.

Valentine Talks: I recently caught up with former Long Island Ducks P Joe Valentine, who signed with the Philadelphia Phillies several weeks back. Here’s how the interview went…

AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com: You ended last season in the Atlantic League and started this year there as well. What can you tell me about your experience there?

Joe Valentine: “I loved it. It was a free flowing game, and everything was basically on your own. You went out and prepared the way you needed to prepare. The talent level was just tremendous, too.”

ALB: Was it a little surprising to you that you stayed there as long as you did considering the numbers you put up?

Valentine: “A little bit. But then again, sometimes it’s never about the numbers. It’s about being at the right place at the right time. Numbers do help, but it’s always right place, right time.”

ALB: So how did it all come about that you ended up with the Phillies?

Valentine: “It was kind of sporadic that they showed some interest, and I was actually throwing in a doubleheader where they were looking at Brian Lawrence. I had thrown, and I threw well, and they literally contacted my agent that night and pretty much the next day it was locked in place.”

ALB: What do you anticipate your role being in Reading?

Valentine: “I have no clue. The first outing didn’t go too well, but it was just one of those things. It’s pretty much to be determined…just fill a role, whatever it is.”

ALB: Considering the level of experience you have, do you expect to be moved to Triple-A relatively quickly?

Valentine: “I’m hoping so. I’ve got to show that I can get guys out here. The first outing, I didn’t do that, like I said. But once I start doing that I hope, and plan on not being here too long.

ALB: Do you still follow the league at all?

Valentine: “Absolutely. That league is close to home for me, close to my heart. It’s an opportunity that I had to do, but at the same point, it was probably the most fun I’ve had in my career. The guys that are still there, I’m rooting for them to get the hell out of there.”

Poll Added, Results Posted: Check out the new poll on the right side of the page. In the meantime, here are the results of our last question, which asked which player you think should get picked up next…

Branden Florence 9 (5%)

Josh Rabe 13 (8%)

Ryan Cullen 7 (4%)

Ray Navarrete 32 (20%)

Cory Aldridge 20 (12%)

Brandon Larson 15 (9%)

Matt Schweitzer 47 (30%)

Nick McCurdy 5 (3%)

Other 7 (4%)

Votes: 155

Nichols Released: Jason Guarente reports that Lancaster has released INF Kyle Nichols. Nichols, acquired from Southern Maryland earlier this season, was hitting .189 with no home runs and five RBI since the trade. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - June 15, 2008

good to see all is ok. You have to remember in all sports players come and players go. In the Atlantic League the players are trying to pursue bigger dreams. You should help root them on to their dreams. How awesome is it to see guys like Mel Stocker Scott Patterson and Mark DeFelice get all the way to the bigs?? Just because SOME players dont want to be in the Atlantic League dont let that get you down. If you like the Bluefish get out and root like hell for them. There are a lot of players who really like playing in the Atlantic League. The players I mentioned above credit the Atlantic League for getting them to where they wanted to be….living their dream….How cool would it be one day if you go to Fenway Park and see a former fish and he would say something like….hey thats Cheryl the lady that used to make me brownies when I was in Bridgeport…Keep cheerin and especially keep posting!!!!!

2. Anonymous - June 15, 2008

Nichols was awful and did nothing more than make a bad team worse.

3. BoosterBabe - June 15, 2008

Thanks for the pep talk, Anonymous. Who are you???
🙂 You seem to know a lot about me, so I’m guessing we know each other….. it’s Sheryl, not Cheryl but close enough!

I DID see Mark DeFelice in his MLB Debut in Boston…and I was THRILLEd for him. I posted about that. I was so proud of him. (and the Sox pounded the snot outta him!) LOL

I dunno what’s up with me… I’m certainly not negative about the league or the team. I just don’t have the same level of excitement. (I don’t think I have any excitement, actually). Something changed for me, not sure what. I’m sure I’ll get it back, eventually.

There’s an old song by Barry Manilow that sums up how I feel about the Bluefish this season:

“cause the feelin’ is gone
and I must get it back right away…
Up, down, tryin’ to get the feelin’ again”

That’s me. Trying to get that feeling for the Bluefish again.

4. Tom Skula - June 15, 2008

Just watching the mets game Robinson just got his first base hit in the mlb since 1999. Might of just saved Willie Randolphs job.

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