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August 31, 2007 August 31, 2007

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Dunleavy – Atlantic League Reaches New Low: The first paragraph of Ryan Dunleavy’s newest blog entry goes a little something like this…

“In the top of the second inning tonight, in the most important Atlantic League series going on right now, the Atlantic League reached a new low.”

What is the Courier News scribe talking about? Click here to find out…

Bears Make SEVEN Moves: P Jeremy Hill is back. Major Leaguers P Dusty Bergman and P Mark Woodyard are in.

P Brendon Davis, OF Jack Headley and INF Donaldo Mendez are out.

P Carlos Mirabal is on the DL.


Hill makes a somewhat unexpected return to the team after leaving for Taiwan. I’d assume you’ll see him go into the bullpen. Perhaps he’ll make a run at the closer’s role, I’m not sure how confident the team is in Jason DiAngelo.

Bergman pitched for the Angels in 2004, while Woodyard was with the Tigers in 2005.

Both come from the Golden Baseball League.

Davis got rocked in his start yesterday, and had been on the chopping block for a few weeks now.

The releases of Headley and Mendez are a little more curious. Headley may have been the most sparsely used player in the league, with just 35 games and 103 at-bats to his name. But he was hitting .301 at the time of the move.

Mendez, a former Major Leaguer brought in when Ramon Castro went down with an injury, was hitting .315 when he got cut.

Maybe Mendez would be a good fit for York, since…

Ramon Nivar, .306 Hitter, Released: Jim Seip writes in his blog that the York Revolution have released INF Ramon Nivar.


Nivar hit .306 in 69 games for York after being released or traded or shifted or whatever the hell happened with Camden. As Seip points out, he was caught stealing quite a bit, but still…you don’t see Major Leaguers hitting over .300 released in this league for no reason.

This is a guy who can excel (and has excelled, really…) in this league and could go back to affiliated ball, so for him to be released seems a little interesting.

What makes it even more interesting is that Seip wrote BASA head Adam Gladstone wouldn’t comment directly on the move.

Nivar was tied for second on the team in batting average at the time of the move. If he ends up back on Camden, it’s a pretty obvious sign that BASA has given up on York and is focusing their attention on bolstering Camden’s chances for a playoff run.

However, with Raul Marval still expected to go to the Riversharks, that seems unlikely. But so was Nivar leaving the Revolution, so…

McGarvey Watch: I was this close to making a McLovin joke. This close.

Anyway, the most intriguing race in the Atlantic League isn’t whether Somerset will hold off York in the South Division (they will). It isn’t if Bridgeport can add to their league lead in embarassing incidents (let’s hope they don’t).

It’s whether Camden C Randy McGarvey will accumulate enough plate appearances to qualify for the race for the league lead in batting average.

Right now, a minimum of 294 plate appearances are required, and McGarvey has 238 at-bats, 33 walks, and five sacrifices. He’s also been hit by five pitches.

That puts him at 281, just 13 short of qualifying for the race for the league lead. McGarvey is currently hitting a lofty .361, which would put him two points behind Newark’s Victor Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s teammate Ramon Castro is third at .352, while Long Island’s Pete Rose, Jr. has hopefully opened some eyes with his .346 batting average, good for fourth in the league.

The teams with the highest total in games played have played 110 games. Under the assumption that the total goes up in increments by game, it increases by 2.67 per game.

Camden has 16 games left, which would lead to the total being increased by 42.72 (16 X 2.67). Round that up to 43, and that’s 337 plate appearances. Last year, 340 were required, so that may be a safer number to go by.

Anyway, if McGarvey needs 340 plate appearances to qualify, he then needs 59 more over the next 16 games, which would mean he would need to average 3.69 plate appearances per game, and that’s assuming he plays in every remaining game.

Taking a day off might cost him more than you think. If he plays 15 games, he’d need 3.93 plate appearances per game. Two days off puts the number up to 4.21 plate appearances per game.

Right now, all of Camden’s remaining games are scheduled for the full nine innings, but considering he usually hits fifth or sixth (he hit eighth on August 25th) in Joe Ferguson’s lineup, a doubleheader could be a problem in terms of gathering the plate appearances needed to qualify.

One other problem? He’s in a bit of a slump, as he’s only 4 for his last 25 (.160). His average has dropped 24 points in the process. As a result, he hasn’t played in two of the last six games, which cost him probably eight or nine plate appearances.

Not a big deal, until you consider he’s just 13 short.

One race that he might have wrapped up?

League’s best catcher.

How can you possibly argue with a .361 batting average and a throwing arm that’s third among active Atlantic League catchers in throwing out baserunners? McGarvey was 16-for-50 (32%) in throwing out attempted base stealers as of August 26th, just one tenth of a percent behind Sandy Aracena, which is surprising in itself.

You could certainly make a strong argument on John Pachot’s behalf using similar statistics, though. Pachot had thrown out a RIDICULOUS 50 percent (36-for-72) of attempted base stealers as of August 26th, but is currently hitting .270. That’s not bad at all, but considering it’s 91 points lower than McGarvey, it’s a big deal.

The people who value defense will pick Pachot, not to say that McGarvey’s a slouch behind the plate.

The people who value offense will pick McGarvey, not to say that Pachot’s a slouch in the batters box.

Perhaps the most intriguing race of all will be to see who gets the nod on the Atlantic League postseason All-Star team.

Pachot vs. McGarvey tonight in Newark…

Camden Steals 11 Bases: The Camden Riversharks went 11-for-11 on Newark’s Jason Torres last night, very possibly setting an Atlantic League record in the process. You’d have to assume that’s the most successful steals in a game by one team without getting caught, and it may very well be the most steals by one team, period.

Newark also stole two bags without getting caught, so the record most stolen bases by both teams may be in jeopardy as well.

Anybody who can tell me what those records are wins a lollipop.

Anyway, the breakdown goes like this: Matt Demarco (7), L.J. Biernbaum 2 (11), Dwight Maness 3 (20), Cristian Guerrero 2 (5), Brad Strauss (5), Josh Noviskey (1), and Milko Jaramillo (3).

I’d be curious to see how many of those bases were stolen off of Brendon Davis. Remember, Davis is a former Rivershark, and they might have known something about his delivery that was condusive to swiping a TON of bags.

Another nice stat from that game? Bears reliever Matt Smith struck out eight batters in four innings without allowing a run. Looks like he’s more than just a good story…

Hackman Signs With Rangers: A source reports that former Bridgeport P Luther Hackman has signed with the Texas Rangers organization and reported to Triple-A Oklahoma after his release by the Brewers.

Contest Ends Today: Today is the last day to get your entries in to win a set of 2007 Somerset Patriots baseball cards.

Send your guess to how many Yankees I’ve interviewed in my career (not counting Gary Sheffield and Ian Kennedy, who will be called up in a day or so, since both were added to my much loathed list after the contest started) to mashmore98 AT gmail.com.

The person who is the closest wins the set. – Mike Ashmore



1. Roadwarriorfan - August 31, 2007

I figured I would post on the new day. Yeah Chuck, Vito hit #17 on the year and Bladergroen had 4 hits. Hesseltine got the win in 5.1 innings of relief….


2. jidyfan - August 31, 2007

Lance Davis gave up 3 more homeruns last night. He pitched 6 good innings than imploded. He averages 1-2 homeruns given up per game. The question is not if he will give up any homeruns in a game, but how many he will give up in a game. The normal over/under is 2.

tteski–It looks like they ganged up on you yesterday. Your a little tough at times but I think most of your postings are okay. Hang in there.

3. LIpaperlantern - August 31, 2007

can anyone explain to me how Victor Rodriguez has not gotten picked up? Is there an issue I dont know about?

4. chuckerd58 - August 31, 2007

Thanks for the info RWF,to bad the Warriors don’t play the Fish more often.

5. chuckerd58 - August 31, 2007

Hey jidyfan,you hit the nail right on the head about Lance Davis. At least he throws strikes and makes the batters hit the ball,but,like you said he implodes after about 6 inings.

6. jcb811 - September 1, 2007

NEWARK BEARS-Agreed to terms with RHP Jeremy Hill, LHP Dusty Bergman and RHP Mark Woodyard. Released RHP Brendon Davis, INF Donaldo Mendez and OF Jack Headley.

Re: Reggie the Purple Party Dude, I caught the Famous Chicken’s act twice (by coincidence, in Lakewood & Scranton-WB) this season and he actually removes the first base coach & does the coaching while doing his act. He does yell “BACK!”, though! I was very surprised that this was allowed by the teams.

7. chuckerd58 - September 1, 2007

Hey roadwarriorfan,I heard a rumor on the Duck game that the Bluefish where going to let the Warriors be the home team.

8. Fausto Gabon - September 1, 2007

Kane Davis, called up today, on for the Phils in the top of the ninth, mopping up against the Marlins.

9. BoosterBabe - September 1, 2007

BLuefish were the home team for all 3 games this week. But we end our season at home vs. RW so it still could happen. I would be in favor of it, no questions, the RW are a class act and it would be a classy gesture on the Bluefish’s part. I mean, let’s face it. We have nothing to lose, absolutely NO reason not to.

At this point, these guys are just playing out the season, hoping to post some decent numbers for their own stats, you know?

What I wonder is: BASA runs the baseball operations aspect of the BLuefish. So whose decision would it be? It wouldn’t be the GM’s (if we had one), would it be Tommy John’s? Mary Jane’s?

I don’t really know. But whosever decision it is, I hope they consider it. It would be a very nice gesture.

10. BoosterBabe - September 1, 2007

Speaking of the Road Warriors, my friend Ron Fenwick hit his first home run of the season tonight, a solo, which by the way, represented the winning run.

I was disappointed as a Bluefish fan, but you know what? It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

11. Roadwarriorfan - September 1, 2007

Hopefully next call up is Gary Knotts. Pitched a complete game shut out last night for Ottawa.

Sweet Chuck, I hope that happens. The Road Warriors always play well in Bridgeport too. They won again tonight 4-3. Vito hit his 27th double of the season, a new RW record. Btw, Vito now holds the record for most RBIs for the Road Warriors with 71. Doetsch hit his 20th homer of the season tonight. He’s two away from the RW record of 22. I told him in Newark and he laughed.

12. Roadwarriorfan - September 1, 2007

Not that anyone will notice, but its 70** RBIs for Vito.

13. RevsFan - September 1, 2007

Jim Seip has written another blog with more possiblities of why Nivar was let go. Why is Nivar gone?

14. BoosterBabe - September 1, 2007

As a person who tries to ignore the onfield entertainment (I’m there for the baseball–and in 10 years of Bluefish games, how many times do I really need to see Derek Cheetah?), I would have been spitting mad at the Reggie incident if I had seen it.

I don’t mind if they do the between innings stuff, I understand it’s part of the show for some people and it’s needed to bring in the people. And if that’s what you need to make it more fun for yourself or your kids, fine, it’s there, you’re there, watch it and enjoy yourself.

But I’m gonna pick that time to go to the concession stand, though, because I paid my money to watch baseball, and baseball is interesting enough for me, I don’t need the “family entertainment”.

But when the “family entertainment” distracts people from the game, or worse, interferes with it, that’s where I draw the line. I am the only person who can’t stand Crazy George banging his drum during the game getting people to chant “blue fish”. It’s not purposeful. It’s noise for the sake of noise, and it’s distracting to those of us who are trying to pay attention to the details of the inning: pitch count, strikes and balls, how many men are on base, who’s on deck, how many outs, etc. But I never win that argument so I’m not even going to try to fight it anymore. I’m obviously in the minority.

If there had been a timeout, that’s one thing. But to interfere with a live play is just wrong.

15. mdcrab13 - September 1, 2007

another newark move….from the radio coverage of the game yesterday….Marcus Nettles leaves the team today to head back to school in Miami….last year of a MLB college scholarship

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