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May 9, 2008 May 9, 2008

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Shea Replaces Beltran: That’s a headline that will have some Mets fans heads spinning…

Anyway, Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post is reporting that the team has instead signed C Juan Beltran.

Now, if this were Carlos Beltran, I don’t think you’d see some of the posts that have ended up in the comments section lately.

Beltran replaces C Brian Peterson, who was picked up by the Orioles a few days ago. So that’s that, right?

In the wonderful world of the Atlantic League, things are never as easy as they should be.

Apparently, you can’t leave home without it…

In the CT Post’s Bluefish blog, Elliott writes that Beltran is stuck in Phoenix with visa problems, an Atlantic League staple if there ever was one.

So the team has signed Shea Harris to fill in for the time being. Harris split last season, his first in the pros, with Atlantic City and Sioux City.

It’s my understanding that the employer — in this case, the team — is responsible for the cost of the work visa. I can’t imagine they’re the cheapest things in the world to obtain, and they seem to take a long period of time to get. With that said, you’d think teams would really be careful about who they bring in this way and at what time they’re signed so issues like this don’t arise.

Lancaster’s Sendy Rleal and Jose Cabrera are still MIA, Franklin Perez has yet to show in Bridgeport and Newark started the season without several of their best players as well.

Some teams are starting to refuse to bring in “visa guys,” and if difficulties continue, you could see them out of the league all together sooner rather than later.

Amazing that guys can leave the league left and right for foreign countries, but when guys from other lands want to play here, they can’t get in…

Stanchak In Newark: ALB’s Scott Stanchak, who I do believe has an official website — might have to do some research on that one (stupid inside joke) — was in Newark last night. Check out yesterday’s post for a quote from Von Hayes on why one of their new pitchers was scratched from his start, but stay tuned later today for some info on two of Lancaster’s star players. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - May 9, 2008

I am actually getting mad. Ray Navarrete needs to be signed and put on a tripla A team. He had a great season last year and should of got an offer and now he is leading the league in hr and still is in the league. 😦

2. chip saunders - May 9, 2008

I agree about Naverette,he has been better than expected when the Ducks signed him. It would be great to see him get an offer.

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