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February 21, 2008 February 21, 2008

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Juan Gone Piece: Here’s an article on ESPN.com about former Long Island Ducks outfielder and current St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training invitee, Juan Gonzalez. Check it out. – Scott Stanchak

Ashmore: I’ll be in Canada for a few days, so Scott’s riding solo at the controls for a few days. I’ll be back Monday.

Johnny Hernandez Update: (PR) Bridgeport, CT – February 20th – Baseball players are typically idolized for heroic clutch hits or diving catches to save the game.

To call Johnny Hernandez just a baseball player would be an understatement. Sure he knows how to send the ball flying with the crack of a bat or flash some leather in the outfield. On the diamond he is a baseball player. Off the diamond Hernandez is a member of the Navy and a true American. Hernandez has once again been called on to serve his country in Iraq, just one more way to show his true colors.

Born on September 11th, 1979, the Brooklyn, New York native is never shy about displaying his American pride and generosity. Hernandez’s military duties and his efforts on the baseball diamond have always gone hand in hand, displayed by his passion for America’s national past-time, his dedication to community service, and his heroic efforts overseas in the Navy.

After playing minor league baseball throughout the St. Louis Cardinals’ system from 1999-2003, Hernandez enlisted in the military. His services in the Navy led to his joining of the Military All-Stars team, a group of active duty, reserve, and veterans servicemen who represent some of the best baseball talent throughout the military. They travel the globe while off-duty to show their patriotism and showcase their baseball skills. It was the Military All-Stars that led Hernandez to Bridgeport in 2007.

Before the May 28th game between the Bridgeport Bluefish and the Long Island Ducks, the Bluefish invited the Military All-Stars to practice with the team. The All-Stars remained on the field for the National Anthem and stayed with the Bluefish in the dugout during the game. While Bluefish Field Manager Tommy John was pitching batting practice, he took notice of Johnny Hernandez’s abilities. Later that season, Hernandez was signed by the Bluefish to finish out the 2007 season while still on military leave. He joined the team in early August, playing in 39 games and batting .299.

While in Bridgeport he became part of the community both as a member of the Bluefish and as a teammate to the local population. Hernandez volunteered to take part in a free hitting clinic for the Sports Center of Connecticut and also helped out a great deal with the Bluefish summer camps.

Although it is a big part of his life, being a ball player does not even begin to touch the surface of who Johnny Hernandez is. A great all-around person who gives back to his community and his country is a title that would fit him a little better. Hernandez will undoubtedly continue his patriotism in one form or another and will always have the support of the Bluefish organization, our fans and the rest of America.

Blue Crabs Acquire Catcher: The Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks sold the contract of C Adam Shorsher to Southern Maryland. – MA



1. Anonymous - February 21, 2008

At least ESPN magazine mentioned that Juan was with the Ducks.

2. Kevin - February 21, 2008

Wow, great stuff about Johnny Hernandez. I assume he’s not going to play much next year due to Navy commitments?

And I’m always up for some Blue Crabs news!

3. BoosterBabe - February 22, 2008

Johnny Hernandez was fantastic! He was great on the field, he was great with the fans…always had a kind word and was great with the kids before the game. Kids would lean over the fence before the game asking for autographs and you know kids…they didn’t have pens! Neither did Johnny…but he always saw me sitting down behind the dugout….and he’d just look at me….sign the air…and I’d toss him a ball point pen from my bag. Always smiling. What a great pick up he was.

A real quality player and person. I’ll miss him this season and pray for his safe return from Iraq.

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