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October 1, 2007 – Thank You October 1, 2007

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Some updates news below at the bottom of the page… – MA

First and foremost, Mike and I would like to thank everyone for their widespread support over the past year. This was an unbelievable Atlantic League season for us and we couldn’t have done it without you.

In 2007, we saw the daily number of viewers coming to the site increase to close to a thousand, including more players, front office staff and fans. We also saw a nice increase in message board comments. I was confident that eliminating anonymous postings wouldn’t change the number of messages left and it hasn’t. It was done to give an identity to those who like to talk about Atlantic League baseball and now that is happening each and every day.

The main reason we started ALB several years ago was because there wasn’t one reliable news source to provide complete league coverage. I’d like think we’ve done a good job at successfully filling that void. Mike gets most of the credit for this year though. As I’ve moved on in many aspects of my career, Mike broke many big news stories in 2007 and provided great insight into the league. I’d like to thank him for his hard work.

Two things I have to mention: 1) Each time you visit the site, if you could click on the ad above, that would be awesome. We aren’t making any money off the site between web costs, travel and more, so that gives us a chance to possibly make back some of the money we put out. 2) I also added a donation button to the top right side of the site. This is for any of you who feel like giving back a little to your favorite Atlantic League web site.

Since I know Mike would like this thrown out there: Last year he ran several off-season chats between fans and players/coaches. If there are any players, coaches or front office members out there who would like to do one this year, hit up him or myself.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know. You know where to find us. Again, thank you so much. – Scott Stanchak

Marlin Named Bluefish GM: The Bridgeport Bluefish didn’t waste much time replacing Bill Larsen, hiring former Nashua Pride GM Todd Marlin as their new general manager.

Marlin became the Pride’s GM in 2003 and was named Atlantic League Executive of the Year in 2005. Following the Pride’s departure from the Atlantic League, he joined the Can-Am League’s Worcester Tornadoes in the same capacity.

Strauss Thanks Fans: Make sure you check out the comments section, where long-time Atlantic Leaguer and fan favorite Brad Strauss thanks the fans for their support.

Other Bridgeport Related News: Jose Offerman pleaded not guilty a few days back on the charges related to the bat-swinging incident. This happened during the Championship Series, and appeared on the front page of ESPN.com, but I wanted the focus to be on baseball…not on this again.

Also, as you may have seen in the comments from a few days back, Bill Gonillo, the news director of News 12 in Connecticut, passed away. He was a big supporter of Bluefish baseball and ran many stories on them — he also shot the video of Offerman being led away from the stadium that was seen on pretty much every major news outlet.

Obviously this is sad news, and I should have reported it a little earlier, but I didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle of everything else that was going on. Certainly, this is important to a lot of people, and it deserves to get treated that way. – Mike Ashmore mashmore98 at gmail.com



1. Brad Strauss - October 1, 2007

Mike and Scott,

I would just like to take some time to say thank you to all the fans of the atlantic league that has made playing in the league for the past 8 years and incredible experience for me. I truely loved my time on the diamond and off with the Ducks and the Sharks. I am still praying that I can hit that lottery so I can continue playing but also look forward to my next career whatever that may be. I am now a free agent for the first time in a long time so we will see what awaits me in the job market. Thank you both for great coverage. Hopefully you will continue to grow in your coverage and knowledge of the game and hopefully Mike I have taught you one thing don’t judge any player until you have seen them play on an everyday basis. I know it is hard to do as an outsider but it is something I have learned in my years especially in this league. This league has meant so much to me it is hard to believe I won’t be a part of it anymore. Again all my thanks to the wonderful fans.


2. jidyfan - October 1, 2007

This is a release from the Bluefish today:

Bluefish Hire Todd Marlin As New General Manager

Bridgeport, CT – October 1, 2007 –
The Bridgeport Bluefish announced today that Todd Marlin has been hired as the new General Manager. Marlin began his baseball career in 1998 as an intern with the Nashua Pride in the Atlantic League’s inaugural year. In 2003, he was named General Manager of the Pride and in 2005 Marlin was named Atlantic League Executive of the Year.

Joe Klein, Executive Director of the Atlantic League said, “Todd brings a lot of Atlantic League experience to Bridgeport, his success in Nashua and knowledge of what it takes to be a winner in the Atlantic League will help Mary- Jane Foster and her group reach their goal of the next Bridgeport Championship. We all wish them well.”

Marlin was with the Nashua Pride during their Atlantic League championship season in 2000, during which Nashua beat out the Bridgeport Bluefish in the division series. In his first year as General Manager he led the Pride to the 2003 Atlantic League championship series before losing to the Somerset Patriots. Marlin left the Pride at the end of 2005 to become the General Manager of the Worcester Tornadoes, a team in the Can-Am League.

“We’re looking forward to Todd joining us,” said Mary-Jane Foster, CEO of the Bluefish. “He has a proven track record in all areas of the minor league baseball business and he is well known in the Atlantic League as an effective manager. I think we have found the right person to lead the Bluefish both to profitability and a winning record.”

3. chuckerd58 - October 2, 2007

Mike and Scott,Thank you for giving fans of the AL a chance to talk about our favorite teams,players and issue’s. Even if we disagree on teams and issue’s,I think we can all agree that it’s great to have this forum to find out alot about the league.

4. chuckerd58 - October 2, 2007

To Brad Strauss,even though you got a ton of big hits against the Ducks,you where still one of my favorite opposing players because you played all out and seemed to enjoy being out there,wheather playing first,third,the outfield or dhing. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

5. mnlem - October 2, 2007

Thanks a lot for a wealth of information. This site has increased my enjoyment of the AL greatly.

I just hope the Atlantic League appreciates what a great job you guys do.

6. Roadwarriorfan - October 2, 2007

Mike and Scott,

Thanks for providing the best of Atlantic League news. I couldn’t imagine trying to keep up with this league without this site. Great Job.

Brad- I’ve enjoyed watching you play many times at Campbell’s Field since 2001 and will miss seeing your name in the lineup. Good luck in the future.

For those Road Warrior fans out there, I finally got around to posting that record book on my blog. More articles in the future.

7. mdcrab13 - October 3, 2007

As a Newark Bear fan, I would like to challenge all ALB fans out there to a $20 donation to help support this web site…..think of it as an “off season” game–you would spend that much on 2 tickets/hotdogs/cold beer/soft serve ice cream. Living in Maryland, I attended several home games for the Bears, caught them on the road in Camden, Lancaster and York, but relied mostly on the internet broadcasts, and the great job of this website. Mike put in a lot of long hours and hard work for all teams. Let’s show our appreciation by helping out to keep this site running. If you can’t afford the “deluxe box seat donation”, how about the “bleachers and two-for-one hot dog” deal….$10. We will be getting a team in my home town, Waldorf in Southern Maryland next year, and I can’t wait to see the coverage of our “Blue Crabs” on the website.

8. Scott Stanchak - October 3, 2007

Thanks for the plug, mdcrab 13. And thank you to everyone for their positive emails and donations so far. Mike and I will be coming up with some off-season content very soon… stay tuned.

9. b-fish fan - October 3, 2007

what is the point of hiring a g.m who does not have the power to sign players and hire his own mgr?

10. Fausto Gabon - October 3, 2007

Outsourcing my man, it’s the wave of the future.

Todd Marlin has plenty to do cleaning up after the last two guys. You’re not going to get the bulk of your players until next March or April, and doesn’t TJ have a 3 year deal? Lots to do on the business side between now and then to make the Fish profitable enough to make it to 2009, not to mention managing the renovations to the Yard.

11. BoosterBabe - October 3, 2007

Thanks for the mention of Bill Gonillo’s passing, Mike. It’s been sad around here in Fairfield County and to be honest with you, I can’t bear to watch the evening news and see anyone else sitting in the sports anchor chair. He was a much-loved individual and his passing leaves a huge Bill Gonillo shaped hole in the hearts of a lot of people. (And those of you who had met him, you know that’s a pretty BIG hole!) 🙂

Along those same lines, a group of Bill’s friends formed “Bill Gonillo’s Team of the Week” to raise money in his memory during our local American Diabetes Association fundraiser walk on Oct 14th. Donating, if you’re so inclined, can be done on the below website via credit card:
Click here to visit my personal page.
If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

Click here to view the team page for Bill Gonillo’s Team of the Week
If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

If you would like to donate but would prefer not to use a credit card, you can always snail-mail me a check. If you email me I will let you know how to do that. And of course, there may be an event that is local to you where you might prefer to make your donation and that’s fine too. It all goes to the same place.


12. PlayerPCCollector - October 3, 2007

I’d like to thank Mike for putting up with my requests for photos.

As for the Atlantic League, here’s to another 10 years- I am getting to point where I enjoy a game in Newark or Somerset (I’ll have to try get to some other sites) more than I do Shea Stadium.

I’m still amazed I was able to get Edgardo Alfonzo’s autograph on a couple of occasions- what a gentleman he is and what a great couple of years he had with the Mets. Too bad his back wouldnt cooperate.

I think the first and foremost story for the winter is the Maryland team and the health of the B’fish. No offense to a couple of posters, but it’s time for the Road Warriors to park it somewhere.

Keep up the good work guys.

13. Z - October 4, 2007

Some good news for Bears is the fact that the Lincoln Motel, across the street from the Den, is currently being demolished. I’ve heard they might put some commercial things up there…In any case it should make for a much better atmosphere outside the stadium and this was something that has needed to be done for awhile…

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