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September 12, 2007 September 12, 2007

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Hoiles Returning To Revolution Next Season: The York Revolution will keep manager Chris Hoiles around for the 2008 season. Hoiles, a former big leaguer with the Baltimore Orioles, has his team with an over .500 record in the second half. – Scott Stanchak

Brownlie Unlikely For Playoffs: I spoke to former Newark Bears P Bobby Brownlie today while I was in Trenton for the Eastern League playoffs. I’ll have quotes a little later, but Brownlie is optimistic that he’ll be in camp with the Indians next season, and thinks it’s unlikely he’ll be pitching for the Bears in the playoffs…although he was contacted by the team about just that.

Brownlie did say that he is hoping to be in Newark for the playoffs…he just won’t be in uniform.

Lyle Upset With Trade: Ryan Dunleavy of The Courier News turned in this interesting article about Patriots manager Sparky Lyle’s thoughts on the recent trade between Bridgeport and Camden.

Both teams are operated by Baseball and Sports Associates (BASA). Bridgeport is miles away from the playoffs, while Camden has already locked up a spot.

Bridgeport sent former Major League starter Matt Beech to the Riversharks for Randy Dicken, a reliever with limited experience in the Blue Jays organization who was signed out of an open tryout this spring.

Both players have sub-par statistics this year, but according to the article and several unnamed sources of my own, the trade was made between both managers.

“I’ve absolutely got a problem with it,” Lyle told the paper.

“Here is a team (Bridgeport) who can’t win a game, and they’re trading one of their best starters.”

Why is Lyle mad? The Patriots will play the Riversharks in the playoffs, starting September 18th in Somerset.

The trade was also made under the premise that Tommy John wanted to see if Dicken could be a part of Bridgeport’s future.

Considering he’s 1-6 with an ERA over six, got shipped out to the Road Warriors and all Atlantic League players are signed to one year contracts, I’d tend to think it wouldn’t be that difficult to sign him for 2008 if you really wanted him.

As for Beech, he could get a start in this series. I’d have to assume that Greg Powell and Anthony Ferrari would be on the bump for the first two games. Then maybe Ryan Schurman or even Nate Buttenfield, but Beech is definitely in the mix.


1. Sharks52 - September 12, 2007

Lyle didn’t seem all that upset when he got Mikkleson away from BASA, and the way the Riversharks are playing they can’t even beat the Road Warriors, let alone Somerset in the playoffs. Does he really think a 35 year old pitcher with an era over 5 is going to turn the tide for that team? He’s got a point about an all BASA division though. That’s the only way a BASA team will make it to the championship series. Gladstone’s company is a joke. Look at where the BASA supplied teams finished this half. The Bluefish could finish beneath the Road Warriors. I wish the Riversharks would dump this company but I realize it’s all about the bottom line and that’s all that matters in the long run. If the comments I hear from the dugout are any indication the players sure don’t like BASA.

2. Z - September 12, 2007

Mike- Why does LI have the extra home game against the Bears in round 1???

3. snynault - September 12, 2007

it was the bears choice (!)

4. BoosterBabe - September 12, 2007

Yes. The Bears had the option to take home field advantage or pass. And they chose to pass.

If they have a difficult time selling tix in September (like Bridgeport does) it makes more sense to let LI have the extra game. Fewer tix to sell. One less day to pay to have the lights on, the staff show up, etc. Just a theory but it makes some sense.

5. Z - September 12, 2007

As a Bears fan I can understand the bottom line…..But if the team passes on the extra game I guess you can see what they feel about support of the team…And it doesn’t look good..I guess that’s the Atlantic League…

6. BoosterBabe - September 13, 2007

Hey Z,
I don’t know if that’s the reason.

But when I heard that they passed on home field advantage, that’s the first thing I thought of.

I could be way off base. It’s just a theory.

7. Fausto Gabon - September 13, 2007

Bears sweep, moot point.

8. BoosterBabe - September 13, 2007

hope so!!!!! I’ll root for any team that plays the Yankees or the Ducks!

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