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March 24, 2008 March 24, 2008

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DePriest To Southern Maryland: Jason Guarente is reporting that the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs will be signing P Derrick DePriest. The best closer in the Atlantic League last year, Guarente writes that he’ll be in the rotation for the Crabs.

Mateo. Mat-ayyyyyyyyyy-oh: The Newark Bears lineup continues to gain filthyness, as they’ve re-signed OF Ruben Mateo. Once one of the brightest prospects in the game, Mateo spent parts of six seasons at the Major League level for the Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals.

He’s a career .250 hitter in the big leagues, as well as having 21 home runs and 89 RBI to his name.

He played in just 15 regular season games for the Bears last season after his release by the Brewers organization. He hit .288 with five home runs and 10 RBI during his brief stay with the Bears.

Useless Mateo fact? He hit the only triple of the entire 2007 Atlantic League postseason, and it was a big one…driving in two runs in Game Four of the Championship Series against Somerset.

Good For You, Danny Graves: The Dayton Daily News is reporting that former Long Island Ducks closer Danny Graves is pitching with the Minnesota Twins minor league affiliates in spring training.

Graves, who’s actually only 34 — not 38 as the article states — was 4-5 with a 3.90 ERA and 33 saves last year in Central Islip. I wouldn’t say he was the best closer in the league last year, but for a guy with 182 big league saves and a MLB All-Star Game under his belt, it’s not surprising to see someone gave him an opportunity.

Rabouin Teaching The Game Overseas: I had this Yahoo Sports article passed on to me by one of our loyal readers, in which Southern Maryland Blue Crabs pitching coach Andre Rabouin’s trip to China to teach kids the game is detailed.

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the Atlantic League, but it’s still fascinating to see exactly what Rabouin is doing over there, and will certainly be a topic of conversation if you ever run into the Blue Crabs coach.

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No More Crabs: You have to appreciate a headline like that. Moving on. Jason Guarente is reporting that the Southern Maryland Bluecrabs won’t be signing any other players that they selected in this year’s expansion draft. That means no Frank Castillo, no Mike Lockwood, no John Halama, no RJ Swindle, no Eric Junge, no Anthony Ferrari.

That being said: Is there really a point to have the draft?

Bonds Won’t Be Wearing Red, White & Blue: Ryan Dunleavy is reporting that the Somerset Patriots have no interest in bringing Barry Bonds on board this season. Meanwhile, The York Dispatch’s Jeffrey Johnson says the York Revolution might be a good fit for the slugger. I hope he’s kidding.

If anything, Joe Klein has gotten the league’s name out there to even more people. Bonds really has as little shot of coming here as “Out Of This World” does returning to television. – Scott Stanchak


1. LIpaperlantern - March 24, 2008

Article in Newsday featuring Scott Paterson has completely wrong information about him…

2. Ashmore - March 24, 2008

Hmmm. Have to be careful here, as I will run into the Yankees beat writers from time to time.

People have said Kat O’Brien looks like she could be my sister before…so ummm, yeah. There’s that too.

Anyway, you won’t see Patterson complaining about someone saying he’s 23. Heck, if he were 23, he’d probably have the spot locked up.

3. LIpaperlantern - March 24, 2008

His real stats are better though 🙂

4. Kevin - March 24, 2008

Any idea who the Blue Crabs closer will be? Barnstormin’ is reporting the Crabs signed Derrick DePriest but intend to use him as a starter.

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