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February 12, 2008 February 12, 2008

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Chiaravalloti Signs With Patriots: (PR) The Three-Time Atlantic League Champion Somerset Patriots have announced the signing of Middletown, NJ native Vito Chiaravalloti.

Chiaravalloti, a first baseman, played for the Road Warriors during the 2007 season and hit .296 with 116 hits, 32 doubles, four triples, 19 home runs, and 81 RBI in 112 games played during an All-Star season.

Chiaravalloti has experience in the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles organizations, reaching as high as Double-A with the Blue Jays.

Chiaravalloti has a minor league career .266 batting average with 438 hits, 111 doubles, 66 home runs, and 301 RBI in 470 games.

“We are excited to have Vito be part of the Patriots this year. He had a great 2007 season with the Road Warriors and we look for him to thrive playing in front of a home crowd not too far from where he grew up,” said Patrick McVerry, President/General Manager of the Somerset Patriots Baseball Club.

Chiaravalloti is the first official signing for the Somerset Patriots for the 2008 season.

Pressley Signs With Florida (Updated): Remember that long rumored affiliated signing I was alluding to about a week ago? This was it. It’s finally been officially announced that former Somerset Patriots 1B Josh Pressley has signed a deal with the Florida Marlins. I had several players ask me about this, but wanted to wait for the official announcement.

Pressley hit .283 with 13 home runs and 56 RBI for the Patriots last season. He played hurt, worked well with team officials, and completely changed his reputation.

“Josh showed tremendous heart and dedication to the team last season, foregoing surgery at the end of the regular season to be able to play in the post-season. We are proud of Josh and wish him all the best in his pursuit of making the Major Leagues with the Marlins,” Pats GM Patrick McVerry said in a team release.

UPDATE: I’m hoping to speak to Pressley at some point this week, possibly as early as today, so stay tuned for that.

Rocker Did Steroids: John Rocker, who the Long Island Ducks have got to be regretting ever associating themselves with by now, claims he failed a Major League Baseball administered drug test in 2000.

Rocker said that Bud Selig knew he was taking steroids in 2000, but didn’t do anything about it. He also says that a union doctor and MLB doctor advised him and several other prominent players on how to safely take steroids.

Baseball America Ranks Patterson #28: In their latest Prospect Handbook, Baseball America has ranked former Lancaster P Scott Patterson as the Yankees 28th best prospect.

However, there are a few issues with his write-up in the book. I’m taking the following word for word from something I wrote for another venture I’m involved with. Yes, I’m intentionally refraining from linking to it as well…

Don’t Believe Everything You Read…

Unless I wrote it, of course.

Seriously though, I (finally) got my hands on a copy of the 2008 Baseball America Prospect Handbook, and found a few discrepancies in the Scott Patterson entry.

The write-up lists Patterson as having played for the “homeless” Barnstormers, which isn’t true. While he did play for the Lancaster Barnstormers, they were never homeless.

As someone who has covered the Atlantic League for six seasons now, I can tell you that the Road Warriors were the only traveling team in the league. In fact, Patterson started the inaugural game at Clipper Magazine Stadium on May 11, 2005.

In the Lancaster Barnstormers Inaugural Season DVD, the elaborate and somewhat ridiculous sequence in which a group of kids run from the outfield to deliver the ball to Patterson after an extensive video sequence is shown.

The second issue with the Patterson write-up is that his statistics are incomplete. He was picked up in June of the 2006 season by the Yankees, and the first half of his season is not mentioned in the write-up or acknowledged in the statistics, although his 2005 numbers are.

For the record, Patterson went 2-0 with an 0.78 ERA and 14 saves in 20 games for the Barnstormers before choosing the Yankees to sign with. He also had an offer from the Baltimore Orioles, but he told me that he chose the Yankees because Baltimore’s offer was to pitch in Single-A. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - February 12, 2008

About the Scott Patterson entry in the hand book…Although I’m sure alot of the mistakes originate from Baseball America, the accuracy with Atlantic League stats on any site is frustrating. I think it all goes back to the league, to be honest. Misidentification of players, missing stat years, etc. have become nearly common mistakes in an Atlantic League box score.

2. Roadwarriorfan - February 12, 2008

Mike, as for those Southern Maryland signings…is Ian Bladergroen’s deal official yet? I know Doetsch is with the Nationals now…

3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - February 12, 2008

The Patterson entry was frustrating merely because BA preaches their accuracy, and all it would have taken was a simple call or e-mail to find out that their statement was partially erroneous.

As for Bladergroen, Southern Maryland has not officially announced any signings to my knowledge. Then again, I’ve been waiting for a phone call from Butch Hobson for about a month now, so they may play an entire season without my knowledge.

And RWfan, you might want to pay particular attention to the anticipated news from later today…

4. Roadwarriorfan - February 12, 2008

WOAH! Great news for Vito…haha looks like I got my wish about him returning to the A.L. I made a few days ago in the comment section. He’s going to become a fan favorite. The Patriots could potentially have 3 former Warriors in their opening day infield with Elliot Ayala, Teuris Olivares and Vito.

5. barnstormer1 - February 12, 2008

Thats a great signing for the Patriots!

6. Anonymous - February 12, 2008

You can bet that Rocker was still doing steroids when he was with the Ducks. He had several run-ins with the fans (it got to the point that he had to wear ear plugs when he pitched) and several run-ins with the players and staff (he busted up the clubhouse a couple of times breaking stools and a table).

7. southernalfan - February 12, 2008

Of course he was using ‘roids when he was in the AL. I’ve heard that 20-40% of the guys in the AL use illegal drugs.

8. Paul - February 13, 2008

I’m happy the Patriots signed Vito. He seems like a good guy, and a very good ballplayer at this level.

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