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September 1, 2007 September 1, 2007

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A Great Day For the Somerset Patriots: First, the Patriots come from behind and win a wild game against the York Revolution, 6-5.

Earlier in the day, the Kansas City Royals recalled P Jason Shiell. Shiell was a starting pitcher on the 2006 version of the Patriots, throwing his first professional pitches in two years after undergoing two arm surgeries.

Later that season, he was picked up, and found himself starting for the Atlanta Braves before the year was out.

Then, the Philadelphia Phillies called up P Kane Davis, who pitched the final two innings of the Phillies win over the Marlins last night.

He allowed three and struck out one, but didn’t give up a run.

Davis appeared in 13 games for Somerset last season, but it’s certainly worth noting that those 13 games came over a span of a month and a half. Davis was injured before coming to Somerset, and needed time to work his arm back into shape, so Patriots fans didn’t get to see the real Kane Davis last year.

And The Number Is: 59. That’s how many Yankees I’d interviewed in my career at the time the contest started. The number now stands at 61, with the recent additions of Gary Sheffield and Ian Kennedy.

The person who had the closest guess will receive an e-mail informing them of their victory, and a set of 2007 Somerset Patriots baseball cards, courtesy of the Patriots and myself.

Want the list of Yankees? Here you go…

Erick Almonte, Jason Anderson, Willie Banks, T.J. Beam, Joe Borowski, Darren Bragg, Miguel Cairo, Robinson Cano, Jose Canseco, Joba Chamberlain, Roger Clemens, Tyler Clippard, Michael Coleman, Johnny Damon, Jorge DePaula, Matt DeSalvo, Octavio Dotel, Shelley Duncan, Dave Eiland, Alan Embree, Todd Erdos, Felix Escalona, Sal Fasano, Kyle Farnsworth, Pete Filson, Jason Giambi, Rickey Henderson, Sean Henn, Michel Hernandez, Butch Hobson, Phil Hughes, Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, Brett Jodie, Tommy John, (Ian Kennedy), Brandon Knight, Dave LaPoint, Chris Latham, Kenny Lofton, Sparky Lyle, Sam Marsonek, Hideki Matsui, Don Mattingly, John Montefusco, Rich Montelone, Mike Mussina, Dioner Navarro, Carl Pavano, Jorge Posada, Tim Raines, Edwar Ramirez, Mickey Rivers, Ellie Rodriguez, Henry Rodriguez, (Gary Sheffield), Kevin Thompson, Joe Torre, Chien-Ming Wang, Chris Widger and Chase Wright.

The closest guess was 56. The winner has been notified. – Mike Ashmore


1. LIpaperlantern - September 1, 2007

Mel Stocker was called up to the bigs by the Brewers today

2. tteski - September 2, 2007

This is from the Ducks web site:

Milwaukee, Wisc., September 1, 2007) – Milwaukee Brewers team officials announced they have purchased the contract of outfielder Mel Stocker from Double A-Huntsville on Saturday. Stocker becomes the fifth former Long Island Duck to make it back to the Major Leagues after wearing a Ducks uniform.

“Good for him. We’re thrilled to hear Mel made it to the big leagues,” said Ducks principal owner Frank Boulton. “No one has worked harder or deserves it more.”

Stocker hit .255 with 35 stolen bases and 56 runs scored in 112 games for Huntsville this season. With the Ducks in 2006, the Arizona native batted .303, swiped a club record 56 bases and swatted a league-leading eight triples while patrolling centerfield.

Stocker joins Carlos Baerga, Bill Pulsipher, Pedro Borbon, Jr. and Ken Ray as Ducks that have made it back to the game’s highest level after playing on Long Island.

3. BoosterBabe - September 2, 2007

Umpire Daniel Blanton is apparently no longer employed as an umpire in the ALPB.

See below:


Side note: Blanton was the 3rd base umpire in Bridgeport on August 14th, the night of “the Offerman incident”.

This has been a very strange season with all the firings, fights, etc.

4. jidyfan - September 2, 2007

Good for Mel, he deserves it. Even though they’ll probably only use him for a pinch runner because of his speed, they are only 2 games in back of the Cubs and he could turn out to be a valuable asset to them.

5. tnt - September 2, 2007

I was at Monday night’s game in York when Daniel Blanton made calls that could best be described as “whimsical.”

His replacement for tonight’s game in York was interesting… Mark Witman, the police commissioner for York City.

If only the Atlantic League would offer Commissioner Witman permanent employment. (We’ve had three homicides in the city in the last week… Witman isn’t particularly popular around here these days.)

6. chuckerd58 - September 2, 2007

Great news for Mel Stocker,even if he only pinch run’s,at least he made it to show. As for Daniel Blanton,not a surprise as he has a quick trigger. I have seen him toss player’s for nothing overly serious.

7. BoosterBabe - September 2, 2007

Yet the most “whimsical” (great word by the way–and absolutely dead on accurate) expulsion from a game had to be Joe Cruz tossing Sandy DeLeon on August 23rd in Bridgeport because Cruz had a headache. Those of you who don’t know, DeLeon has this habit of calling out the number of outs in the inning when he’s catching. “One out! One out!”, or “two out, two out!” He does this for the entire game. Well, it had been a long night, I guess…and Cruz had a headache, and he just, at one point, had enough….and Sandy yelled out, as he does, and Cruz tossed him.

Talk about whimsical! There are no hard feeligns and the next two games, Cruz was NOT the home plate umpire.

I teased Sandy that I was going to give him a bottle of Excedrin to keep in his back pocket, just in case. He cracked up! Good that he has a sense of humor about it. The league waived the $50 fine that customarily goes with an expulsion.

About the Blanton thing: I wonder how much of Beech’s getting tossed, suspended and fined had to do with BLanton? Just curious. Not claiming any conspiracy–just wondering out loud.

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