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June 10, 2008 June 10, 2008

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Navarrete Gone: The Long Island Ducks — and entire league — lost a truly great player Monday, as Ray Navarrete signed a contract to play for Tabasco in Mexico.

This season, Navarrate was playing some of the best ball of his career. In 39 games, he was batting .362 with 11 home runs and 40 RBI. He was among the league’s Top 2 in most offensive categories, including home runs and runs scored (39).

Navarrete’s last stint with a major league organization came just a few years back with the New York Mets. Hopefully this will lead to something as well.

Past & Near Future: I want to apologize for not writing as much as I normally do in recent weeks. I’ve been extremely busy and Mike has done a great job, as usual, taking charge. I know he’s busy with his own projects, but we’ll continue doing what we do best, as best we can. Please keep posting any news you hear on the message board — look at all you ALB contributors — we appreciate it. Thanks! – Scott Stanchak


1. Anonymous - June 10, 2008

Anyone know anything about the Mexican League. I was looking at tabaco the team ray is going to and it says (AAA) next to
its name. Do the mexican teams have any affilation with mlb teams?

2. Anonymous - June 10, 2008

Navarrete is a big loss to the Ducks because of his bat and ability to play many positions. The Mexican league is 12 games into their second half of play and their season ends at the end of July, so look for Ray to be back on the Ducks sometime in August unless someone from MLB finally gets smart and offers him a contract.

3. Anonymous - June 10, 2008

I hope this page fills up all day long with good words about Ray Navarrete. Not only is he a pleasure to watch on the field, being able to play wherever he was needed that day, but also at the plate where he never, ever took an at bat off.
But as a Duck fan I took the most pleasure watching him choose a player from the Little League team of the day, and have a catch with him or her in front of the dugout before the teams took the field for the National Anthem.
Good luck in Mexico and hopefully we’ll see him within a major league organization before we see him back with the Ducks.

4. Anonymous - June 10, 2008


The Mexican League is affliated with Minor League Baseball but the teams do not have any affilaition with MLB teams. Cannot find any verbage on the relationship btw. MiLB & the Mex League.

5. Anonymous - June 10, 2008

This is from Wikipedia about Mexican League baseball:

The Mexican League may refer to one of two major baseball leagues in Mexico. The Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (English: Mexican League) is a summer AAA-level baseball minor league. The Liga Mexicana del Pacífico (English: Mexican Pacific League) is a high-level winter league whose champion plays each year in the Caribbean World Series.

It states that it is AAA level but it does not say that it is affiliated with MLB.

6. Anonymous - June 10, 2008

I just came upon a new web site that also has AL news here is the link…
it looks like everyone is starting a news blog for the AL. I can remember a time where no one wanted to do anything and know everyone wants in.

7. Robert - June 10, 2008

Southern Maryland Released OF Mike Conroy today.

8. Anonymous - June 11, 2008

Best of Luck to Ray!!!!
we’re gonna have a hard time making the playoffs without him :/
all good tho we are talking about the Ducks so they will probally replace him with Bary Bonds hahahahaha

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