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September 23, 2007 – Game Three September 23, 2007

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Bears Walk-Off Win

Ayala’s bases loaded 4-3 in the bottom of the 2nd

Brandon Knight throws a pitch in Game Three

Postgame Quotes:


“It’s a great feeling, it just feels good. If I went 0-for-4 or I went 0-for-the entire series, but we still won the series, I’d be the happiest person. Anything that I can do that helps the team win, it’s an added bonus. I’ll go out there and play the best defense I can and help our team. I had a good pitch, and I knew it was going to be deep enough for a sac fly, so I was happy with that.”

“No, I didn’t (remember that I hit a three-run home run off of Spiehs in Newark on May 27th) somebody told me that before. Hey, that’s the just the way things line up sometimes. I really can’t even say anything about it, I just got a good pitch to hit and I didn’t miss that one.”

“(Being one win away) — it’s a real good feeling. I know they’re going to come out tomorrow and play us hard. It’s going to be a battle this whole series, so we’re just going to go out there and leave it all on the field. We don’t want it to go to Game Five, we want it to end as soon as we can.”

Quotes from Sparky Lyle and R.D. Spiehs when I get home, whenever the hell that will be…

UPDATED – It’s 1:15 AM. Just got home. Any time you all come up to me and tell me how great my job must be, please remember things like this…


“He settled in (after the first inning), he pitched a great game. We had Eckert on the hook I don’t know how many times, I think that’s the same way he pitched against Long Island, they had the bases loaded three times and they couldn’t score. I see why now. He’s got that sidearm whatever it is, and he makes you swing at it. That’s what we were doing tonight.”

“(The leadoff walk) was a killer, an absolute killer. (The double) was fair though, as much as I hate to say it. Now we’ve got to win two f(rea)king games. That’s all there is to it.”


“A leadoff walk is inexcusable. With second and third, it wasn’t a quality pitch to Reed, but the leadoff walk really set the tone for the way things went.”

“I remember (Reed’s 5/27 HR), I pretty much remember everyone who’s gotten me this year. Tonight, it was a situation where I needed a strikeout or a pop-up, and I threw him a fastball away. He elevated it and I didn’t do a good job.”

“The next pitch to Herrera (after he fouled off two bunt attempts), we were going sinker away hoping to get a ground ball. He got good wood on it, whether it was faur or foul, that’s not the point. I’ve just got to make a better pitch there.”


“Both bullpens are pretty fresh, but hopefully R.D. Spiehs closing out a seven-run game tonight doesn’t bite the Patriots in the a– tomorrow.” – Me, in the Game Two “Ashmore Analysis”

Well, it did.

First off, before I say anything, you’ve got to give Spiehs credit for even talking to Ryan and myself after the game. That can’t be easy.

With that said, I think the use of the Patriots bullpen has been somewhat questionable this postseason. Where is Paul Thorp? Why was Hector Almonte in that spot in the eighth inning instead?

I don’t necessarily question Spiehs coming in for the ninth — although that does mean that you got only one batter out of Saul Solveson — but I did question then and of course question now the use of Spiehs in last night’s game. Did that affect him tonight?

The Patriots had better hope that Lincoln Mikkelsen’s got his good stuff going tomorrow night, or the Bears clubhouse is going to be flooding with beer and champagne if that isn’t the case…

Live Game Updates: Every half-inning, I’ll update what’s going on here at the Den. Game time is 7PM.

Trying to recover from a pretty horrendous national anthem…

Patriots 4 – Bears 5, FINAL


Ayala K (swinging)
Lockwood K (swinging)
Olivares L-5 (diving stab by Smith)


Castro H (single to center)
Herrera H (single up the middle, past a diving Olivares)
Reed F-8 (Castro to third)
Colina E-5 (booted by Larson, Castro scores, Herrera to second)
Rodriguez H (single to left, bases loaded)
Smith 2B (off left field wall, Herrera and Colina score, Rodriguez to third)
Mateo K (swinging)
Gomes K (swinging)

Two of three runs are earned


Larson H (single to center)
Pressley H (hard liner off the left field wall, Larson to third)
Leathers K (swinging)
Romano BB (bases loaded)
Allen BB (Larson scores)
Anderson K (swinging)
Ayala 4-3 (started out 3-0)


Pachot 6-3
Castro K (looking)
Herrera K (swinging)


Lockwood 2B (off the base of the center field wall)
Olivares 5-3 (chopper to Smith, Lockwood stays at 2nd)
Larson F-8 (Lockwood tags, goes to third)
Pressley 3 UA


Reed H
Colina F-9
Rodriguez F-9
Smith 5-4 FC


Leathers P-5
Romano 2B (down the right field line)
Allen BB
Anderson F-9
Ayala 6-4 FC


Mateo 6-3
Gomes 6-3
Pachot P-4


Lockwood H (single through the right side)
Olivares 5-4-3 DP
Larson HBP (first pitch)
Pressley H (grazes the top of the glove of Castro…very hard hit ball)
Leathers 5-3 (Smith AGAIN makes a diving stab to save a run and throw out Leathers)


Castro K (swinging)
Herrera 1-3
Reed K (swinging)


Romano K (swinging — with that K, Eckert becomes the Bears all-time leader in postseason strikeouts with 12)
Allen F-7 (first pitch)
Anderson 2B (line drive off the left field wall)
Ayala H (bloop base hit to short right field, Anderson scores)
Lockwood HR (two run typical Lockwood shot to right, well over the wall)
Olivares 4-3


Colina P-3
Rodriguez 2-3 (little dribbler in front of the place)
Smith F-8


Larson 5-3 (first pitch)
Pressley BB (full count)

Visit to mound by Steve Foucault — Trujillo warming

Leathers F-8
Romano 5-4 FC


Mateo H (to left field)
Gomes SAC BUNT 3-4 (Mateo to second)
Pachot H (RBI, to center field, Mateo scores)
Castro K (swinging)
Herrera H (flings the bat at the ball, hits it through the left side, Pachot to second)
Reed K (swinging)




Allen 4-3
Anderson P-4
Ayala 4-3



Colina 1-3 (laser up the middle, Almonte spins around to get out of the way and the ball pretty much finds his glove)
Rodriguez P-3
Smith H (to right field)
Mateo BB
Gomes BB (started out 3-0)


Pachot P-3

Saul Solveson doing what Saul Solveson does…


Lockwood 1-3 (nearly thrown away by Babula)


Olivares K (swinging)
Larson P-6 (first pitch)




Castro BB (takes first 3-2 pitch about 8 feet foul of the left field foul pole)
Herrera 2B (fouls off two bunt attempts…hits 0-2 pitch down the left field line, ball hits end of tarp. Castro to 3rd. Game essentially over at this point…)


SOM Brandon Knight (12-5, 4.03) VS. NWK Harold Eckert (5-0, 2.59)


Ayala, SS
Lockwood, CF
Olivares, 2B
Larson, 3B
Pressley, DH
Leathers, 1B
Romano, LF
Allen, RF
Anderson, C
Knight, P


Castro, SS
Herrera, RF
Reed, CF
Colina, 2B
Rodriguez, 1B
Smith, 3B
Mateo, LF
Gomes, DH
Pachot, C
Eckert, P

Game Three Today: I’m at the ballpark, and it’s around 3:30. No real news to report as of yet, sounds like Brandon Knight vs. Harold Eckert as of right now.

Pregame Notes: One change in the Bears lineup, Jose Herrera is now batting second and Joey Gomes is hitting eighth. Complete lineups when I get them…

It IS Knight and Eckert tonight. Tomorrow is listed as Lincoln Mikkelsen versus Jose Garcia. Game five now has both starters listed as TBA.

Matt Kimbell, who filled in for the Bears when they pretty much had no pitching, is currently driving a cart around the infield. Back to being a groundskeeper…

On the Bears video, a picture of Sparkee, the Patriots mascot, is pictured. A red bulls-eye is on his head.

Pregame Quotes: Here’s what probable Game Four starter Mikkelsen and Bears skipper Wayne Krenchicki had to say…


“My last five starts in Italy, I went on three days rest. I pitched 40 innings on three days rest. think it really wore me out, to tell you the truth, leaving Italy on five starts with three days rest. You might be a little sore that day, but we’re in the Championship Series, the adrenaline’s going to play a little part. I don’t foresee any problem, I’ve done it quite a bit.”

On Adams saying yesterday that he didn’t feel as strong, but had his control…

“He knows he doesn’t have a great fastball that day, so he’s not worried about overthrowing his pitches. What he did yesterday was great, but that happens to a lot of guys. You just try to make pitches and pitch, and you’re not worried about overthrowing.”

On making the right decision in picking Somerset, and eliminating Camden in the playoffs…

“Without a doubt in my mind, I’m happy with the decision. Everyone’s been great here so far, I’ve had a great time.”

“It did make it a little sweeter, with it being that third and final game. It’s in the back of your mind, but you try not to let that get in the way. It might make you overthrow or do some things a little different. I have some friends on that team, so it hurt a little bit. One of my best friends, Brad Strauss, plays over there, so it hurt a little bit. So we had our little ‘who’s better,’ me and Brad, and I really think that we were a better team, even after they won the first game. And I said to watch out, because you never know. And bam, we got em’.”

On if he thinks that his time spent with Wayne Krenchicki and Steve Foucault will hurt his chances in Game Four, given they know pretty much everything he does…

“If I see a team, usually I’m going to be better against them the next time. Usually, it’s the other way around…oh, the hitters have seen him now, now they can get him — I don’t think that’s true for me in particular. I will see what the guy looks like when he comes to the plate, and see what he does, his first move, and then I try to use that against him. So I think it helps me to see players. Wayne and Fook, I don’t think there’s anything they can tell their hitters, I really don’t. I’m not worried about that at all.”


“Basically, (the lineup change — Herrera and Gomes being switched) is because of left-handed and right-handed pitching. We’ve faced all left-handers so far in the playoffs, so that’s what I’d planned on doing. It’s one of the spots I knew we’d have some sort of weakness in after losing Nettles. I toyed around with what would work in that spot the best for the last seven or ten days in the season and decided that I go with Gomes against left-handers and Herrera against right-handers in the 2 spot. In a perfect world, I would have liked to have had Nettles leading off and Castro batting second, but we don’t have that.”

“(Eckert) always seems to bring a different atmosphere to the ballpark than a lot of other pitchers. He’s a real harsh competitor with a lot of fire, and that’s what we like about him. Not only is he a good pitcher, but he’s very competitive.”

On what it says about the Bears that they’re able to bring in pitchers like Eckert, compared to previous seasons where players brought in were not at that level.

“I think a lot of it has to with the fact that — I’ve been doing this for what, 13 years now? 10 here. I have a lot of connections around the country and in other leagues also, and it makes a lot easier when you have contacts that you can trust, and knowing that they can trust me that I’ll do the right thing for those guys when they get here. So it’s helpful.”

Click HERE for audio of this question and answer…


My first look at the new Ring of Honor here in Newark

Thankfully, Dusty Bergman gave Steve Foucault his mustache back for tonight’s game



1. chuckerd58 - September 23, 2007

What a night for a game,hopefully there will be a big crowd and see a great game. Go Pats.

2. hwcwx1 - September 23, 2007

Just met Mike A. for the first time up in the press box @ Riverfront heck of a nice guy !! Go Bears !!

3. Roadwarriorfan - September 24, 2007

Nice videos, Mike. GO PATRIOTS!

4. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 24, 2007

Figured I’d take advantage of the high speed internet here. Assuming I do this next season, I think you’ll see a lot more stuff like that. I’ll take more advantage of the multimedia options the site provides me.

5. mnlem - September 24, 2007

Patriots need to get some breaks.

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 24, 2007

Aaaaaaaaand they did. Bomb by Lockwood.

7. chuckerd58 - September 24, 2007

How big of a crowd tonight? Hope it’s a good size.

8. chuckerd58 - September 24, 2007

Bad Anthem tonight,could not be as bad as the Carl Lewis classic.

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 24, 2007

Crowd? Hmmm…like 1200.

Anthem? Hmmm…like awful. Didn’t approach Carl at the Nets game though. Wooooooow.

10. chuckerd58 - September 24, 2007

To bad about the crowd,people are really missing some good ball.

11. mnlem - September 24, 2007

Great game.

12. mnlem - September 24, 2007

Even though my Patriots lost, a great game. Must win for the Bears with Mikkelsen tomorrow. Wonder if Spiehs was tired.

13. chuckerd58 - September 24, 2007

Good to see some video history for this game.

14. Z - September 24, 2007

Don’t u think there was more than 1200 there??? It looked like more to me, but then who knows…As a Newark regular I thought it was a good crowd and the atmosphere was once again very good…The last 2 Newark games at home against LI and Somerset had great atmospheres..

15. hwcwx1 - September 24, 2007

It was a lot more then 1200 at the Den tonight. I predicted for before the series began and will stick with my Bears in 4, I know anything can happen in a game 5 so don’t want to go there if we don’t have to. Bears fans know all to well aka 2001 that will have won nothing yet. Great atmosphere in Newark tonight it was a battle and it’s always great to see my fellow core fans which has lived and died with this team for many seasons, Go Bears and the best of luck on Monday night i’ll be there once again for every pitch !

16. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 24, 2007

Thanks to the weather man for a beautiful evening for championship baseball.
The anthem was an embarrassment. And in front of all those loud Patriot fans! Ugh. That woman should be arrested for what she did to our National Anthem. But if I had to choose between a bad anthem and a win … I’ll take the win. And what a win it was. Too much drama for this mama. Corey Smith is really turning it on when it really counts. I wish some of the others would hit better, but hey, a win is a win. It just gets so close and precarious! My nerves! The Newark fans let it out, too. We got those “1200” Newark fans screaming. We will NOT have a repeat of 2001. NO WAY. We are NOT going to go through that HELL again. NO WAY. LET’S GO BEARS!!!

Mike thanks so much for the videos!

17. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 24, 2007

WOW!!! What more we can thank GOD, beautiful weather, and most of all the Blessings of such a wonderful bottom of the 9th. That national athem was an embarrassment and those loud Patriots. We don’t have anything to be ashame of ” OUR GUYS ARE PLAYING WITH THEIR HEARTS!!! That is what it is important the win. NO BRICKCITY WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE OF THE 2001. LET’S BELIEVE, LET’S GO BEARS!!!

Mike thanks for such a wonderful coverage of the entire Series. YOU SHOULD SET AN EXAMPLE FOR THE STAR LEDGER!!!.

18. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 24, 2007

Just a thought for OUR NEWARK BEARS GUYS!!

The one who persevere gets the triumph!


19. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 24, 2007

Hey weather man thanks for that enthusiams!!. See you tonight and LET’s ROCK THE HOUSE!!!

20. Z - September 24, 2007

not to put a damper on thjings since I am a big Bears fan, but did anyone think Herrera’s double might have been foul??? I was lined up with the 3rd base line and it looked like it might have been foul??? With the ump jumping to get out of the way of it maybe he didn’t get a good view?? And we all know how AL umpiring is…Just wanted to hear some others opinions on this..In any case, it’s sweet justice for the Bears…

21. Z - September 24, 2007

Finally an actual article on the Bears win in today’s Star Ledger on page 2 of the sports section….Not a 1 paragraph blurb, but an actual article..Now that’s how they should always be covered…

22. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 24, 2007

About time the Star Ledger write a good report about the Newark Bears. Check the front page and page 38. I guess they read the comments here.

23. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 24, 2007

Hey Z!!! That ball was fair all the way!! front the first base look yes, he jumped but it was fair. NO MATTER WHAT!! IT WAS OUR NIGHT OF LUCK!! A lot of bad calls were made behind the plate; we do know how those Umpires are, but we have faith and GOD DOESN’T LIKE UGLIES. See you at the park tonight we are going to rock. Good matching duo…. GO GARCIA!!!!

24. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 24, 2007

Ball was definitely fair, no doubt.

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