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April 17, 2008 April 16, 2008

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Updates: I’ll have an interview with former Nashua Pride and current Southern Maryland pitcher Jason Pearson for you tomorrow. Mike will have an interview with S.M. pitcher Adam Johnson, most likely Monday.

Also, please use the links on the right side for updates on each team during spring training.

Pats Spring Training: Eight bats were broken during yesterday’s session, including two belonging to 3B Brandon Larson during a session facing Travis Minix.

Larson rather memorably laughed off the idea that he’d been sawed off, instead saying that a lot of the bats had been in storage all winter and simply weren’t good wood. I didn’t see either pitch that broke the bats, but it is worth noting that seven of the eight bats broken were made by the same company.

The most noteable bat break belongs to Frank Moore, who took a check swing, lost the bat, and it snapped in half upon hitting the pole supporting the batting cage.

A few players were putting on quite a show during batting practice, including Josh Pressley and Travis Anderson.

But another player who showed some power was Pete Moore, just signed out of the open tryout.

“I went to Camden, last year there was the Frontier League tryout, and I went to a tryout with the New Jersey Jackals last year,” Moore said.

“I don’t think they even knew I was there.”

Moore hit several balls over the fence during his BP session, continuing to show the power that got him noticed in the first place.

After starring at Moravian College, this is Moore’s first taste of pro ball. It takes a little while to go from someone starstruck by big leaguers to being just one of the guys…

“I saw everybody come into the clubhouse with their bags from all their pro teams and stuff, and I’m sitting there with just a Nike bag,” Moore said.

“They’ve all been great. It’s a surreal experience.”

But the numbers are hardly in his favor, and it’s going to be very difficult for him to fight his way onto this team.

Moore said that if things didn’t work out, he’d go to other tryouts and see if anybody liked him.

“I won’t give up that easy,” he said.

Random notes? Sure…

Minix, Casey Cahill, Scott Wiggins and Joe Welsh all threw live BP.

Around a dozen people showed up at various points to watch spring training.

Ryan Dunleavy and I also constructed a makeshift press box of sorts using a folding table, an extension cord, and the visiting dugout/bench.

My skin color right now would be best described as “dark pink” thanks to being in the sun all day. I don’t tan, I burn.

The players ate leftover food from the team dinner for lunch after the workout was over.

Some photos…

Joe Welsh

Casey Cahill

Michael Ryan

– MA



1. Anonymous - April 17, 2008

Lancaster defeated the Ducks 3 – 1 in their first spring training game today.

2. Kevin - April 18, 2008

Any idea what happened to Crabs OFs Rich Giannotti and John Ramistella? No sign of them on Southern Maryland’s web site and didn’t see them in the box score for the first exhibition game.

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