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May 21, 2008 May 21, 2008

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Duncan Retires: Somerset Patriots OF Jeff Duncan has retired from professional baseball. While an official decision is expected tomorrow, his locker is empty, and all indications from several people I spoke to are that he won’t be returning.

Canseco To Box At Bernie Robbins Stadium: When writing about the Atlantic League, one word you tend to see in your stories a lot is former. Well…

Deadspin has the story of former Newark Bears OF Jose Canseco, who will be boxing a yet-to-be-named opponent in Atlantic City on July 12th.

And where, exactly, in Atlantic City might he be doing this?

Why, Bernie Robbins Stadium, of course…home of the Atlantic City Surf, a former team in the Atlantic League.

There are just so many ways I could rip this to shreds, I’ll let you all handle it for me…

Stormers Stuff: I spoke to both Von Hayes and Rick Wise today, and you can expect those chats starting tomorrow.

Also, the interesting (to say the very least) strategy to start the bullpen guys continues, with Pat Cassa getting the nod instead of P Mike Nannini.

I can’t say I agree with it at all, but you will hear Hayes and Wise talk about it when I actually have time to post it tomorrow…

All Back To Normal In Long Island: Ah, yes. It was only a matter of time before the big leaguers started coming in droves to lovely Central Islip.

The team has signed former big league OF Alex Sanchez and P Todd Williams.

Sanchez…it isn’t doing my job if I don’t mention that his claim to fame would be that he was the first player busted for under the — at the time — new MLB policy on drug prevention and treatment.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, he’s played for Milwaukee, Detroit, Tampa Bay and San Francisco in the big leagues.

Of the first four players suspended under that policy in 2005, the Ducks have had three — Jamal Strong and Jorge Piedra are the others. However, Strong was technically picked up once out of this league, and Piedra was as well.

Williams pitched in the big leagues as recently as last year with Baltimore. He has 227 games of big league experience, and has also pitched for the Dodgers, Reds, Mariners and Yankees at the highest level.

He’s a 37-year-old righty from New York.

The team has decided to release P Mike Myers and deactivate Rob Cafiero.

Is It The End For Dave Veres?: Over on his Revolution Rumblings blog, Jeff Johnson is reporting that P Dave Veres has left the team in order to have his artificial hip examined.

Johnson speculates that this may be the end of the line for Veres…which would certainly be disappointing. He’s got an inspirational story, and it takes a lot for a 41-year-old former big leaguer to come back and pitch as well as he did considering what he’d been through.

UPDATED – Johnson has posted this update on the story, in which Revs officials now say it had nothing to do with his hip, instead going with “undisclosed medical reasons” which…uhhh, would constitute him being placed on the DL, not the inactive list, yes?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: In the same post, Johnson also has an interesting quote from Adam Gladstone about the free agent market right now…

“There are still guys available to play right now and it’s much different than last year,” Gladstone said. “Based on the conversations I have daily with agents and players — although it’s still a little early — I feel there are more players available now than this time last year.”

Then where are they? Maybe it’s personal preference, but I like seeing the guy who’s never played in this league before or the guy who’s proven in this league get a shot over the guy who had an opportunity — brief as it may have been — and didn’t perform.

I’d love to be a player procurement guy one day…I’m sure being on the other side of people criticizing me online would be quite a trip.

Still Enjoying It: Although I haven’t been around the Atlantic League as much as I have been in previous seasons, I still do enjoy doing the games. Case in point…I was looking through some recent box scores trying to figure out a certain team’s rotation and spontaneously broke out in some bad white guy dancing when I figured out I’d be seeing exactly who I was hoping to. Thankfully, no cameras were rolling at the time.

Anyway, if you have any story ideas you might like to see me work on, just say the word… – Mike Ashmore

Poll Results: Who will be the next to be picked up?
Mike Woods (Lancaster) – 16 (14%)
Josh Pressley (Somerset) – 6 (5%)
Ray Navarrete (Long Island) – 9 (7%)
Randy Leek (Long Island) – 13 (11%)
Bret Prinz (Somerset) – 40 (35%)
Clint Johnson (Southern Maryland) – 4 (3%)
Other – 26 (22%)
Total Votes: 114


1. Anonymous - May 21, 2008

someone needs to go get Joe Jiannetti….remember him….He is in Edmonton….please bring him back to the AL

2. Big Tony - May 21, 2008

Dear Mike,
Player Procurement? Good thing that you don’t work for the Yankees or Jeter’s early slump would have gotten him released! Guess the same for Reyes & Delgado of the Mets. Don’t you realize that many players, and I realize it seems like half the league this year, go through early slumps. You need to let them work it out, being they only played about 17% of their games so far! Guys that batted over .325 last year don’t just lose it unless they’re hurt. RELAX!

3. Anonymous - May 21, 2008

the ex-atlantic league guys not signed back this year are proven better than a lot of the guys being signed and struggling this year. Money is the reason.

4. Anonymous - May 21, 2008

money has nothing to do with it. I am en ex player and more cash is paid in this league then any other indy ball. players are not here for money they are here to get looked at by scouts in major markets. look at rosters – much better players this year then any other AL season

5. Anonymous - May 21, 2008

WAKE UP! MONEY HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT. Teams dont want to pay what players are worth. Therefore, they get players without experience or poor stats and pay them less.

6. Anonymous - May 21, 2008

bridgeport sign angel espda again he wil be in long island this weekend.

7. Anonymous - May 21, 2008

you are wrong. most of the major league guys get less then the league average. do you think Carl Evertt needs the money? I bet it is costing him money playing here. if they need the money they play overseas where mexico italy or the far east pays 10k+ a month. most big leaguers want to get noticed win and dissapear.

8. Mike D. - May 30, 2008

The ex-Major Leaguers are a blip; an anomaly, crowded around Long Island.

If you don’t believe money is everything, explain why Camden overturned the entire lineup with relative unknowns with a team that came basically a half an inning from the title series.

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