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May 2, 2008 May 2, 2008

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Bo Knows Getting Released: The Somerset Patriots have released P Bo Donaldson. Just like spring training, he had one good outing and one very poor outing.

Considering the talent that was cut, specifically losing Joe Welsh after his fairly strong showing in camp, you have to wonder why they took a chance on a guy who hadn’t pitched in a year and clearly had trouble recovering in back-to-back outings.

Scott, John Talk Bluefish Baseball: Here’s what Jeff Scott and Tommy John had to say about the Bluefish and their pitching this year…


“The pitching in the first series has been pretty good, except for a couple bad innings. We had a bad eighth inning against Lancaster the other night, and then a bad 5th or 6th inning or whatever it was. We gave up a bunch of runs with two outs. Other than that, we’ve been pretty good, we’ve just had a couple bad innings.”

“At the last second, he (Castillo) decided he wanted to pitch. We lost a pitcher who was sent to Taiwan, so we had a hole open up. He had a good year here last year, and the powers that be liked him enough to bring him on board here. He will (start) eventually. He’s not very stretched out, and he’s not ready to go very long. A couple innings is all he’s going to go the first time he goes out.”


“(We’ll contend) if we pitch. We were 1-2, and the two games we lost, we had one bad inning of pitching. Starters did well. Two double plays weren’t turned in the one inning, and we ended up giving up eight runs before the third out was made. Shoulda, woulda, coulda…I don’t know what would have happened. I know as a pitcher, you get a ground ball, and the double play isn’t turned, and now all of a sudden instead of having nobody on base, you’ve got a guy on base and you make a bad pitch, and now it’s first and third. All of a sudden, a run or two is in. A double play isn’t turned again, then you’ve got the bases loaded, then the guy hit a triple. The score was tied, and now we’re down five runs. You can trash a pitcher, bring somebody in for one out…Eickhorst was the guy, and he got three outs. He didn’t pitch bad. Two plays weren’t made, and it cost him eight runs.”

– MA


1. chip saunders - May 2, 2008

Did Somerset drop the Heywoods as well?

2. APBAJournal - May 2, 2008

@chip…you beat me to it!!!

3. BoosterBabe - May 3, 2008

Bo Donaldson pitched in the 10th inning tonight against the Bluefish.
Unless someone wearing his old number pitched and they didn’t get the word to the announcer’s booth.

Because when they announced his name, my friend and I started singing (as if on cue…) “Billy Don’t Be A Hero….”

(you youngsters may not get that reference….)

4. BoosterBabe - May 3, 2008

LOL, I just saw the other comments…very funny.

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