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September 17, 2007 September 17, 2007

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Ferrari Reacts To Moving To Bullpen: Camden P Anthony Ferrari has won 13 games this season, four more than anyone on his team and second most in the league.

So of course, he’s been taken out of the starting rotation and moved to the bullpen.

So whose idea was this?

“Everything this season has been Joe (Ferguson)’s idea,” Ferrari said.

“He rested me once for a couple starts, and then had me throw a bullpen, I didn’t really ask questions. I haven’t thrown this many innings in my whole career, so whatever he thinks is best is fine with me, I’ll do whatever he wants me to do. I’m assuming I’m in the pen for the rest of the season.”

Although Ferrari has been a reliever for the majority of his career, I was curious to see if it was difficult to make the transition back to the bullpen at this point of the season.

“The last time I started was last year in Italy towards the end of the season,” he said.

“I had about a week’s notice before I came here, he asked me if I wanted to start, and I was like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ So it isn’t that hard of a transition for me really.”

Luke Allen was on the mound yesterday afternoon (Photo: Ashmore)

Luke Allen, Pitcher: Sunday’s meaningless game in Somerset did have an interesting side story.

OF Luke Allen went from center field to the pitcher’s mound in the eighth inning, making just the third appearance as a pitcher of his 11-year career.

“I was throwing a couple of (bull)pens when I came here, and we kind of agreed to let me try it,” said Allen after the game, inbetween ribbing from teammates.

Manager Sparky Lyle thought Allen was throwing in the low 90’s, so it seems possible that Allen could convert to a pitcher in the future. Lyle laughed and agreed when I mentioned that Allen throws harder than most of the guys in this league.

“If that’s a way for me to get back to the big leagues, then (I’d consider it),” Allen said.

“I was always sought after as more of a pitcher than a hitter in high school. A lot of teams wanted me to pitch, but I decided to go as a hitter. If that didn’t work out, then I’d try pitching. But I hit the ball well, and I just kept hitting.”

So what’s the scouting report on Allen?

“According to today, I’ve only got a fastball and a sinker,” Allen said.

“But I would like to throw other pitches besides that. It was my first time out, and (Sparky) is probably looking out for me too, he didn’t want me to blow it out or anything. It was fun, I had a good time.”

When Allen was replaced by Saul Solveson, Lyle came out to take the ball. Clearly, Allen wasn’t used to this.

“I think he wanted the ball out of my hand, but I shook his hand instead,” Allen said.

Lyle Happy With 40 Win Half: Somerset skipper Sparky Lyle said after the game that he “could care less” that the Patriots avoided a sweep with yesterday’s 4-2 win against playoff opponent Camden.

“It’s nice to get 40 wins. You saw how we played the game today, that wasn’t a priority. But it’s nice,” Lyle said.

Somerset finished with the best record in the second half, and the best overall record in the league this year.

Were I Actually To Get A Vote…: Javier Colina would be my MVP, Brian Adams would be my Pitcher of the Year, and Wayne Krenchicki would be my Manager of the Year.

The fact that the Bears finished one game out in the second half despite having pretty much half of a pitching staff is far more impressive to me than the Bears making the playoffs in the first half.

If the Atlantic League still does an Executive of the Year, perhaps John Brandt and Jim Cerny can share the award for not only raising attendance in Newark through innovative and interesting promotions, but putting together the first playoff team since the Bears 2002 championship team.

Patrick McVerry of Somerset should also be considered for the Patriots consistent attendance, interaction with the community and quality operations in general.

Ray Cipperly would seem to be his usual lock for Groundskeeper of the Year.

Attendance: Assuming my math is correct, 1,977,713 fans went through the turnstiles in the Atlantic League this year, an improvement over last year’s total of 1,911,052.

Attendance was up in Camden, Long Island, Newark and Somerset, although none of those teams made significant jumps.

Meanwhile, attendance was down in Bridgeport and Lancaster. About 25,000 fewer fans came to Bridgeport, while around 23,000 fewer fans were in Lancaster.

Also, York drew more fans with 13 fewer home games than Atlantic City did all of last season.

Final Key Statistical Leaders: Here’s a look at the final league leaders in a few key categories…


Victor Rodriguez, NWK, .365
Randy McGarvey, CAM, .355
Ramon Castro, NWK, .343
Pete Rose, Jr., LI, .342
Jay Caligiuri, BPT, .320


Jesse Hoorelbeke, BPT, 33
Javier Colina, NWK, 26
Carl Everett, LI, 25
Jeremy Todd, LAN, 24
Mike Lockwood, SOM, 23


Javier Colina, NWK, 101
Victor Rodriguez, NWK, 98
Carl Everett, LI, 97
Jesse Hoorelbeke, BPT, 96
Pete Rose, Jr., LI, 95


Gary Knotts, NWK, 2.65
Andy Van Hekken, SOM, 3.12
Carlos Castillo, RW, 3.34
Brian Adams, SOM, 3.68
Frank Castillo, YORK, 3.75


Brian Adams, SOM, 15
Anthony Ferrari, CAM, 13
Matt Beech, BPT/CAM, 12
Brandon Knight, SOM, 12
Mike Porzio, BPT, 11


Danny Graves, LI, 33
R.D. Spiehs, SOM, 23
Derrick DePriest, LAN, 20
Chris Fussell, CAM, 17
Eddy Ramos, BPT, 16

– Mike Ashmore



1. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 17, 2007

Mike Thanks again from the Bears fan. Yes I agree that John Brandt, Jim Cerny and Chick should all get the votes. If the league don’t do it. We already presented them yesterday with their awards and also we presented all the players with the same. Hope we can win Tuesday and Wednesday and get ready for !!PATRIOTS!!! 🙂

2. Z - September 17, 2007

Your playoff predictions Mike????

3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - September 17, 2007

Going to do something on that tomorrow, but…


4. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 17, 2007

Oh I wish!

5. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 17, 2007


6. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 17, 2007

Sorry, for the Caps but you hit the spot. Everyone in the North want that to happen.

7. jcb811 - September 17, 2007

Kudos to the Bears front office & on-field staff. I been to about a dozen games this year and I’ve noticed the improvement on & off the field. The team is hitting and pitching well and should take care of the Ducks. I was Friday’s game and I think it was the biggest crowd I ever saw @ the Den, granted it wasn’t LI or SOM type crowds, but for a brisk fall night in September, it was impressive.
I really enjoy attending Bears games and notice others in attendence do to. I really hope it is the start of something big!

8. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 17, 2007

John Brandt is the man!

9. Roadwarriorfan - September 17, 2007

Yes, I was there Chuck. Great to see their last game. Although I heard that Saturday night, the Barnstormers/fans gave them a standing ovation, which is nice. It’s kind of funny, nothing was done to say it was their last game on Sunday.

10. Z - September 17, 2007

Did anyone notice that Bobby Brownlie was the loser as the Trenton Thunder won the Eastern League??? Send him back to the Bears for the playoffs…..

11. Z - September 17, 2007

As for the Pat-Bears prediction, I’m hoping for that…I remember the last time they were in the finals and the Pats squeaked by…If it happens it will be different this time…Let’s go BEARS…

12. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 17, 2007

Amen, “z”! It will be different this time!

13. chuckerd58 - September 17, 2007

Well,it seems all the Bear fans have thrown down the gaunlet. Don’t count on your final’s appearence just yet. I’m looking at a Duck’s -Sharks final.

14. chuckerd58 - September 17, 2007

Hey roadwarriorfan,I heard on the broadcast that the Stormer fan’s gave the Warriors a great ovation. Too bad they couldn’t get another “home” game. Who will be your team next year rwf? Too bad the final game wasn’t a victory.

15. BoosterBabe - September 18, 2007

Newark/Camden is my hope.
I know Camden doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell but I’m rooting for them anyway. Always loved Underdog!

16. BEARSLOYALFAN - September 18, 2007

Thanks JCB811 for the comments on the Bears. John Brandt is the person that has change the things in Newark together with his staff. He deserves the General Manager of the Year award, but if the league doesn’t do it well. We did recognized them on Sunday. Just go to http://www.brickcitybruins.com and check the website. Everything about the Bears is there. Thanks to Jane Jubilee.

17. SharkGirl - September 18, 2007

Hey Booster Babe…where’s the love? “A snowball’s chance in hell” Why would you say that? We have Matt, don’t we…lol? I told you we’d take care of him for you. Now give us some love back!
Go Sharks-we’re rooting for you!!!
SharkGirl & family

18. BoosterBabe - September 18, 2007

You know I love Matt. But he’s either Cy Young or he’s not. And he hasn’t pitched in a game since Sept 8th, when the Warriors hit him HARD. Much as I’d like to think he’s your secret weapon….

I want you to win, trust me. But…I’ve seen Somerset. I’ve seen what Somerset has done to Matt Beech. Ouch.

Still…I’m rooting for Camden to take it all. So we’ll see!!!

19. www.BrickCityBruins.com - September 18, 2007

Thanks for the kudos, Carmen. Let’s go BEARS! And, I can’t believe what I’m about to say, but … Let’s go Pats! AAaarrrgghh! I said it!

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