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August 25, 2007 August 25, 2007

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WOW! Reggie Taylor To Long Island: The last time the Long Island Ducks came into Somerset, the rumor was that former Lancaster OF Reggie Taylor had signed with the Ducks.

Now, that would be odd, considering LANCASTER HAD ALREADY ANNOUNCED HIS SIGNING.

According to Lancaster people I’ve spoken with, Taylor had delayed his arrival in Lancaster several times, saying that someone in the family had become ill, and before that, saying that he needed a few days to rest after coming back from Mexico.

How does this happen? Taylor’s rights are still held by Lancaster, right? So how do the Ducks get him?

Also, the Ducks signed P Jose Espinal (remember he was supposed to go to the Road Warriors) and announced Jose Leon went to Taiwan.

UPDATED: I spoke to an Atlantic League official about this, and my understanding of what happened is as follows. The league requested that all interested teams put any player who had not signed with a club (i.e. players in Mexico, Italy and so on) on a list that they could submit to the league. If a player became available and was on the list that the team submitted, he becomes eligible to be signed by that club.

The purpose of this was to prevent clubs from sort of locking out players from the league who wanted to return if they only had one team to return to.

I.E. player X leaves the team Z for a team in Indonesia, player X then wants to come back to team Z, but team Z either doesn’t want him back or has no room for him.

The Ducks apparently were very diligent in making sure that this transaction was a possibility, and it seems to have been approved by everyone who needed to approve it.

In speaking to someone associated with Lancaster, I can tell you that there is a sense of surprise and anger over there.

So, of course, Taylor’s first game in a Ducks uniform is scheduled to be…IN LANCASTER. WOW.
Also, on a lesser note, Espinal’s signing became a necessity when Randy Leek was signed by Toronto.

UPDATED 2: Jason Guarente has a quote from BASA head Adam Gladstone, and you can check his site and check here for updates as both of us get them. Jason’s well connected over there in Lancaster, so I’m sure there will be more as it develops there.

Summertime in the ATL: Since the entire league seems to know about it already, it seems OK to let this cat out of the bag. Lincoln Mikkelsen and Raul Marval are on their way to Camden in less than a week.

Despite talk that another team in the division was interested in Mikkelsen, it appears Camden is the destination.

Both he and Marval played in Italy this season, with the former Surf standouts both putting up solid numbers. One source reports that Mikkelsen’s ERA was under two.

How effective of a move this is depends on which Mikkelsen they get. Does Camden get the pitcher who looked like the league passed him by in 2005? Or do they get the pitcher who baffled the entire league for the entire season in 2006, including a no-hitter in Lancaster?

The next week is when you’re really going to start seeing teams make their playoff pushes. Affiliated seasons end, and players who were picked up but didn’t stick with their organizations are likely to come back.

J.J. Trujillo has long been expected to be coming back to Newark, and you might see Chris Fussell and/or Ben Davis join Mikkelsen and Marval in Camden. In speaking to Bears manager Wayne Krenchicki about a week ago, you might see as many as four players come back to the Bears, including Trujillo.

As you read here about a week and a half ago, Chris Rojas expressed an interest in coming back to Somerset.

Another trend you might see is some players from the Can-Am League making their way over to the Atlantic League. The Can-Am season ends on September 3rd, and the Atlantic League’s is over on September 16th. Few players made as big of an impact as Josh Stevens did for Lancaster did last year, but few people remember he came over from Nashua.

I can tell you for a fact that there is interest in Can-Am players in the Atlantic League, specifically pitching. Teams are ALWAYS looking for pitching, and there are some good arms to be found over there.

Eickhorst Submarine: Name me another website where you see The Beatles and Warren G referenced on the same day.

Anyway, I caught up with Road Warriors pitcher Chris Eickhorst before last night’s game in Somerset, and he told me how he came up with his new submarine delivery…

“Probably about three or four weeks ago, Jeff Tam, Carlos Castillo and I started playing around with it,” Eickhorst said.

“I talked to Jeff (Scott) about it a couple times, and he said to go for it. There are a lot of righties in this league who have as good or better stuff than I do over the top, so he thought it would be a good idea to try that. Right now, it’s been pretty successful for me. Every time out there, it gets a little more comfortable for me. It’s easy to throw in the bullpen, but once you get a hitter in there, it’s a little more difficult.”

Eickhorst agreed with a comparison to current big leaguer Chad Bradford’s delivery…

“It’s not as low as him yet. That’s my ideal goal, to get there. I actually went on the internet and looked at a lot of stuff on YouTube and looked at similarities between his delivery and my delivery,” he said.

“It’s actually easier on my arm, it’s more of a natural motion. The first two weeks that I did it though, my body didn’t feel too good. The inside part of my knees were hurting, my back was hurting. But now, my body’s getting used to that, and I’m feeling better.”

Sam Marsonek’s Glove:

Somebody sent me an e-mail about a picture of Somerset P Sam Marsonek that appeared on the site yesterday. They wanted to know what was written on his glove. Now, if it were like what appeared on the infamous Bill Ripken “F— Face” Fleer baseball card, I wouldn’t run the picture, but it’s simply his last name. I’ve enlarged it and included it on the bottom right of the original shot. – Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


1. chuckerd58 - August 25, 2007

Big news about Mikkelsen and Marvel.cOULD MAKE cAMDEN A TOUGH OUT IN THE PLAYOFFS.

2. chuckerd58 - August 25, 2007

Sorry,didn’t mean to yell,it’s gettin late.

3. tteski - August 25, 2007

Jose Espinal was added to the Long Island Ducks roster today.

4. tteski - August 25, 2007

Also, outfielder Reggie Taylor has been added and infielder, Jose Leon, has been deleted.

5. chuckerd58 - August 26, 2007

Hey roadwarriorfan,Where you at the game in Somerset Saturday night? I heard on the webcast that the Pats introduced the Warriors before the game,and they recieved a standing ovation. That had to be very cool.

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