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August 30, 2007 August 30, 2007

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Patterson Called Up To Triple-A: The New York Yankees have finally called up former Lancaster P Scott Patterson to Triple-A Scranton. Patterson was recently named the as the fan favorite for the Double-A Trenton Thunder, and that can largely be attributed to his 1.09 ERA that he compiled as a reliever there.

Larsen Denies Charges of Racism: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post now reports that GM Bill Larsen denies having ever used a racial slur when firing groundskeeper Ricardo Peters, and also denies being present at the time of the firing.

The article states Larsen may bring legal action against the team to clear his name.

“I’m going to clear my name,” Larsen told the paper.

“I’m not going to put up with this. No way. I’m not going to say, ‘Well, geez, I guess that’s how it happened.’ “No, it didn’t happen that way. It’s not even close to that. So I’ve talked to some (legal) people. I have to do something. I can’t just let it die. Why would I do that if I didn’t do anything wrong?”

Peters contends that Larsen did use a racial slur towards him, however.

Public Relations 101: Your city has been through the bat-swinging actions of Jose Offerman and your team has fired GM Bill Larsen for his (now) allegedly moronic and inexcusable racist comment to a groundskeeper.

You aren’t making the playoffs, and attendance appears likely to be down from last year despite a complete front office overhaul that wiped out the popular Charlie Dowd and brought in Larsen and Tommy John.

So, what do you do? Apparently, you do this…

BOSTON, MA (PR) — Rafael Bergstrom, a 6’5” righthander who ten days ago hurled a complete game shutout to lead the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox to the championship, has become the first player from the Israel Baseball League signed to a pro contract in the U.S.

Bergstrom, who turns 26 on September 5, has signed with the independent Atlantic League’s Bridgeport (CT) Bluefish, managed by former big league star Tommy John, and will join the team immediately. The league’s regular season ends September 16.

“Raffy was brilliant in the first season of the IBL,” said Larry Baras, the league’s founder, who oversaw the 41-game schedule for the first pro baseball league in the Middle East. “He worked hard, he was a fan favorite, and he was a big reason for the Blue Sox going wire to wire in first place and then winning the league’s first championship.”

Bergstrom struck out 56 in 51 2/3 innings in the IBL, and then struck out eight and walked none in his 3-0 victory over Art Shamsky’s Modi’in Miracle on August 19. Ron Blomberg piloted the Blue Sox.

Bergstrom’s 7-2 regular season record had him tied for the league lead in victories and he finished fourth in ERA at 2.44. He walked only 16.

He is a resident of Pacific Grove, CA and a product of University of California, San Diego. Prior to playing in the IBL, Bergstrom played two seasons in Germany and one in Australia.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll stumble onto something with this kid, and maybe this was in the works for a while and wasn’t a publicity driven move. But it sure seems like it…

Hackman Cut By Brewers: A source reports that former Bridgeport Bluefish P Luther Hackman has been cut by the Milwaukee Brewers. There’s really no sense in him returning to Bridgeport, so perhaps he’ll pop up on another BASA team.

Flinn Active: The Road Warriors have activated P Chris Flinn. Flinn has Triple-A experience in the Devil Rays organization, and will be a stabilizing force in the Road Warriors rotation. – Mike Ashmore



1. tteski - August 30, 2007

boosterbabe—Could you do me a favor and make sure that you give enough of your baked goods to the Fish so that they can share them with their opponents for the rest of the season? Hopefully, after they (York, Somerset and Newark) eat them, they will play just as bad in the playoffs as the Fish have played this year when you have baked goodies for them and Long Island will have an easy time in the playoffs.

Also, rumor has it that Frank Boulton has gotten together with Joe Klein and they have banned all future Bluefish/Booster Club cookbooks from every team in the Atlantic League except for the Bluefish.

Did you give any baked goods to your GM Bill Larsen? Maybe that explains why he had a meltdown.

2. BoosterBabe - August 30, 2007

Why are you so mean-hearted towards me? What did I ever do to you?

Why do I bother you so much? This is very interesting that you take such great pleasure in hurting someone you don’t even know and will probably never meet. Pitiful, actually.

Do selfless acts of kindness threaten you in some way? Why would you rain down on someone for doing something nice for people she cares about? Big deal, I bake goodies for the team. Why does that bother you so much? I get enjoyment by watching them play, they get some enjoyment back by eating some delicious home-made goodies that they wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s give and take.

Why is that a problem for you?

Get a life, and leave me alone, ok?

3. tteski - August 30, 2007

Ah, the conspiracy theory again. The league and the world are against you. Lighten up! It’s called good natured fun. Go with it.

4. Fausto Gabon - August 30, 2007

It might be fun if you were funny, but it just comes off as mean. If you’ve got something to add of substance, go with it. Or just go away.

5. tteski - August 30, 2007

A good natured, go with the flow response would have been: “they’re the same things I baked for them (the Fish) when they shut you out in game one of last years playoffs and eliminated your butt in 2 games.”


6. Vol4Life - August 30, 2007

tteski, I usually don’t post on here but do read the comments all the time and I had to put my say in this. Grow up!!! It was not fun at all and not called for. Just about every one of your posts is just looking for trouble. I don’t know if it makes you feel like a big man to attack people but it really only makes you look like a little kid. Now maybe you will get the hint when you have at least 3 people say how much out of line you were with the comments that you made to boosterbabe. I hope I never have to post something like this again and go back to reading the comments, this site and maybe post a few more times about the league and baseball.

BTW: It is you that needs to lighten up!!!!

7. Roadwarriorfan - August 30, 2007

RW activated Chris Flinn off the DL.

8. Jess - August 30, 2007

Man I feel like Rodney King in this joint…from a bat beatdown to a racist GM… to blogger on blogger crime… why can’t we all just get along

9. Fausto Gabon - August 30, 2007



10. Voltaire - August 31, 2007

tteski, boosterbabe in no way pulled a “conpsiracy theory” argument in her well-phrased retort to your low-quality joke (you failed to make it funny).

Bobby Brownlie (whom the Indians oddly refer to as Robert Brownlie) is currently 1-2 with a 3.12 ERA at AA Akron. He has great peripherals, including a 33/12 KK/BB ratio and a .223 OBA. I’m rooting for a AAA-spot start filling a hole left by the Indians’ September call-ups.

11. chuckerd58 - August 31, 2007

I have to come to the defense of boosterbabe as well. I thought the first post was also a cheap shot. She loves her team,there is nothing wrong with that,and ,I don’t think her retort was anywhere close to a conspiracy. Just anormal reaction when you get ripped.

12. BoosterBabe - August 31, 2007

Thanks, Guys!

13. fishyfan - August 31, 2007

don’t know if it was Bergstrom I saw in the Bluefish dugout.. curly hair but in jacket with no number visible.. but ladies.. he is a piece of eye candy.. let’s hope he can pitch!!

Fish lose to Road Warriors.. Manny Ulloa couldn’t get his former team mates out the way he can other teams.. maybe they are too knowledgeable about his pitching..

14. Roadwarriorfan - August 31, 2007

OH man. Chris Flinn started tonights game in Bridgeport and went 0.2 innings in his first start off the DL tonight. 3 walks and 1 K mixed in there. Sounds like the elbow problem occured again.

15. chuckerd58 - August 31, 2007

Anymore info on tonights Wrrior game?I know they won,but what score,and any big hits?

16. BoosterBabe - August 31, 2007

Hey Fishyfan….I spotted Bergstrom last night!!!!!

Standing next to TJ during the National Anthem and my first thought was “WOW, who is THAT?” Between him, Beech, Bierbrodt, and a few others…I think we might just have the handsomest (though not winningest) pitching staff in the league!

I was sitting with Amy in Section 15 when he trotted by us on the way to the bullpen and I asked who he was, all she knew was “new guy”…but yes, that was Bergstrom. Eye Candy, indeed!

Speaking of so young, I missed Berger’s gem tonight and I’m so disappointed. I came home to change and eat with all good intentions to get down there tonight but I sat down on the couch and just couldn’t get myself out of the house. So I listened to part of the game on the web.

And did Jesse get #29 tonight? MIssed that too!
Rats. OH well…one week to go. Gonna be very sad when it’s over.

17. chuckerd58 - August 31, 2007

Hoorelbeke has been quite a find this year,hasn’t he. 29 dingers,with 2 weeks to go. Impressive.

18. BoosterBabe - August 31, 2007

I know. Why he never got picked up, I don’t know (but I am glad we still have him).
Not only a great ballplayer….a good person, too.

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