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May 6, 2008 May 6, 2008

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Patriots Outfielder Hospitalized Following Collision (UPDATED 10 PM): Ryan Dunleavy is reporting that following a collision with fellow outfielder Jeff Duncan, Somerset OF Michael Ryan briefly lost consciousness and was taken to nearby Somerset Medical Center, where he was diagnosed with a concussion.

According to Dunleavy, Duncan walked away with dizziness, whiplash and back pain.

Hopefully, both players are all right in the long-term. For the short-term, this puts the Patriots in a serious hole. On one play, the team lost two Major League outfielders, and was already playing without Frank Moore.

I’ll be in Somerset tomorrow — I’m actually glad I wasn’t there today for the collision, I hate seeing stuff like that — and I’ll have updates as I get them.

UPDATED – Thanks to Patriots PR man Marc Russinoff, here’s the latest on Michael Ryan.

Ryan was released from the hospital shortly after the game, and X-rays did not reveal any broken bones. However, it is confirmed that Ryan has a concussion, and he was said to be disoriented after the collision. He will be seeing Dr. James Parolie tomorrow, who is the orthopedic consultant for the team.

Trading Crabs For Sombreros: According to a source, Southern Maryland P Matt Hammons has left the team to pitch in Mexico. The league has lost more players to foreign countries than they have to affiliated teams so far. Worth noting.

Prinz Hits 96 MPH In Pats Win: While the accuracy of any stadium radar gun should always be questioned, it’s certainly worth noting that Patriots closer Bret Prinz hit 96 MPH while striking out Long Island’s Donaldo Mendez last night.

Lecroy on DL: Jason Guarente is reporting that Lancaster’s Matt Lecroy has been placed on the disabled list. – Mike Ashmore

Hey, Hey, You, You, Won’t You Join The Patriots: As we told you yesterday, Somerset is expected to sign pitcher Tim Lavigne. The right-hander has Triple-A time with the New York Mets and New York Yankees. Most recently, he pitched in the Houston Astros organization. I’m told he’ll be with the team at some point this week.- Scott Stanchak

UPDATED – Avr…uhhh, Tim Lavigne won’t be coming to Somerset after all. Instead, Ryan Dunleavy writes that he’s signed with the Mets instead… – MA



1. Mikey0360 - May 6, 2008

I was at the Ducks-Patriots game, and the radar also showed that there were several pitches in the mid 40’s. It was way off all night.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 6, 2008

The warm-up pitches were supposedly coming in at around 50-55, yeah.

Most of the time, Knight’s pitches were clocked in the high 80’s, which I believe.

A gun missing too low is common…you don’t see one missing high too often, however.

96 or not, the pitch Mendez waved at was some serious high cheddar.

3. Anonymous - May 6, 2008

What kind of gun is it – jugs or stalker?

4. Anonymous - May 6, 2008

Catcher Brian Peterson’s gone from the Bluefish. Goes to Orioles AA.

Paging Marcos Sanchez. Or Sandy “Two Outs” DeLeon….

–Eddie Ramos

5. Anonymous - May 6, 2008

The Ducks Damian Rolls had an inside the park home run this morning after Somerset leftfielder Michael Ryan and centerfielder Jeff Duncan ran into each other at full speed in left center in the first inning in Somerset. Both players remained on the ground motionless for a few minutes. Duncan walked off the field holding his head while Ryan was imobilized and taken away in an ambulance.

6. UR - May 6, 2008

Gotta ask about your thoughts on the feasibility of Richmond, VA as a future market??? It’s only an hour and a half from Waldorf, has a AAA ballpark (that will be empty next year at this point) and if the rumors of another team in Northern Virginia is the perfect fit…potentially.


7. Anonymous - May 6, 2008


What is going on in Camden? Where did all there players go? Did they get signed? Haven’t seen anything? Seems like they are down to 9 or 10 guys all of a sudden the last couple line ups look the same?

8. Kevin - May 6, 2008

Any more news on Matt Hammons? Box score for last night says he played center field…

9. Anonymous - May 6, 2008

phillips and jackson went on the DL mcgarvy hurt his wrist one game vento left the team for personal reasons as did rabe but i heard that rabe is coming back

10. Mike - May 7, 2008

OK…Camden, I thin the previous poster covered that. Rabe apparently was re-activated today.

Vento left for “non-baseball reasons” is what I had heard…

Hammons, no clue. I called the Blue Crabs offices at 4:30 yesterday, and the phone just kept ringing.

Richmond? Having covered a game there last season, I don’t think it would make sense for the Atlantic League. The area would, but the stadium wouldn’t. It’s an old, two-tiered stadium that would need a lot of fixing up…

I think it’s still a good enough market for an affiliated club to where you’ll see one there next season anyway.

11. Chip Saunders - May 7, 2008

Pardon me if this has been addressed,but why the 11.00 a.m. start at Somerset Tuesday? Was it a school special?Just seems strange to have a morning game in May.

12. Mike - May 7, 2008

They’re known as camp days…where campers and/or school kids can come out and catch an early game.

Newark calls them “business person specials” and so on.

I think most teams do this, if not all. It’s not just an Atlantic League thing either, Trenton does it as well…

And, not that you asked, I absolutely hate camp days. Hate them.

13. chip saunders - May 7, 2008

I went to a camp day at Camden last year,it was a strange feeling being at a game that early.

14. BoosterBabe - May 7, 2008

11am “Kids Days” are often scheduled at the end of a series when the opponent has far to travel and a night game the next day. (Or if the home team has a night game far away the next day for that matter).
It allows the team to get to their destination the night before they have to play, so they can relax the next day.

15. Anonymous - May 7, 2008

BOOSTERBABE……What is going on up in Bridgeport 587 in attendance for last nights game. It makes me real sad to see this I was really hoping things would come back this year. I was there for fireworks on Saturday and it was cold but the place was very empty, Things HAVE to get better

16. Anonymous - May 7, 2008

Mike Boosterbabe somebody…I just saw another 500 in Bridgeport for the 2nd night in a row. Is baseball going to survive in Bridgeport?? I thought things were going to be better this year. Im afraid the Bluefish are going to disappear this has to be VERY alarming for all fish fans

17. Mike - May 7, 2008

I’m a little surprised they aren’t padding their attendance to at least give the impression that things aren’t as bad as they apparently are.

Yes, teams do that.

Drawing three digits isn’t going to cut it anywhere.

I have no idea what can be done to improve things there…I have no idea how they can be making a profit with numbers like that. The “gate” isn’t the biggest part of a team’s finances, but it is still significant.

They need to do something soon, that’s all I know…

18. Mike - May 7, 2008

And just to be REAL clear about it, there are GOOD people in Bridgeport.

Todd Marlin is an accomplished GM, and the ownership group is passionate.

I just think it’s one of those things where the novelty has worn off, and they need to re-invent themselves quickly.

Kind of like what Madonna did. Only without the “interesting” book.

19. Anonymous - May 7, 2008

Mike I was there saturday and the outfield wall only had a few ad’s and alot of bare spots on it. What do you think is the long term prognsis for this franchise I thought it was going to be better. The store has improved and was stocked very nicely and they have on on field MC but WOW I really question if the Bluefish are going to survive

20. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 7, 2008

Right now, not good. But they have time to correct things.

The city of Bridgeport itself also needs to go a long way to get people to actually want to come there again as well. It’s no secret the place doesn’t have the best reputation.

Whether they do or not will ultimately play a large role in the long term prognosis of the Bluefish.

21. Scott Stanchak - May 7, 2008

Mike and I talked to Tommy John about attendance a few weeks back. He said that it’s not the players that are going to draw the people to the stands, it’s what’s going on inside the stadium.

He told us a story of how his wife went to see a game his son was playing in and how much fun she had. She told him she didn’t watch much of the game, but would go back just for the atmosphere.

I asked if he thought Bridgeport had a good atmosphere and he said it was okay. Granted, he said they hadn’t played any games this year, but still, 500 people in the stands doesn’t exactly bring the money in to bring the big entertainment.

The Bridgeport organization has the right people in charge; it’s really just up to the fans. John is one of the bigger names in the league and I still mention where he’s coaching to some people and they have no clue.

Maybe, as you did with Camden, you could suggest some ideas for Bridgeport to listen to.

22. BoosterBabe - May 7, 2008

It’s a mystery to me, as well, why people don’t come out to the park. We had two beautiful evenings, the weather wasn’t an excuse. Is it weeknights in May before school gets out? How did LI and Somerset fare with attendance the last 2 nights? It’s a schoolnight there, too. Once people get there, they have fun.

I do think parking could be part of the issue. $4 for parking is ridiculous but they are city parking lots–and the Bluefish don’t see a dime of that, it all goes to the City.
I agree, the City could do more to bring people downtown, and also to promote the team. It seems to me when they did that, back in the beginning, people came.

Trouble is, the people who’ve been there since day one…we’re all 10 years older and our lives have changed. Some of the older folks are too sick to come every night, some have died. Just in my circle alone, I can think of 10-12 people who used to go every night in 99, 2000, ’01, ’02, who now have serious relationships and who now have something else to do every night, or they have kids, responsibilities, etc. Even I have better job now, farther from home, and I can’t be getting home at 10:30 on a worknight and expect to be productive at work the next day. And we haven’t been replaced at the gate.
That’s where I see the solution being: attracting new people to replace the natural attrition that occurs. As a fan, it troubles me to see such low attendance numbers.
Todd’s a smart man and he’s got good people working for him.

The best we can do to help, at this point, rather than speculate about their demise, is to talk up the team and show up at the ballpark with as many people as possible! Let’s try to prevent the demise, rather than taking bets on when it’s going to happen.

23. Everett W. - May 7, 2008

Richmond is a good market fanwise, dealing with the city government over the riverfront stadium issue is not so good though. The suburban Chesterfield County might have to step up for whichever league’s team ends up in that metro area.

Whether in Richmond area or closer to D.C. though, the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs will need some kind of natural rival. There’s just a geographic disconnect for that team at the moment.

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