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April 28, 2008 – Brian Adams Talks April 27, 2008

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Adams Happy To Be Back: It is entirely possible that Brian Adams will never be able to have a better season in his career than he did in 2007.

How could anyone expect him to?

Adams was named the Atlantic League Pitcher of the Year after a standout campaign saw the southpaw post a 15-2 record with a 3.68 ERA.

After affiliated baseball ignored one of the best seasons a pitcher has ever had in the Atlantic League, Adams first went to Mexico, then Taiwan.

Now, he’s back, and excited to pick up where he truly left off…

“Somerset’s a great place to play, all the way from Steve Kalafer, the owner, to Patrick, to Sparky, to Brett,” said Adams, in a sentence that features way too many commas.

“This is a great place to play, and a great ballpark. I had a lot of fun here.”

The thing is, Adams never should have had to come back. Not to slight anyone who was picked up last year, but the fact remains that lesser players were picked up while Adams stayed.

But he never thought it was a given that he’d return to affiliated baseball.

“I don’t think we’re ever promised anything,” Adams said.

“It doesn’t surprise me. Obviously, I was hoping for something different. But this is still an opportunity to get better as a pitcher and to play baseball.”

Despite having pitched seemingly non-stop since last April, Adams contends his arm still feels good.

“I’ve thrown a lot, but right now it feels good,” he said.

Right now, Adams said the plan is for him to remain inactive while throwing some light bullpens to try to prepare for a full-time return to the Patriots.

“Hopefully a guy gets picked up, or something happens that way where I can step in.”

While Adams would likely stay for the season if he isn’t picked up again, a return trip overseas isn’t out of the question either.

“I enjoyed their culture, it was a good experience, and I’m definitely glad I went,” he said.

“Baseball wise, it was good. I was hoping it would be a little better, but I had a good experience. I’d be interested in doing it possibly later down the road.” – Mike Ashmore

Spot Starter Already?: The York Revolution are two games into the season and have already gone to a spot starter in game three. Aaron Rakers started Sunday’s game, allowing seven hits, five runs and walking one in three innings. The loss provided the Camden Riversharks with the opening-series sweep of the second-year franchise. – Scott Stanchak



1. Anonymous - April 28, 2008

Mr. Lorber deserves to be commended for coming on here to answer the concerns of the Riversharks fans. I think all the GM’s should do it. They all read it on a semi-regular basis (although they claim they do not when asked but yet they know exactly what is going on with the postings). Granted, you can e-mail the individual GM’s on each team’s web site, but you normally get the standard answer of “thank you for your concern and we will look into that matter” BS and then nothing comes from it and you never hear from them again unless you persistently e-mail them. I can recall some players commenting on this site, but I do not recall a GM doing it before and I think it is a great thing. I wish all the GM’s (Bridgeport/Long Island) had the resolve to do this. Great job Adam!!

Is it possible to have online interviews with the GM’s (or Joe Klein or Frank Boulton) like you do with the players? Have you ever tried to do it? I realize that it has the possibility of getting out of control with some of the comments that have been previously posted here about the league executives, but maybe there could be some sort of a screening system set up for the questions and a way to block any inappropriate comments that may be added while the interview is going on.

-Fish/Ducks fan

2. MNLem - April 28, 2008

Great news on Adams return to the Patriots. Like the look of the Patriots, enough offense to win with good starting and great end of the bullpen. Cahill in the 8th to Prinz in the 9th looks like it really shortens close games.

3. JCD - April 28, 2008

I agree with the kudos to Adam Lorber for trying to make things better and addressing fan concerns!

But I have to ask, “Fish/Ducks Fan”? Isn’t that like being a a Yankees and Red Sox fan? 😉

4. BoosterBabe - April 28, 2008

jcd…that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!!
How can you be both???? LOL

5. Anonymous - April 28, 2008

I live on LI and began going to Bridgeport games in 1999 as often as I could. When the Ducks started up in 2000, I started going there and also continued going to Bridgeport for some of their games. I’m just a fan of baseball. I root for both teams and when they play each other, I root for the home team.

– Fish/Ducks fan

6. Anonymous - April 28, 2008

Here’s something jcd might enjoy: Saw Jesse Hoorelebeke today. He was glad to be back with Bridgeport, and said he’d talked to the Ducks, who expressed interest. But Jesse told Bluefish CEO Mary Jane Foster that he never seriously considered going to Long Island. One of the pitchers then spoke up and said, “Garrett Berger said if you went to the Ducks, he was going to throw at you every time!” And this pitcher said, with a laugh, “All of us would have done that!” They were glad Jesse is back. He’s wearing #31 this season, compared to #27 from last year. Jesse says he’ll be playing 3B for a bit, till Jay Caligiuri’s broken hand heals up.

— Eddie Ramos

7. JCD - April 29, 2008

Lol, boosterbabe, great minds, ya know?

Fish/Ducks Fan, that’s cool, was just curious is all!

8. JCD - April 29, 2008

Eddie, that’s awesome! Great story!

9. BoosterBabe - April 29, 2008

That is a Great Story!!!

10. Sharks52 - April 29, 2008

Just wanted to let everybody know that about 5 minutes after sending an e-mail to Adam Lorber he called me on the phone and spent about half an hour with me discussing the various things the Riversharks are working on to improve the experience there. Obviously this went way beyond what you would expect in response to an e-mail and convinced me there is a real concern there for the fans and keeping them coming back. Thanks again to Adam for responding so quick and thanks to Mike and Stan for having such a great web site.

11. Sharks52 - April 29, 2008

Sorry Scott, I meant to say Scott instead of Stan. I just got home and it’s been a long day for me.

12. chip saunders - April 29, 2008

Kudos to Adam Lorber,he really does seem to have the fans best interest in mind. Two years ago I had a small problem with the souvenir shop,but Mr. Lorber took time out to e-mail me and hepl resolve the problem.I’m sure the majority of g.m.’s are also responsive,but it’s nice to see Mr. Lorber take the time to come on here and address the problems.

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