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April 12, 2008 – Bobby Brownlie Talks April 12, 2008

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Moore Invited To Camp; Brooks Pops Up In Somerset: P Jake Brooks, who last pitched in the Atlantic League in 2005 with the Newark Bears, popped up at the Somerset Patriots tryout this morning.

He seems like a good guy, and he said he was at around 91-92 MPH during a recent tryout with the Marlins. I’ll have quotes from him tomorrow…

However, he wasn’t invited to camp. Who was, you ask…

Well, here’s the Pats PR on Pete Moore, who was invited to join the team from spring training out of open tryouts. So basically, I spent ten minutes talking to a guy for a story I can’t use, and didn’t even see the guy they ended up inviting. Good. Worked out well.

The Three-Time Atlantic League Champion Somerset Patriots have announced that Pete Moore of Bogota, NJ has been invited to Spring Training from the team’s open tryouts held on Saturday, April 12th.

Moore, who is 23 years old, was one of 77 participants of the open tryout at Commerce Bank Ballpark on Saturday morning.

He was a four-year starter at Moravian College, located in Bethlehem, PA. Moore played shortstop at the college and holds several single season offensive records for the school including hits (53), batting average (.396), runs (36), RBI (39), and total bases (90).

During his senior year in 2007, Moore hit .396 with 36 runs scored, 11 doubles, six homers, and 39 RBI in 36 games, playing in every inning that season.

Moore also holds Moravian College career records including games played (145), hits (171), doubles (34), and total bases (261).

Moore is currently an assistant coach for the Moravian College baseball team.

Updates: Without question, this is as busy as I’ve ever been. Covering two teams — essentially, two leagues, really — sounds like it would be great, but it is impossibly difficult trying to manage my time and attempting to give each equal time. Scott’s been doing a great job doing some updates lately, and I know that both he and I hope to have some original York and Southern Maryland stuff in the very near future.

Also, Somerset open tryouts (barring rain) are set for this morning, so I’ll see there’s anything going on there before heading back to “the other beat.”

Bobby Brownlie Is Back Where He Belongs: A few days back, I was able to catch up with former Newark Bears P Bobby Brownlie.

Always willing to chat for a few minutes, Brownlie, who still checks up on the latest Atlantic League news on a daily basis, answered a few questions outside of the Harrisburg clubhouse for me…

So you’re getting to start the season in affiliated ball this year, that must be pretty nice…

“It’s nice being able to be a starter again in affiliated ball. I started last year, but it’s nice to know you’re getting the ball every fifth day. I’m with a pretty good group of guys here, and a bunch of guys who can hit the ball, so it’s nice.”

Is it nice to be in the Eastern League, where you get to be closer to home…kind of like you were in the Atlantic League?

“It’s nice being close to home and everything. My parents are able to drive out for my starts, my wife’s able to go back and forth, instead of us being on the road when we’re in the middle of nowhere and she doesn’t know anyone. So it’s real nice.”

It’s good to finally read things that are completely positive about you. I’ve been hearing that the velocity and the sink on your fastball are back. How did that all happen?

“It’s just that growing desire for perfection that’s never attained in baseball. I got to camp, and the Nationals saw a couple of things and changed a couple of things. Before you know it, the ball’s coming out good, the curveball’s breaking better, the changeup has more action on it. It’s really been good for me.”

It seems like everyone you’ve come across over the past few years has been trying to tinker with something with your delivery. How difficult is it for you to try to make all of those adjustments, and how do you handle so many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak?

“It’s really nice right now, because I finally feel that the guys who are coaching me and are teaching me, we’re seeing eye to eye on things. They’re able to say things to me that I fully understand. It’s really hard sometimes when a guy’s trying to teach you something, but you don’t understand how to get there. In spring training and right now, I’ve been able to get to that point where I understand what they’re talking about, and I can feel the difference. I was never able to feel what they were trying to fix before, and now I can feel it and I can see the results.”

Do you still keep up with the Atlantic League?

“I go on Atlantic League Baseball every single day. Every single day. I go on my computer and I read up on guys and see who’s signing where. There’s a bunch of ex-Cubs that I played with who signed down in Camden. Richard Lewis, one of my good buddies, signed down in Camden.” -M.A.

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