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August 24, 2007 August 24, 2007

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Brian Adams is awarded a plaque commemorating his 13th win

Controversial Win Last Night: Ryan Dunleavy of The Courier News offers this blog entry about last night’s odd play that may have given the Patriots a win.

Sam Marsonek gets the nod tonight. (All photos: Ashmore)

Former MLB outfielder Luke Allen is hitting just .080 so far

Mahomes Sold To Blue Jays: Former Long Island Ducks P Pat Mahomes has been sold to the Toronto Blue Jays by the Sioux Falls Canaries of the American Association. If you recall, Mahomes attempted to join the Bridgeport Bluefish this season, but was told there was no room.

Eickhorst Quotes Coming: I spoke to Road Warriors P Chris Eickhorst about his new delivery, which is similar to Major Leaguer Chad Bradford’s. Expect some quotes about that tomorrow…

Espinal Joins A Long List: In doing a little research on Road Warriors pitcher to be, Jose Espinal, I discovered that he was among the first group of players suspended as a part of Major League Baseball’s steroid policy.

Ridiculously enough, Espinal was busted on the same day that ex-Lancaster and Ducks P Damian Moss, Road Warriors P Darwin Soto and Newark Bears P Jason DiAngelo were also suspended 15 games in 2005.

Other Atlantic League players on the lengthy list of players suspended under the now three-season old policy are Damien Myers, Steve Smyth, Josh Pressley, and Ramon Castro.

The complete list is here.

If You Want Baseball News About The Guy: According to Jeff Scott, Espinal had been pitching in Mexico and would have been in Somerset yesterday, but went to the wrong airline and missed his flight.

Espinal is a 31-year-old righty from the Dominican Republic who was drafted by the Twins. He also has experience in the Cubs and White Sox organizations. He posted a 1-0 record with a 1.21 ERA in his most recent action with Yuma of the Golden League two seasons ago, but left mid-season to pitch in Taiwan.

You’ll likely see him start Saturday. Randy Dicken is likely to go today, and if Espinal doesn’t arrive in time, Charlie Hesseltine gets the nod instead.

UPDATED: I spoke to Jeff Scott around 5:30, and Espinal is not here and will not pitch tomorrow. It will be Hesseltine.

Very likely you see Tony Peralta get the start for Somerset tomorrow, as the team has apparently decided that Adams won’t go on three days rest.

Claims Process Taking Its Toll: Rene Aqueron, Estee Harris, Norm Hutchins, Casey Cahill, Alberto Castillo, Carlos Castillo, Aric Leclair, Manny Ulloa.

There it is, that’s your list of players that Jeff Scott’s Road Warriors have lost to other teams or countries at one point or another. Only Aqueron has returned.

“I can’t lose anybody else, we won’t be able to play,” Scott said.

Scott said that he doesn’t expect to lose anybody else at this point in the season, but that there is one more claims process left in the regular season.

Two teams put in a claim on Carlos Castillo before he left for Taiwan, but he chose not to leave. Benito Baez was also claimed, but also did not want to leave, according to Scott.

“There’s always interest in guys,” Scott said. “(Stephen) Doetsch has played well, (Ian) Bladergroen’s gotten hot with the bat. If somebody’s looking for a first baseman with a bat, he could go. Benito out of the bullpen, too.”

Knotts Called Up To Triple-A: Former Newark Bears P Gary Knotts has been called up to Triple-A Ottawa by the Phillies. I seem to be the only one who thinks so, but I think he has a legitimate chance at setting foot on a Major League field this September.

He’s been throwing the ball real well, and has prior big league time. The Phillies are going to need to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the Mets in order to win the NL East, and you just may see Knotts up with the big club this year.

Bluefish Surprised By Beech Suspension: Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post wrote this piece on how the Bluefish are surprised that P Matt Beech was suspended for his role in the Jose Offerman incident which you just might have heard about over the past ten days.

Elliott writes that Beech was fined $150, and advised by the league not to travel with the team for the series in Long Island. Furthermore, the article states that Beech has been advised by his attorney not to comment any further on the incident.

As far as Offerman’s suspension goes, Joe Klein was quoted as saying the following in the Post:

“I think the best thing to do is what (NFL commissioner) Roger Goodell did, to wait and see where it goes from there,” Klein said, referring to the federal dogfighting case involving Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

“With the continuance on the court case, it would be expected that the indefinite suspension would most likely stay in place at least until the end of the Atlantic League season. The reason I used that verbiage (indefinite suspension) was to keep my options open, of course.”

Quote Of The Day: “It happens a lot. I’m amazed how many people think they’re the first ones to realize that. That’s the funny part on my end.” – Somerset Patriots P Brian Adams, on how often he hears about having the same name as Canadian rockstar Bryan Adams.

A feature on the new single-season record holder for wins by a Somerset Patriot will be in the August 30th edition of the Democrat. – Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 @ gmail.com


1. BoosterBabe - August 24, 2007

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was outraged by Beech’s suspension.
‘Nuff said.
He starts tonight, here’s hoping he pitches well and can put all this crap behind him and just focus on pitching well these last few games.

2. Bob - August 24, 2007

Randy Leek – L.I. Ducks – LH Starting Pitcher was picked up by the Toronto Blue Jays and will report to their AAA club in Syracuse.

3. Bob - August 24, 2007

Sorry- didn’t know this was posted on yesterday’s news

4. Roadwarriorfan - August 24, 2007

Thanks for the RW news, Mike.

5. chuckerd58 - August 24, 2007

Normal craziness concernibg the Road Warriors.I/m surprised that Doetsch,Bladergroan,and Vito C. are still around. Gotta give Jeff Scott alot of credit these past 2 years for keeping the Warriors competitive.

6. chuckerd58 - August 24, 2007

Ughhh,I heard that weird play on the webcast last night. i was happy thinling the Warriors tied it up,then heard about the force out,it was pretty bizzare.The Pats announcer wasn’t sure what happened at first,then explained it. Man,that was frustrating.

7. Roadwarriorfan - August 25, 2007

Jeff Scott definitely deserves alot of credit. Bladergroen has only gotten hot recently, so I’m not so surprised at him not being picked up. I am surprised that Chiaravalloti is still around, I heard he was going overseas to play, not sure what happened there.

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