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November 5, 2007 November 5, 2007

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Are you counting down the days until the 2008 season begins? At least now you have an official start date, as many of the teams have started releasing their season schedules. Check out the team sites for the 2008 calendars…

IMPORTANT REMINDER: I’m going to keep the donation icon on the page for anyone who would like to help support AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com. Again, the donation goes towards keeping the site up (it costs a lot more than you’d think) and other costs (travel, pencils, staplers, etc.). I’m kidding on some of the stuff. Thank you to those who’ve already been so supportive. And keep clicking the ad at the top of the page, it helps.

Also, any current and former players who would like to do a live question and answer on the site like last year, get in touch with myself or Mike and we’ll set it up. It was a huge success prior to the 2007 season and we hope to improve on that this year.


1. b-fish fan - November 5, 2007

the new haven county cutters have folded.

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