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October 25, 2007 October 24, 2007

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Hoiles To The O’s?: Just a year into the job, York Revolution manager Chris Hoiles may be leaving the team. The Baltimore Orioles have interest in their former backstop as the team’s newest first-base coach. With Lancaster and Maryland looking for skippers, and under the same ownership, they might have to add a new club to the mix.

10/29 Update: The Revolution got in touch with me today and said that they aren’t aware of any dialog between the Orioles and Hoiles. For more, check out this article in the York Daily Record. – Scott Stanchak

New Bluefish GM Speaks: He’d only been in his office for five days, so his 2005 Atlantic League Executive of the Year Award might not be on his desk yet, but Todd Marlin is already thinking about ways to improve the Bridgeport Bluefish.

“We’re looking for a complete, fresh start for the Bridgeport Bluefish,” Marlin said yesterday.

Marlin, who was named GM of the Pride in 2003 and named the top executive of the league in 2005, spent the 2006 season with the Can-Am League’s Worcester Tornadoes.

He spent some time at Holman Stadium in 2007 after leaving the Tornadoes to take a break from the game, and says he followed the Can-Am League a little bit more closely than he did the Atlantic League during his time away from the AL.

But Marlin said there’s more stability in the Atlantic League now than there was when he was with Nashua, pointing to having eight solid teams and losing the Road Warriors for what seems like for good.

And despite the well-documented problems in Nashua, a franchise whose fate may be announced as early as today, Marlin doesn’t see a similar path for Bridgeport.

“I really don’t believe something like that can happen here,” Marlin said, when asked about comparisons in low attendance figures.

“It’s a much bigger market here, and we have a beautiful facility here as well.”

Marlin said the team is focusing strongly on sales, particularly hitting the group sales market aggressively.

“Being from Nashua, you have to be creative with promotions and ticket packages,” he said.

There will also be more of a focus on marketing their manager, Tommy John, whose name value is definitely an asset to the team.

“We’d like to get him out in the community as much as possible,” Marlin said.

“We’d like to take his personality and utilize it as much as possible.”

One question on the minds of Bluefish fans has been who will handle baseball operations for the club, and Marlin says that’s something that he’ll have to sit down with John and discuss.

Marlin said that there’s no imminent timetable in terms of an announcement regarding a head of baseball operations, but estimated that he’d hope to have something done by the middle of December.

Nashua Is Back, But Is Butch Hobson: Tom King of The Nashua Telegraph is reporting that the Nashua Pride will be returning to the Can-Am League for an 11th season. But he also asks if Butch Hobson will return as well…

Hobson has long been known to be a candidate to manage the Lancaster Barnstormers, and Nashua owner John Stabile issued a no comment when King asked him if Hobson, who has one year left on his contract as the team’s skipper, would be returning.

For updates on the Lancaster managerial situation, including some new names in the mix, check out Jason Guarente’s Barnstormin’.

Torre Gets Offer From Independent Team: Now that the real news is out of the way, let’s tackle the publicity stunts. The Brockton Rox of the Can-Am League announced their interest in Joe Torre, with the press release stating that while they have $7.5 million worth of trust in him, they’re prepared to make an offer in the “high five figures.”

The odds of Joe Torre managing the Brockton Rox are about as good as the Long Island Ducks refusing to sign big leaguers. – Mike Ashmore


1. b-fish fan - October 26, 2007

todd a little helpful hint.marketing of the mgr.didnt work in 2007 and wont work in 2008.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 26, 2007

Well, it depends on how they go about it.

I promise you that Somerset sells tickets to people who come just to see Sparky Lyle.

If Bridgeport can market Tommy, and make him more accessible to fans for autographs and pictures and whatnot, they’re on the right track.

3. b-fish fan - October 26, 2007

i will be willing to bet 2 box seats in bpt.if there are 3000 people at a bluefish game.1500 of them wouldnt know tommy john if he fell on them.not to mention that 2500 of those fans couldnt name 5 bluefish players.

4. BoosterBabe - October 27, 2007

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…I agree with b-fish fan. Most of the people at Bluefish games aren’t there for the game and don’t even know who’s playing.

If you look at the successful teams in the league, Long Island and Somerset, notably, you’ll see they do one thing that Bridgeport did not do last year and that’s focus the marketing efforts on BOTH the “family entertainment” people AND the baseball fans.

The problem with marketing to the “family entertainment” people is this: while they might enjoy their first time and they might come once or twice a season (which is great!), they are not going to come out 3-4 times a week. Baseball fans are going to come out 3-4 times a week. There’s your bread and butter. The “family entertainment” people are occasional fans, but they fill in the empty seats.

LI and Somerset market to both crowds and they sell out every night. Hmm….wonder why that is? Because they acknowlege that they need both to survive. And that’s something that Larsen never accepted.

5. Z - October 27, 2007

Very good point boosterbabe…I’ve never thought of it that way..

6. Fausto Gabon - October 28, 2007

While the number of individual tickets TJ might sell is debatable, he could be a real asset to suites, groups and advertising sales. People old enough to have an appreciation for his accomplishments are decison makers at companies that might spend some money with the Fish. Nice last bullet for a sales presentation.

7. BoosterBabe - October 29, 2007

oh heck, if Tommy John’s presence can close a couple of sponsorship deals and sell a few extra season tix package, why not exploit that? But I agree…the average person in the stands last season had NO IDEA about Tommy John, Junior Spivey, Matt Beech, etc. The average person in the stands last season was there to see Clammy Sosa & Derek Cheetah, Reggie the Purple Party Dude, Crazy George and Jake the Diamond Dog. The baseball game was just filler between the entertainment sets. (sarcasm mode in turbo)

Know what? I hate to say this but the Bluefish season seems like a million years ago: the Red Sox are about to win their second World Series in my lifetime (in the past 4 years) and there’s really no other baseball on my mind right now!!!!

8. BoosterBabe - October 30, 2007

Jose Offerman finally had his day in court. The verdict?

Two years’ Probation.

And Klein says he’s welcome to play in the Atlantic League.

If anyone hires him, I won’t be in the stands whenever that team plays in Bridgeport, that’s for sure.

Link here: http://www.connpost.com/breakingnews/ci_7321813

9. Z - October 30, 2007

2 years probation??? If someone did that on the street I’m sure it wouldn’t be 2 years probation….It would be more like 2 years or more in jail..

10. BoosterBabe - October 30, 2007

yeah, exactly. Did you read the article? Anger Management???? Hello?
It’s a joke. The entire thing is a joke. Nathans’ career may be over, and the judge made a joke out of the punishment.
I’m so disappointed.

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