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April 5-6, 2008 April 5, 2008

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T.O. Is Back: Somerset has brought back INF Teuris Olivares. Olivares hit .300 with 79 runs scored, 125 hits, 20 doubles, three triples, 10 home runs, 56 RBI, and 15 stolen bases in 109 games for Somerset last year.

Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels?: No, those would be The Rockers. Who could ever forget their hideous bright green pants and mullet-licious locks?

York has instead decided to sign former Orioles P Aaron Rakers. Just in the big leagues last year with San Diego, he’s 1-0 with a 3.32 ERA in 14 MLB games.

Patriots Fan Fest: Just got back from Patriots fan fest. Really, really nice turnout. Got to catch up with Travis Anderson and David Housel. Also sat down with Sparky Lyle for about 15 minutes as well…thinking you’ll see that some time this week.

We talked about quite a few topics: from this being the last year of Yankee Stadium to whether the AL needs to raise its maximum player salary. Stay tuned.

New Poll Added, McGarvey Best Catcher: Seems some comments about me “thinking Randy McGarvey is God” might have been a little misguided. Right or wrong, the fans have named him the best catcher in the AL. Check out our new poll…

Travis Anderson 20 (13%)

Lance Burkhart 39 (25%)

Randy McGarvey 71 (47%)

John Pachot 21 (13%)

Votes: 151

– M.A.


1. Anonymous - April 6, 2008

the fans dont know what they are talking about…..Burkhart is by far the best in the league..followed by Pachot…then you can fit in McGarvy…and thats fact not opinion…says ME!!! ask any PLAYER and I bet you get the same answer….

2. Anonymous - April 6, 2008

you are nuts pachot hands down is the best in the league!! if you have watched all of them play you can see he is what you want in a catcher. and aif you ask any player they will say the same.

3. Paul - April 6, 2008

Defensively, I’d agree. Pachot is the best defensive catcher in the league.

Overall? I’d have to agree with the Lance Burkhart fan.

4. Anonymous - April 6, 2008

mcgarvey is like edward scissor hands behind the plate and he cant throw. all of his hits were balls he hit 3 inches from his hands

5. Anonymous - April 6, 2008

where does jamie pogue fit in this argument? i think that if you talk to the pitchers in the league it is a toss up between him and burkhart

6. Anonymous - April 6, 2008

Article in the NY Times today about the Bergen Cliff Hawks & the mess called “Xanadu”.



7. Anonymous - April 6, 2008

pogue doesn’t fit in this conversation as one of the best becacuse he’s just not good enuff…Pachot would be the best if he could hit better…yeah he has good numbers but all he does is yank balls down LF line….throw him a curve ball and its over…defensively Pachot but overall Burkhart……

8. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - April 6, 2008

Players are clearly reading this…so here’s a question for you guys…answer anonymously, I don’t care.

If people are going to be critical of the way McGarvey gets his hits — I’ve heard he’s just a singles hitter or now that he only hits balls that are three inches off of his hamds — are you saying that you wouldn’t want to hit over .350 no matter how the hits came?

You guys tell me all the time that a win is a win…isn’t a hit a hit?


Clearly, there’s a story to be written about this debate…and I just want to understand it better.

9. Anonymous - April 6, 2008

Lets see…A guy hits .355 and people starts hating? Nothing odd with this picture. The way I look at it is that when you are on top or just good people tend be haters. McGarvey and Burkhart are the best catchers in the league, hands down. I don’t think I saw any other cathcers in the top 10 in hitting or on base % so whats the deal. The guy took the place of Ben Davis and played the whole year. I have met him and he’s a great guy on and off the field. For someone not have a arm, can’t recieve, and only hit it 3 inches off his hands he did damn well. Good luck to all the catchers if he figures it out and puts something good together.

10. Rocky - April 6, 2008

First of all,I would like to thank Scott & Mike for a great Website for The Atlantic League!!I have never responded to anything on here,but now it’s time!
The comments about Randy McGarvey need to be addressed.This young man is a very caring & humble man on & off the Baseball Field!If you ever have the honor to meet him, you will see why he is special to the great game of Basball!!
As a player last year he was second in hitting. second in on base percentage, most improved , & as Iwatched the big man catch he was exceptional behind the plate!!
It’s amazing to me a man hits everything 3inches from his hands & hit a total of 6 hr’s,counting the Playoffs.Wow,now that takes alot of strength!! I wish Randy all the best,as thats exactly what a man with so much character really deserves!!

11. Anonymous - April 6, 2008

And in some real news….Danny Gonzalez will not be returning to Lancaster as he has changed his mind again and will play in Mexico. and this news brought to you by Jason Gurante on his blog.

12. Anonymous - April 7, 2008

of course you want to hit 350 any way you can but…just because you hit 350 that doesn’t make you the best in the league…the guy had a great season…i watched him single us to death BUT he is not the BEST….I hope he can do it again this season…but I just dont see it happening from watching him play in the past… good luck to him… AL PLAYER

13. Anonymous - April 7, 2008

I love this web-site and it is often great to hear fans perspective on things. I love the “fans” that think they need to rip a guy or tear him down to make their point. First off McGarvey is a good defensive catcher with an above average arm and good release. He had an incredible year and yes it wouldn’t be hard to say he won’t do it again because it was so incredible. Was he lucky of course he was anyone who hits .355 gets lucky (you don’t think Victor Rodriguez got any bloops, bleeders or seeing eye singles?)and a good share of breaks along the way that is how you hit .355. I also like Burky and Pachot and Pachot is also a singles hitter? How many home runs did he hit in that bam box? Hell McGarvey hit 3 homers in Newark and he only played 9 games there. How many singles? Check out the difference in how many pass balls each let up I would tell you Pachot will be up on that list because occassionally he gets lazy behind the dish. Travis when he plays his best is as good as any of them as well. There is no real difference in any of the four or Sandy Aracena for that matter. All around I would take any of them because they all have strengths and they all have some weaknesses. I don’t think you will find anyone outwork Anderson, Burky or McGarvey. Remember fans this site is about voicing your opinion and you can do that in a tasteful manner that doesn’t put down players at all. I have news for you it ain’t as easy as it looks when you are sitting in the stands. Also I would love to see the guy who is blasting people have the guts to step up and sign his name. Doesn’t take an ounce of courage to rip someone behind annonymous! Then maybe Mike wouldn’t ahve to come to anyone’s “RESCUE”.

Brad Strauss

14. Anonymous - April 7, 2008

42 would-be Atlantic League All Stars showed up Saturday night at Harbor Yard. The tryout lasted till 10:00 PM. Saw a guy with a Louie Tiant-style delivery: he looked way back at 2nd base, and then threw side-arm to the plate.
Pitchers were definitely ahead of the hitters. 2 guys had played in organized ball. One hitter DID get ahold of a pitch: he hit a screaming foul ball to the concourse on the left field side, shattering the window on the information booth door. One of two catchers had to drive back to Philadelphia, leaving one guy to catch for another hour or so. As for the catcher who stuck around, the Bluefish wound up giving him back his $50.00 tryout fee….

15. Anonymous - April 7, 2008

Glenn Murray has a ton of great hitting stories. Says the farthest ball he ever hit in Bridgeport was off the 2nd set of windows….banging off the arena up over the left field fence. Says like many in the AL, he liked playing in Mexico…to make some real money. If you won in the playoffs, you’d get huge bonuses: guys would sometimes make 50% of their season salary if they made it through all 3 playoff rounds.

16. ed molnar - May 7, 2008

I met randy mcgarvey when i played with the washington wild things he is a class act and has a great baseball mindset and an even greater respect for the game.

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