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September 4, 2007 September 4, 2007

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Next to Ted Williams’ plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown: Just wanted to check in real quick from New York. I made a trip to Cooperstown yesterday afternoon, and then covered an Oneonta Tigers game with 438 of my closest friends in the stands later that night.

I’m not home yet, but I’ll have some things updated once I get back…

Atlantic League Photo Of The Day: I shot this photo of Newark P Matt Smith on Sunday.

Updates: As promised, here are the updates everyone wanted. Looks like I got home just in time for the indy ball exodus.

Bridgeport has, as expected, brought in OF Alex Frazier from Sussex of the Can-Am League. The outfielder with some pop I was referring to? That would be him.

York — well, BASA really — has also brought in P Zach Cline from Slippery Rock of the Frontier League and INF Kelly Hunt from Aiken of the South Coast League

Cline was 10-6 with a 3.10 ERA in 19 games for Slippery Rock, and allowed only ONE home run in 110.1 innings of work.

He had two seasons of prior experience in the Phillies system.

Hunt is a first baseman who hit .336 with 24 home runs and 68 RBI in 80 games. He also had a grand total of zero stolen bases, so it’s safe to say he doesn’t have much speed.

He played for four seasons in the Tigers organization, reaching Double-A last season.

Mirabal Done For Year: Newark Bears P Carlos Mirabal appears to be out for the year after suffering a rotator cuff inury. I’ll have those quotes from Wayne Krenchicki shortly…

UPDATED: Here’s what Chick had to say on Sunday about his team…

“It’s been a grind for us since two weeks from the end of the first half. We really haven’t had a full roster as far as pitching is concerned, and really not even my position players. For us, I’m kind of happy that we’ve at least held it together and that we’re playing at .500 for this half because we’ve really been at a disadvantage.”

Losing Marcus Nettles…

“Obviously, we would like to have Marcus with us. But, in some respects, it helps make a decision easier than it would have been before. Once we have Mateo’s visa paperwork done — which has taken much longer than expected — he’s going to play. My outfield’s going to look like: Reed, Herrera, Mateo. And I probably would have DH’d Marcus, which means Joey Gomes, who’s hitting .320, may have to sit. Or it would have been a decision I’d have to make whether I’d play Gomes against left-handed pitching and Nettles against right. So it makes my decision a lot easier on who’s going to play in the playoffs, but I would love to have Marcus in the leadoff spot, that’s for sure.”

On who’s coming back…

“Trujillo had agreed to come back, and we’ve cleared that through the Phillies, and then they ran off four or five straight games over there and made the playoffs. So that will be delayed. (Shaun) Babula will be here on the 7th, and Jeremy Hill and two other pitchers (Woodyard and Bergman) are coming that are going to help us in our starting rotation. We’ll probably keep Jeremy in the bullpen, and hopefully we’ll get Huisman off the DL in the middle of the week, so we should be almost full strength in our starting rotation and our bullpen.”

On his playoff rotation…

“Right now, if I had to start the playoffs, Eckert would be our number one starter, and Garcia our number two. Everything else is up for grabs. Robertson hasn’t pitched very well, Pacheco has won some ballgames, but we’ve scored a lot of runs for him, so I need to find out what (Woodyard and Bergman) can do and find out whether they’re going to be a number three, four or five starter.”

On Mirabal’s injury…

“I’m pretty sure he’s out for the year, but I don’t know the extent of it. There was some rotator cuff damage, possibly some nerve damage, but I don’t know the full extent of everything.”

Cooperstown, The Atlantic League Hall of Fame: Well no, not really. But still, everywhere you go, there’s a tie to the Atlantic League, you just have to look hard enough.

Don’t believe me? Here…

A jersey worn by Brooks Robinson, who is a part-owner of the ODP teams…

A jersey worn by Pete Rose during the 1973 season. If Pete’s anything like his son, Long Island’s Pete Rose, Jr., he’d be a pleasure to interview…definitely somebody I’d like the chance to talk to one day.

Rose wore this jersey when he broke the National League hits record…

Rickey Henderson’s spikes from when he tied Lou Brock’s stolen base record. “I am the greatest of all time,” was Henderson’s famous quote from when he broke the record.

A wall full of balls used in Major League Baseball’s no-hitters, including Lancaster manager Rick Wise and former Patriots pitching coach John Montefusco. A ball from Clay Buchholz’s gem against Baltimore will be there shortly. Buchholz, of course, did this for Boston.

Even Danny Graves is in the Hall. Sorry, Danny.

– Mike Ashmore



1. Skools - September 5, 2007

when is lincoln milkson. going to start for us and mike do u know if any somerset players are coming back from affiliated ball or tawian or the mexican league

2. BoosterBabe - September 5, 2007

Mikkelson started tonight in Bridgeport.
He got the win–FInal score Somerset 7, Bridgeport 2.

Berger started for Bpt–gave up 5 runs in the first, 2 in the second and settled down, but gave up 9 walks in the process. Bluefish bats just weren’t firing tonight.

I’m scared to look at the standings. I know it doesn’t matter at this point…it’s just about the individual guys playing for their own stats.

3. tteski - September 5, 2007

I spoke with the Ducks Donovan Osborne before tonights game and he said that the MRI he had done revealed a severe case of tendonitis and he is out for the rest of the season.

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