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September 8, 2007 September 8, 2007

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Todd Leaves Lancaster, Foster Comes Back: Jason Guarente is reporting that All-Star OF Jeremy Todd has left the Lancaster Barnstormers and has been placed on the inactive list. Meanwhile, OF Quincy Foster has rejoined the team.

Todd’s departure appears to be a bit mysterious, and it appears to be unclear whether he’ll come back before the end of the season. – Mike Ashmore



1. Fausto Gabon - September 8, 2007

Todd has been chosen as a cast member of “The Surreal Life”.

After this season in Lancaster, he is eminently qualified.

2. mnlem - September 9, 2007

Saw a bit of a disturbing stat on the American Association website. Atlantic League attendance through September 5th is off more than 7.5% compared to last year. And that is despite, in effect, replacing Atlantic City with York.

3. chuckerd58 - September 9, 2007

How is York drawing,do they get the kind of crowds Lancaster had their first 2 years?

4. BoosterBabe - September 9, 2007

I read somewhere that the Can Am leagues attendance is up vs. last year.

5. snynault - September 9, 2007

dont be disturbed mnlem. the numbers in that article are only through Sept. 5. All the other leagues are done. the asterisk next to the AL indicates that the atlantic league still has two weeks left after the 5th. attendance in the AL will most likely be up once the final tally is in.

6. chuckerd58 - September 9, 2007

Boosterbabe,where you at the Road Warriors “Home” game? What was it like? Did the Warriors get walk-on music and their pictures on the board. And did the crowd understand how unusual a game it was?

7. BoosterBabe - September 10, 2007

Hey Chuck,
Yep, I was there last night. It was neat…I wasn’t happy at the end when we were down and we didn’t get to bat last…but it was neat.

I enjoyed seeing their faces, and they showed their faces and stats again today, even though the Bluefish batted last. (what the heck, right, they were already loaded into the computer, why not?)

Vito uses Van Halen’s “JUMP” as a plate song. Fenwick used a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I think it was….I didn’t know the name but recognized the artist. MOst of the guys’ songs were not memorable. Those were the only two I recall. They may have played plate songs for the Warriors today, too. I was SO overwhelmed by the fact that it was the last game and I had so many people to say goodbye today, that I missed a lot of the details of the game.

DId the crowd understand last night? For the most part: No. Of course not! Most of the people in the stands were only there to watch the fireworks at the end. Most of the people paid more attention to “BirdZerk” than to the game.

A couple of people behind us asked “why are the Bluefish batting first?”….so some knew, I would Imagine. But most of the folks there last night probably didn’t even notice. Or know the reason why.

Anyway, today I got to throw out a first pitch. VERY COOL and it was caught by John Nathans. I was SO HAPPY it was John, and I got the ball AND a big hug in front of everyone!!!! It was a thrill. And there are photos and video I just haven’t gotten them yet! I lobbed it to him, it flew a little bit wild to his left..(I have that same weird hook in bowling, too!) but he caught it!!!! I have to say, having a GOOD CATCHER was key. He made me look good. What was hysterically funny for John was that instead of a baseball mitt on my left hand (I”m a righty), I wore an OVEN MITT! He cracked up!!!!! The guys who saw it all said the same thing: “That’s YOU!”

It was an emotionally overwhelming day for me. I left the ballpark in tears. (Yes, I know. There is no crying in baseball. Well….with me there is! I cry for everything!!!!)
So sad that they end on the road….

8. chuckerd58 - September 10, 2007

That’s very cool boosterbabe,so that makes you and Roadwarrior fan as 2 posters who have thrown out the first pitch. Thanks for the info on Saturday’s game, not getting your last ab at home must have been strange. I know what you mean about the sad feeling when a season ends. It seams the AL offseason takes forever.

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