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September 19, 2007 September 19, 2007

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Butch Hobson News: Please check out yesterday’s post for some news about Butch Hobson.

Knight Likes His Chances Tonight: Brandon Knight didn’t pitch in the last regular season series of the year, which was against the Camden Riversharks. Considering that he’s up against Camden tonight in a must-win game for Somerset, he thinks it’s beneficial they didn’t get to see him in that series.

“Familiarity definitely helps hitters, just seeing a guy another time and getting a chance to pick up on something, I think it is better that I didn’t throw,” Knight said.

“I definitely think that me not pitching against them could be beneficial.”

Game Two is in Camden, as is Game Three (if necessary).

Perrucci Out In AC: Check out this story for news on Atlantic Surf VP Mario Perrucci’s resignation. The Surf were in the Atlantic League for nine seasons. – Ashmore


1. TheBaseballGal - September 19, 2007

i remember seeing Knight when he was in Altoona for AA Pirates organisation. I think they used him more as a closer…he had something like 27-28 saves there in 06. Should be a good match-up tonight

2. chuckerd58 - September 19, 2007

Bears 1,Ducks 0 John [achot with a h.r.

3. chuckerd58 - September 19, 2007

Sorry John,Pachot. BTW,Listening to the game on the Ducks webcast,I think Chris King is a terrific announcer,But,David Weiss has got to be the WORST ANNOUNCER IN BASEBALL HISTORY.He thinks he is some kind of comedian,he is not even close to being funny. Just let King to all the pbp.

4. mnlem - September 19, 2007

Patriots finally score on a 2 run Morban home run. 2-1 game and very tense. Bottom of 4th.

5. chuckerd58 - September 20, 2007

Bears 3,Ducks 0 mid 6. OH NOOOOOOOOO.

6. mnlem - September 20, 2007

Patriots 2-1 after 5 and a half.

7. chuckerd58 - September 20, 2007

Bears 3,Ducks 2 after 7.

8. BoosterBabe - September 20, 2007

Camden, too.

9. chuckerd58 - September 20, 2007

UGHHHHH,Haverbusch hit’s into a DP with runners on first and third. I’M not gonna lie,I’m worried.

10. chuckerd58 - September 20, 2007

This is starting to get old,3rd year in a row The Ducks get bounced in the first round without a win. Maybe they should worry less about former makor leaguers and concentrate on getting a good TEAM.

11. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 20, 2007


12. chuckerd58 - September 20, 2007

Congratulations Bears,you have a helluva team.

13. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 20, 2007

I’m going down to the Den to wait for the bus. Anybody care to join me? See you down there ’round 11:00-11:30.

14. BoosterBabe - September 20, 2007

Thuhhhhhhhhhhhh DUCKS lose!

Congrats Newark Fans! You deserve to bask in this victory! Best of luck in the championship series!

15. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 20, 2007

BIG STINK IN CAMDEN! Sharks are angry, but no ejections! Pats score on a wild pitch. 3-2 Pats top of the 11th.

16. chuckerd58 - September 20, 2007

Yea,wild one in Camden,Brian Bender doing a great job on the broadcast.

17. BoosterBabe - September 20, 2007

Patriots won 3-2 in 11 innings…forcing a game 3 for the South Division.

18. b-fish fan - September 20, 2007

hearing rumors of a bridgeport bluefish jump to the can-am in 08 or 09.mike please tell me that there is nothing to these rumors.

19. chuckerd58 - September 20, 2007

Maybe there will be Road Warriors again in 08.

20. tteski - September 20, 2007

Congrats to the Bears. They came up with the timely hits and defense. The Ducks just couldn’t deliver that knockout blow when they had Newark set up for it.

Good crowd on hand (5839 announced) with a couple of groups of Bears fans in attendance. Ruppert also made the trip to continue his schtick with Quackerjack on top of the dugouts. Ruppert lost his second push-up contest to QJ in two days and he also received a whipped cream pie in the face delivered by QJ on top of the Bears dugout in the top of the eighth inning. It seems that some of the Bears front office staff in attendance didn’t like this and were crying that they were going to send the Ducks the dry cleaning bill. (You didn’t hear any of the Ducks staff crying to the Bears about QJ getting doused with water or being hit with a spoon by Ruppert). Rumor has it that a steel cage match between the two of them could be in the making, with Mick Foley (an avid Duck fan who was at the game) acting as referee.

With the lineup that Newark has, I think they should easily win the championship.

21. tteski - September 20, 2007

Mike –I heard rumors that Somerset would be in the North Division next season with the inception of Maryland. I also heard that Newark was considering going to the Can-Am league due to financial reasons. Have you heard any of this?

22. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 20, 2007

CONGRAGULATIONS TO OUR BEARS!! What a game in Long Island. Fans in Newark. We are proud of you guys.



23. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 20, 2007

TTESKI: For your information no one was crying for the actions against Rupert. I think that was very unprofessional and we have the pictures. I think we are very honest and respectful fans that love our team and our staff, but your a couple of your fans need to learn how to be fans. We did enjoy the game. Yes, you guys came to Newark and your QJ… went all over our fans and Ruppert and you didn’t see anyone do any attack in your QJ. That is not being a fan, that is not have profesionalism. Learn from Us how we treated you guys when you came to Newark. We respect in order to deserve respect.

24. tteski - September 20, 2007

I guess you didn’t see QJ being doused with water by a Bears player in Newark or being hit with a spoon by Ruppert. Maybe you should ask anyone that was sitting on the third base side before you say that nothing happened. That is what precipitated the whipped cream pie in the face to Ruppert.

25. chuckerd58 - September 20, 2007

Nice to see the Bear fans winning with class.

26. BoosterBabe - September 20, 2007

Water is not a cream pie. Water does not cause a mascot suit to need to be dry cleaned. Neither does a spoon.

Like the old saying goes, it’s funny until someone loses an eye.

Sounds to me like exactly the kind of unsportsmanlike behavior I have also witnessed in LI.

How about a little class?

27. tteski - September 20, 2007

boosterbabe- Exactly how does whipped cream cause you to lose an eye? Whipped cream can be easily washed off with water and does not need to be dry cleaned, especially on a mascots outfit. So what you’re saying is that you condone players throwing things at other people and you condone mascots hitting other mascots with solid objects in Newark but if someone at Citibank Park puts whipped cream on the head of another mascot it is only unsportsmanlike on Long Island? Also, you should not be talking about unsportsmanliike behavior or showing some class unless your house (Bluefish fans at Harbor Yard) is spotless, which it is no where near such levels.

28. Fausto Gabon - September 20, 2007

At least QJ will now have a nice long off-season to re-align his ruffled feathers. By the way, I hear the Ducks are moving to the Can-Am League; they think they might be able to win a series there.

29. Fausto Gabon - September 20, 2007

I have it on good authority that whipped cream is not good for a costume. If you are looking for the cream pie effect, try shaving cream. It cleans as it washes out!

30. tteski - September 20, 2007

fausto–At this point I’d settle for a title in any league. The last time we won a playoff game was the first game against Nashua in 2005. Then Nashua beat us the next two games and we lost the first two against Bridgeport last year and now the first two again this year.

31. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 20, 2007

TTKESKKI: For your information apply what boosterbabe said. Yes, water doesn’t damage a suit, neither does cause any damage to eyes, etc. Yes, I agree with boosterbabe. He hit the spot. IT’S FUNNY TIL SOMEONE LOOSES AN EYE!

For you information Tteski: YES, We see everything that goes in the park. We have an excellent View. Well. WATER DOESN’T HAVE CHEMICALS OR ADDITIVES. FOR YOUR INFORMATION….. I Spoke to a lot of the ducks fans that accompanied the team to Newark yesterday at Citibank Park and they were impressed with the treatment they received from all the staff, fans, etc, they were even welcome to the park in the announcements. Why are you complaining about. SPORTMANSHIP IS THE KEY! RESPECT TOO…..

Thanks to all the guys that have supported our team. We will continue to be the most courteous fans in the league.

32. JellyJello - September 20, 2007

The bears are probably only asking LI to front the dry cleaning bill because – unlike the ducks, the bears actually need their suit next week.

thanks for coming in though ttseki

33. tteski - September 20, 2007

loyalfan–I was just responding to your 12:43 AM post in which you said that nothing happened in Newark and how professional you were towards our mascot.

“you didn’t see anyone do any attack in your QJ. That is not being a fan, that is not have profesionalism. Learn from Us how we treated you guys when you came to Newark. We respect in order to deserve respect.”

In the 10:32AM post above, you’re now saying that you did see what happened to QJ. You’re very confusing in your statements.

All I’m trying to get across is that it started in Newark and that’s why QJ did the whipped cream bit at Citibank Park. As far as the treatment we received from staff and employees and fans at Newark, I totally agree that it was impressive. I even converted some Bears fans to root for the Ducks after I gave them some extra quackers that I brought along.

34. Scott Stanchak - September 20, 2007

Thanks to everyone for all of their help in posting updates on the playoffs. Mike and I have been very busy so you guys and girls are carrying us until we get some time.

– Scott

35. tteski - September 20, 2007

jelly–Actually, we figured that since the Bears gave up a second home game in the first round of the playoffs due to financial reasons and since they’ve already committed to giving away 5366 free tickets to the first game of the finals, that is the reason that they asked us to front the money for the dry cleaning.

36. JellyJello - September 20, 2007

Hey, remember the time the bears won, and the ducks lost?

Last time I checked, the bears had a better road record than home record…seems like the manager made a smart decesion..

have a fun 9 months though…

37. BoosterBabe - September 20, 2007

tteski, I seriously hope other Duck fans chime in here soon because your arrogance and tendency to make yourself look like an @sshole are a bad reflection on Ducks fans everywhere.

38. sharkgirltoo - September 20, 2007

Disappointing loss for the Sharks and us Shark fans. It was a pitcher’s duel (between the starters) most of the game but walks and WP’s hurt them in the end. They also couldn’t come through with the clutch hit or SF when they had runners in scoring position. Anybody know why Randy McGarvey didn’t play…is he hurt?
Hopefully the Sharks can put this behind them and win tonight.
Congrats to the Bears.

39. tteski - September 20, 2007

boosterbabe–That last statement of yours is like the pot calling the kettle black. Why don’t you look into a mirror the next time you make a statement like that.

40. TheBaseballGal - September 20, 2007

How about we stop the name calling and idiotic remarks. It was a great season for both LI and the Bears. I know being with York, the Bears killed us all season long. LI was a solid team too, and its a shame they had to play each other in the first round, because i think it would have made for a solid finale between the two.

As for McGarvey and the sharks, skarkgirl, i will try to find out if he is hurt or what they are/will be planning to do with him for tonight’s game. I hope they come back and win tonight. Their pitching looked solid last night, and its a shame it ended the way it did last evening. I bet it was a great game to see in person, though.

41. HeyPapi - September 20, 2007

Here’s a nice little stat for you tteski…

In the Bears last five games against Long Island, Jeremy Hill is 2-0 with 3 saves.

Enjoy your winter.

42. tteski - September 20, 2007

papi–I’m not debating that. I said that the Bears wanted it more than the Ducks and that they had the timely hits and defense and the Ducks did not. In both of the last two games the Ducks failed to get the runners in when Jeremy Hill was pitching.

43. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 20, 2007

If y’all don’t mind, I’m changing the subject … LET’S GO PATS!!!

44. HeyPapi - September 20, 2007

I never said you were debating anything. Just giving you something interesting to think about while you watch your miserable Islanders trudge through another season.

45. tteski - September 20, 2007

papi–and to top it off, aside from being an Islanders fan I’m a Jets fan too. I’m doomed.

46. TheBaseballGal - September 20, 2007

ahhh *hugs* for the JETS fan…i am one too 😦

47. TheBaseballGal - September 20, 2007

Update on McGarvey for Camden:

His back was hurting the last few days, so they kept him out of the lineup. He SHOULD be okay for tonight’s game.

48. Alpbphoto - September 20, 2007

I think the Bears front office were upset because it was just a couple of years ago when Ruppert fell off the dugout and the person inside broke their back. Pouring water is less of a shock to someone than the surprise of getting hit with something. Something that could shock you to step back off of the dugout.

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