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September 22, 2007 – Game Two September 22, 2007

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Postgame: Quotes from Brian Adams, Wayne Krenchicki, Brett Jodie, Brandon Larson and Josh Pressley.


“I might not have felt as strong, but I felt good about my control. I love pitching in this ballpark in front of these fans. I wanted to pitch this game because I felt it was a huge game for the series.”


“Any game you lose is going to be a letdown. The game got out of hand. There was probably three key things in the ballgame. We knew we were up against a very good pitcher, and Belcher’s two hits off the end of the bat really kind of let their innings go. We got a double play ball and were pretty much in control of the game, but then it got out of hand. Those three plays were probably the big three plays of the game.”

“I’m happy with a split. We’re going home and my best pitcher’s pitching tomorrow. We’ll worry about tomorrow, that’s all I’m worried about. Today’s over, turn the page.”


“We haven’t faced this guy all year. It’s another new guy we faced and we’re adjusting to. It’s taking us a while to get used to these guys, but we were able to get to them and make the adjustments. That’s what it’s all about, making the adjustments. We certainly did that tonight in the later innings.”

“I was looking dead red fastball. He was starting me out with fastballs and he was challenging me. These guys have been challenging me a little bit, and that’s kind of caught me off guard, because I’m used to going up there and seeing breaking balls on the first pitch and stuff. I thought he was going to try to get ahead right there, and I guessed right and was able to hit his pitch and put a good swing on it.”

“(Adams did a) heck of a job, this guy’s unbelievable. He’s pitching on three days rest, and you can’t really say enough about that. He’s been our top ace all year, and he’s really stepped it up. He’ll be the last guy to pat himself on his back, he’ll be in there wanting to see what he can do better next time. It would be nice to see him one more time.”

“Hitting is contagious, it really is. We put some big runs together, and all of a sudden guys wake up and they’re fired up. We’re not giving at-bats away, and that’s what’s key to this series. We’re not doing it in the first couple of innings, but once that big inning comes up, we’re really taking advantage and demoralizing the other team, so to speak, by doing what we did tonight.


“I’ll tell you what, that really gives your team a boost when you’ve got a guy going out there on short rest and giving the effort he gave today. Getting out of that bases loaded jam, you can be speechless after you see something like that. That was a lot of guts he showed tonight.”

“Right now, I think (the game three starter) is going to be Knight.”


“I was struggling early in the game and kind of getting out on my front foot a little bit, and went back in the cage and took some swings and tried to stay behind the ball. I was kind of looking for something hard in, and he threw it and I just tried to put an easy swing on it and see what happened.”


Obviously, this was a game the Patriots had to have. And for a while, it looked like they wouldn’t get it. I really think that the fact that Somerset hadn’t faced either Woodyard or Bergman before was a huge advantage for the Bears, and both pitchers looked pretty good the first time through the Patriots order.

If someone told me that Brian Adams mistake to Javier Colina was going to be the difference, and that they’d lose 1-0, I’d have believed you considering the way the game was going for the first few innings. But the bats woke up in a big way, and the Patriots made a big statement against a team whose lineup has been the best in the league this season.

Game Three is pretty critical, and Brett Jodie told me after the game that Somerset will be sending Brandon Knight to the mound for the Patriots. But Wayne Krenchicki is very confident that Harold Eckert can get the job done, and I seem to agree with him.

I think that tomorrow’s game will feature the best pitcher’s duel you’ll see in this series, as both pitchers are among the best in the league. Both bullpens are pretty fresh, but hopefully R.D. Spiehs closing out a seven-run game tonight doesn’t bite the Patriots in the a– tomorrow.

Both games haven’t really been decided by the managers. There hasn’t been any pinch hitting, no pinch runners, no defensive replacements, none of that. If one of the games does though, the Patriots depth should give them an edge. The loss of Marcus Nettles for the Bears could really haunt them if certain situations arise.

Live Game Updates: After every half inning, I will update the site with what each batter did, and so on. Won’t be after every batter like yesterday. That was obnoxious and a ton of work…

Bears 1, Patriots 8, FINAL. Series tied 1-1. Game Three tomorrow in Newark, 7:00 PM.


Castro K (swinging)
Gomes 1-3 (hard grounder up the middle)
Reed F-7


Ayala P-4
Lockwood K (looking — vehemently disagrees with the call, but is not thrown out)
Olivares F-7


Colina HR (hit to right field, not much doubt about it)
Rodriguez F-7
Smith F-9 (hits second pitch fastball three feet to the left of the left field foul pole)
Mateo F-7 (hard hit liner right to Romano)


Larson 5-3
Morban H (broken bat single to left center)
Leathers L-6
Pressley P-1 (Bergman calls off infielders)


Herrera 4-3
Pachot F-8
Castro 5-3


Romano 5-3
Belcher BB (Bergman had him 0-2)
Ayala 4-3 FC (Belcher to second)
Lockwood 4-6 FC (great play by Colina, ranging to his right)


Gomes 4-3
Reed H (to left center)
Colina H (through the left side, Reed to second)
Rodriguez H (to left center, runners advance a base)
Smith K (swinging, ball in the dirt)
Mateo 4-3 (broken bat grounder — Adams gets out of BIG jam)


Olivares BB
Larson K (looking on inside pitch)
Morban (K (swinging, Olivares going…caught stealing)


Herrera 4-3
Pachot H (up the middle)
Castro K (swinging, in the dirt)
Gomes 1-3


Leathers H (line drive past Smith)
Pressley 5-3-4 DP (Pressley pops up to third, Smith has to run back to catch it, Leathers inexplicably standing near second thinking it’s going to drop, throw back to first…Rodriguez drops it, but Leathers is called out for not re-touching second on his way back)
Romano H (through left side)
Belcher H (little dribbler down the third base line, no throw from Smith…Romano to second)
Ayala H (RBI, through left side…Mateo’s throw is over everything. Romano scores, Belcher to second…moves to third on the throw…Ayala to first…to second on the throw. ERROR to Mateo)

Bears PC Steve Foucault to the mound — nobody up in bullpen

Lockwood 4-3



Reed P-3 (pop-up to Leathers, great catch right on the edge of the steps for the home dugout)
Colina E-5 (Larson boots a hard grounder)
Rodriguez F-8 (deep fly ball caught by Lockwood on the run)
Smith 6-4


Olivares H (bunt single, Smith bobbles ball, but had no chance anyway)
Larson HR (first pitch BOMB high off the second wall of advertising in left field)
Morban K (swinging on some cheddar)
Leathers H (looping single to right)
Pressley E-4 (chopper bounces off Colina’s glove, Leathers to second…ERROR to Colina)
Romano 6UA FC (Castro takes long run to step on second, Romano just beats throw to first. Pressley to third.)


Belcher H (inside-out single the other way, down the third base line…Pressley scores, Romano to third)


Ayala H (starts out 3-0…single down the right field line on 3-1 pitch, Romano scores, Belcher to third)
Lockwood P-4 (Colina goes into somewhat shallow right field to make the play)


Mateo 4-3
Herrera 4-3
Pachot K (swinging, in the dirt)


Olivares H (single to right center)
Larson H (hard hit grounder to short, stopped by Castro, but the ball trickles away)
Morban SAC BUNT (runners advance to second and third)

Foucault out to mound — nobody up for Bears

Leathers 5-3 (Smith looks runner back)
Pressley HR (Line drive missile to right…three runs score)
Romano F-8



ADAMS LINE: 7 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 4 K



Castro H (softly hit single to center)
Gomes 6-4-3 DP
Reed P-2 (Belcher makes sliding catch)



Belcher K (swinging)
Ayala K (looking)
Lockwood 4-3



Colina BB (four pitches)
Rodriguez K (looking)
Smith P-4
Mateo P-2

PATS WIN, 8-1.

Adams Starting Today: Just got to the ballpark, and as expected, Brian Adams will be starting for Somerset today. He’s 11-0 at home, and the Patriots are down a game. It makes sense. Back later…

Talked to Sparky Lyle and he said that Keith Ramsey will likely be used as a long man, and that you’ll probably see both Brandon Knight and Lincoln Mikkelsen on short rest. Who starts game five? Who knows.

Somewhat inexplicably, the Patriots aren’t taking batting practice for the second day in a row. The Bears are, as they have all postseason.



“He actually came and said he wanted the ball. I guess Brett talked to him, and he said he wanted the ball and was ready to go. We said fine. I think (there is more of a need to pitch him today because we lost), especially how we lost. We kind of had that game, and we let it get away from us, especially when you’ve got to take Wiggins out of the game in the third. We know B.A. can go six, seven or eight innings, which is what we need right now. If we have another start where our starter has to come out of the game early, we’ll deplete our bullpen for the rest of the games.”


“Brian’s been tremendous this year, so it’s definitely something I understand. He’s the Pitcher of the Year, and he’s been tremendous at home. Obviously, being a competitor, you want to pitch. Hopefully tomorrow, but if not, I’ll be ready whenever they need me. I just want to win.”

“If we win tonight, and I get a chance to pitch tomorrow, I want to be ready. I’ll take it in stride. It’s one of those situations where you can kind of look at it one of two ways, and I’m just going to look at it is a challenge.”

“I’m possibly throwing tomorrow, but it’s not 100 percent though. I’ll do whatever, I don’t care. In this game, nothing’s set in stone, and sometimes you’ve just got to flow. I’m a creature of habit, I’d like to think I can flow a little bit. Kind of just ride whatever wave takes me and whatever direction, I’ll take it right or left. I’m not worried about it, just get me in there.”


“He told me he wanted the ball. I asked him, and he told to give him the ball. I’m not going to object to that.”

“I talked to Ramsey yesterday, and he definitely wants to pitch. But in a moment like that — it was after the game, and we were kind of heated yesterday about our own game — he wants to pitch. (Ramsey) handled it fine. He understands that it isn’t that we don’t have faith in him or anything like that. Adams has been pitching great all year and he’s a solid pitcher, and if he tells you he wants the ball, then you’ve got to give it to him.”

“I asked Knight, and he said he’s good to go, and Mikkelsen said he wanted to. So it kind of put it in my head that maybe we should consider this and we should do it. But it may come down to him pitching tomorrow or pitching Game Five for us. I know that at any given time, he can go and shut down somebody. It just happened to be that for his last three starts of the season, one of them was good and two of them were bad, and that’s the taste we have in our mouth. But we have no problem putting him out there — I think he matches up well with Newark, actually.”


“The first (MVP in 2004) is a little more special, I’d never won an MVP before that year. That was an incredible year. This year was good, but that was an incredible year — average, home runs, RBI, everything.”

“(Colina) helped me to have a good year, and I helped him to have a good year. We didn’t have a competition, but we knew that we needed each other to have a good year.”

“This year was special, because I helped the team win too. But winning the MVP and everything, you have to have a good team too. This year, we have a great team and great players.”

SOM Brian Adams (15-2, 3.68) VS. NWK Dusty Bergman (1-0, 1.00)


Newark Bears

Castro, SS
Gomes, DH
Reed, CF
Colina, 2B
Rodriguez, 1B
Smith, 3B
Mateo, LF
Herrera, RF
Pachot, C
Bergman, P

Somerset Patriots

Ayala, RF
Lockwood, CF
Olivares, 2B
Larson, 3B
Morban, SS
Leathers, 1B
Pressley, DH
Romano, LF
Belcher, C
Adams, P

Game Photos:

Pats catcher Jason Belcher

Bears pitcher Dusty Bergman, who borrowed Steve Foucault’s mustache for the game.

Brian Adams. The pitcher.



1. hwcwx1 - September 23, 2007

Before the Bears fans start to panic you got to like that the Bears are home the next 3 days which is huge and, my call all along is that this series would go 4 games. Now if any league officials are viewing this site I think it is outrageous that some of the Somerset players where allowed to scream at the umpires in game 2, one even pointing a bat toward the home plate umpire tonight, the player should have been ejected. Also the league once again has shown a double standard where Lyle serves a his suspension next year while back in 2002 Merv Foley in a championship series with the Bears and Bridgeport had to serve his time while still in the championship series Shame on you Mr Klein. As for tomorrow look for a Bears Win on Sunday night while the bats wake up. See you at the Den gates open at 6:05 pm. Go Bears

2. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 23, 2007

Yes, Excellent call hwcwx. Who in the Atlantic League especially WE BEARS doesn’t know that the League officials can react to any little tiny things against the Bears, Camden, etc., but you won’t see that against the LEAGUE BABY’S. We saw that yesterday, and we are going to see the favoritism that this league and especially UMPIRES!! have in this league. Remember this Humility give you the edge. Our Bears can come back and take it all. We have FAITH, SPIRITUALITY, UNITY. WE ARE A FAMILY! THESE GUYS ARE PLAYING WITH THEIR HEARTS.

Just a reminder!! Go back to the championship in 2001. We were all part of STEAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! WATCH OUT THIS TIME BEARS!!


3. Z - September 23, 2007

Yoo’re right hwcwx1….I was at that game in Bridgeport in 2001 when Foley got suspended…He wasn’t allowed to be in uniform when the Bears clinched it the next day…And I remember clearly that Hector Kulian(bridgeport catcher) initiated the whole thing…I don’t remember if he was suspended for that last game too???? Anyway, there is a double standard that comes from the Atlantic league office…They suspended a player from Somerset who may not even be in the league next year when he’s supposed to serve the suspension..How dumb is that???

4. tteski - September 23, 2007

hwc or loyalfan–I didn’t get a chance to listen to the game last night. What was the incident with the umpires that you were refering to? Who were the players and umpire involved and what was the score when it happened?

5. Grumpyoldbear216 - September 23, 2007

I agree with all you guys. It is time for the League to be fair and not favorite to the wealthy teams. Mr Klein SHAME ON YOU!! Open your eyes and see the ligth at the end of the tunnel

6. Grumpyoldbear216 - September 23, 2007

Just a little comment to the Bears manager. Have you notice that your number one spot man is not fielding, batting and show the enthusiasm that the others players are showing in the field. Maybe someone in the bench can bring the enthusiasm and share with the rest. Just and observation. He is an ALL STAR TEAM and it is not showing it at the Championship series. THIS IS A CHAMPIONSHIP NOT REGULAR SEASON.

7. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 23, 2007

tteski.. Read the blog. It is loud and clear. Bears lost 8-1.

Bears will host 3 games home. Listen on wwww.newarkbears.com

8. tteski - September 23, 2007

Which Somerset player pointed his bat at the umpire? Who was the umpire?

9. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 23, 2007

Grumpyoldbear216 who are you? Welcome to the group

10. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 23, 2007

that is a cool name

11. BoosterBabe - September 23, 2007

To all those who are begging for some fairness from league officials towards what are perceived as the “non-favored” teams.

One thing you need to realize is the family tree of the Atlantic League. (all below snipped from the Atlantic League website or the team’s website)


Frank Boulton: CEO of the AL,
Bud Harrelson: Currently is part owner of the Long Island Ducks as well as the teamโ€™s first base coach.
Joe Klein: Executive Director of the Atlantic League Joe handles all the day to day baseball operations of the league.
Ellie Rodriguez: Ellie is a player development consultant for The Atlantic League and is in charge of scouting Latin America for the league.

Ok, now here’s where it gets fun!
The Long Island Ducks principal owner is Frank Boulton. Frank is the founder and chairman of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

The Ducks are also owned by former Mets shortstop and current Vice President of Player Development, Bud Harrelson.

Somerset: Steve Kalafer is the Chairman of the team. Patrick McVerry is the President/ General Manager of the Patriots.

Camden: Owned by BKK LLC, a partnership comprised of Frank Boulton, Peter Kirk (under his business Keystone baseball), and Steve Kalafer.

Newark: Owned by Marc Berson and CEO is Jeff Hersh. (both local business men in Newark) (I believe this was part of Kirk and Kalafer’s empire at one time but the only owner I could find on the website was Berson).

Lancaster: Keystone Basball, plus several local businessmen.

York: Keystone Baseball

Bridgeport: Get Hooked LLC

How many teams does Boulton and/or his partners have a piece of?

And who does Joe Klein work for?

Are you beginning to understand how the league works now?

12. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 23, 2007

Come on boosterbabe. Who doesn’t know the TREE OF AC.. that is why is not fairness. We know the entire league since the beginning, no strange to us. That is why nothing is fair. ๐Ÿ™‚

ask some Bears fans and they will tell you a lot about the League. Ask hwcwx1… He is a good source ….

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