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August 29, 2007 August 29, 2007

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Larsen Fired For Racial Insult: In further proof that The Connecticut Post’s Rich Elliott is omniscient, he reports that Bridgeport GM Bill Larsen was fired after hurling a racial insult at a member of the grounds crew. In my opinion, that’s just as big of a story, if not bigger, than the Jose Offerman thing.

You can read the piece here, but you should be warned that the specific insult directed at the African-American member of the grounds crew is listed, and is pretty much disgusting.

According to the piece, Larsen fired the groundskeeper for leaving the ballpark on the job, although Bluefish CEO Mary Jane Foster says that he left to take care of his sister, who was ill.

In the process, according to Elliott, Larsen used the insult. The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) has become involved, and the groundskeeper has since gotten his job back. NAACP officials will meet with Foster on Friday, according to Elliott.

If people are going to make a big stink about Jose Offerman never being allowed to play again, you’ve got to take a similar stance on Bill Larsen ever working in baseball again.

This might be the final nail in the coffin in just a horrendous season in Bridgeport.

Nunez, Possibly Valentine Signed: You may have seen that I had this up for a grand total of about 10 minutes yesterday, but I’ll put it back up today. The Milwaukee Brewers have signed York’s Franklin Nunez and it was rumored but not confirmed that Long Island’s Joe Valentine was going with him.

But Nunez is definitely gone, and that’s a big blow for York. He was 1-0 with 12 saves and 2.76 ERA, and had also put together a string of 11 straight scoreless outings.

It was thought that Valentine had joined him in going to Triple-A Nashville, but that could not be confirmed.

Road Warriors Bring Back Martinez: The Road Warriors have brought back P Miguel Martinez. Martinez went 0-4 with a 7.66 ERA in 36 games for the team last season.

Yesterday’s News: It’s worth looking at, a lot of stuff happened. Bill Larsen was fired, Reggie Taylor was traded and Lincoln Mikkelsen was signed. – M. Ashmore


1. chuckerd58 - August 29, 2007

Losing Valentine would hurt the Ducks,he did a good job as the set-up guy.

2. layzlou - August 29, 2007

I heard that Carl Everett headed home after the last homestand, due to a lack of interst by MLB teams.

3. chuckerd58 - August 29, 2007

I wouldn’t be surprised,Everett hasn’t been in the lineup the last 3 games. The thing is Everett played hard and well,but I guess the reality set in that he probably won’t be back in MLB.IMO.

4. tteski - August 29, 2007

According to the Duck broadcasts, everett is due back on Saturday.

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 29, 2007

Everett has a “family issue” to attend to.

6. Roadwarriorfan - August 29, 2007

Glad to see Martinez back, can never have too many leftys out there. I hope his control is a little better than last year, though.

Anyways, got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the first “home” Road Warriors game thanks to Ed Clinton and Mike Ashmore. Great experience. Thanks guys. 162-445 on the road, 1-0 at home 🙂

7. chuckerd58 - August 29, 2007

That’s awesome Roadwarrior fan. Who caught the ball? And was it weird to see the Warriors as the “Home” team.

8. Roadwarriorfan - August 29, 2007

Josh Arteaga. I heard he caught it because he is on loan to the Road Warriors and still property of the Bears, makes sense.

It was definitely weird to see them as the home team. Taking the field to start the game. Funny…still didn’t bat last in the 9th because they won the game 6-1. Great outing by Kieran Mattison. They had an announcment in the 1st inning about the history of the Road Warriors and how they originated as the Lehigh Valley Black Diamonds. I went to a few of their games in Quakertown with 10 or 15 people there, almost as many as today, where it seemed as if there was around 400 or 500 people there.

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 29, 2007

I’d definitely be curious to get a first-hand account of what it was like to be a part of that game, RW fan. If you wanted to write something up, I’d certainly throw it on the site…


10. Roadwarriorfan - August 29, 2007

Haha, maybe I’ll try. To be completely honest, I’m not much of a writer I’ve just always felt the Warriors needed a website and finally took the initiative.

11. www.BrickCityBruins.com - August 29, 2007

I shot video of the Road Warriors being introduced, the entire first inning and the last 1:35 of the night as the Road Warriors walked off the field victorious over our Bears. I’ve uploaded the videos onto Google Video. They should be ready to view within the hour. The clarity is not that great on Google and I only have a point-and-shoot camera that has a video feature, so please don’t be too critical of my camera skills. Thanks.

12. www.BrickCityBruins.com - August 29, 2007

I also have a still shot of RoadWarriorFan on the field.

13. chuckerd58 - August 29, 2007

Roadwarriorfan,what is your website,I would love to check it out. Did Leigh Valley play home games?I didn’t realize that.And,it would be cool to get your first hand account,it doesn’t matter if your writing skills arent great,it would be good to read.

14. Roadwarriorfan - August 29, 2007

I’ll have to check those videos out. Chuckerd the website is roadwarriorsbaseball.blogspot.com. Originally it was started because over the years I’ve found alot of false info about the Black Diamonds/RW “franchise” and I feel that I kind of know the most, hahaha. But a lot of the players check out the site and a few of the player’s wives.
Yes, Lehigh Valley played home games in 2000 at an American Leigon field in Quakertown, PA. I went to a double-header vs Somerset,with a couple of my friends and caught 15 baseballs, and was given 2 bats; my addiction to the A.L. was born that day. I’ll definitely try to write something up about the Road Warriors. The first post on the website (you’ll have to “hit old post” a few times) I wrote as a history to how the Road Warriors were born, might be an interesting read.

15. Roadwarriorfan - August 29, 2007

Hey Brick City, could you email me that shot? My email is on that website…roadwarriorsbaseball.blogspot.com

16. BoosterBabe - August 29, 2007

Bluefish jerseys are going up for auction on Ebay to benefit Disabled Veterans of America. (A good cause). These are the Red Jerseys sponsored by Patriot National Bank.

First one up is #22. Beech’s jersey. Link is here: (and yes, that’s me…I placed the first bid).


17. www.BrickCityBruins.com - August 29, 2007


Road Warriors first inning of their first “home” game

18. Fausto Gabon - August 29, 2007

Newark is great with promotions; too bad they didn’t go the whole route and make a white RW jersey to sell for charity!

BTW, the Bears were perfectly positioned for this gesture, not sure anybody either in contention or trying to pretend they are could be so magnanimous.

19. chuckerd58 - August 29, 2007

Thanks for the website warrior fan,I’ll be reading up on the blogs. I agree with you fausto,if a team is fighting for a playoff spot,they really don’t have to give up the home field advantage.

20. chuckerd58 - August 29, 2007

Thanks to brickcity,we know have some Warriors action preserved.

21. chuckerd58 - August 29, 2007

Did you notice the P.A. announcer introduced Vito C. when In Bladergroan ran out to first.

22. Roadwarriorfan - August 30, 2007

haha Yeah, and Ian looked back somewhat confused, I thought.

23. b-fish fan - August 30, 2007

what a total mess the bridgeport bluefish have become.by the way mary jane foster hows the attn.numbers look now that you brought in a more fan friendly gm in?oh i almost forgot that tommy john hire has also been a monster success.a meddling owner,a fool for a gm,and the worst game manager in atl history.now thats a triple play.

b-fish fan

24. tteski - August 30, 2007

The Ducks Valentine did not go to the Brewers because they would not guarantee him an invite to their spring training camp next year.

25. BoosterBabe - August 30, 2007

b-fish fan, my friend! You’re alive!
Comforting to see you’re still the same, positive, life-affirming force you always have been!

26. SharkGirl - August 30, 2007

B-Babe…I think b-fish fan has been back at school sharpening his grammatical skills-isn’t it evident? lol

27. BoosterBabe - August 30, 2007

LOL hey Sharkgirl!
I need a huge favor…do you know Anthony Ferrari at all? TOmmy John told me he has a killer recipe for beef jerky…and I would love to get it from him for the Bluefish/Booster CLub cookbook I’m working on.
Do you have any connection to him?

I emailed the front office who said they would leave my email in his locker. I left a note in his locker in Bport this past series…but I couldn’t connect with him in person and I haven’t heard from him yet. If he doesn’t want to contribute, that’s fine but what if he does and we just haven’t connected?
If so, email me and let me know! Thanks Sharkgirl!

28. b-fish fan - August 30, 2007

im back booster babe i could not help myself but to knock the genius bluefish owner.i cant wait for the k.k.k grand wizard bobble head doll give away this weekend.sharkgirl still think the surf leaving the atl.was a bad idea?sharkgirl are you related to mary jane foster in any way?

29. b-fish fan - August 30, 2007

yours truly,



30. BoosterBabe - August 30, 2007

Isn’t it waaaayyyyy past your bedtime bfishfan?

31. SharkGirl - August 30, 2007

B-Babe, To answer your question…yes, I will talk to Anthony about the recipe.

B-fish fan, To answer your 2 questions…
1). Yes
2). No
Anything else you’d like to know about me?
Now if only we could get YOU to leave the Atl. League…

And P.S.- No one missed you.
(Sorry Mike-it’s been quiet for so long, I just had to do it…lol!)

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